July 12, 2020

10 Min Booty Burn | Butt Workout at Home

Hey guys, Chardét here with Corpão Fitness.

This is your 10 minute booty burn workout.

Grab a pillow and come and join me on thefloor.

Now we're going to work the entire bum here.

And if you really want to get into the bum, you really want to train it.

Make sure you check the description belowbecause I've got a 21 day program to lift and firm.

Let's get started here.

We've got movement.

Number one, we're going to come on down.

Cradle the head here.

This is a hammer pulse.

So we're going to extend one leg out, flexthe foot point, the toes towards the floor here and begin.

It's a small little pulse straight into it.

Squeezing the abs.

Really pulsing feelings tend to feel thatbooty warm up can also point the toes up towards the sky.

If you want more inner thighs here that makesure you're pulsing a little deeper.

Keep raising.

I know it's tempting to drop that leg, butkeep raising it.

We want to stay strong from the beginninghere.


You're gonna pulse a little longer.

And then we're going to go into movement twopretty quickly here.

Remember, you're doing this for your booty.


We have a few more pulses.

Can you stay with me for those pulses? Those last three pulses two and one.

Hold it.


We're going to go into Hammer circles startingright now.

Small little circles.

You can always move the leg further away fromyou.

That's going to make it a little bit easier.

If you need to reduce some of the booty tension, Keep circling with control.

Make sure it's only that booty moving thatleg moving.

That's it? Nothing else.

The hips aren't wobbling.

Everything's nice.

And firm for more in this direction.

Three more, two, one hold circle at the otherway.


You say to feel nice little warmness here.


Light through it.


Good to doing the circle here.

Really squeezing, flexing those toes for them.

That full strength.


We've got just a few more in there.

We're going to change our position a littlebit.

So continuing to circle here, coming intothose final two and one.

Now that same leg is going to be the one wework.

So we're going to flip to all fours here.

That leg is going to go out to the side.

I'm coming down on my forearms, lateral tapdown and starts.

Now we raise that leg.

Same like you've been working and tap it down, raising it up and tap it down.

So as you're doing this, try to press allof the tension, all of the pressure into the glutes, into the legs, not your shouldershere, lifting up, squeezing a little higher with the leg.

Do you want to make it harder? Only come down part way.

Don't tap the floor.

It starts to get a little harder.


Hang in there.

Stick with it.


A few more.

We're going to do a few more here and thenwe'll have a tiny break.

Before we do your last movement on this side, Can you lift a little higher, press it through with me.

Can you do just two more, two last one quicklittle tap down final movement on this side of Scorpio or scorpion, we bend the knee, pull the heel towards your glute point.

The toe squeeze the abs and begin.

Tiny little pulses.

I know this is a funky one.

I'm going to show up more from this angleso you can get a better sense of what it looks like here.

Keep squeezing the glutes and it's okay tolean a little bit into one side on this.

Completely fine.


It's popular.

See you see, you don't need any weight tofeel that right? But if you do use ankle weights in the futurehere with this workout, put it in the comments.

I want to know which of you guys did becauseit's insanity.

You could do it though.

Key pulse and working those glutes a littledeeper fight to the end fight for this booty war.

Here we are almost there.

Beautiful guys.

Keep pumping, keep pulse and pointing thosetoes.

Squeezing with me even deeper.

Can you do just two more pulses, last oneand relax.

Quick little release.

All we have is that other side, same movements.

You're committed now.

Right? We've got to even out the booty.

So they're gonna come onto your side knees.

Come forward.

Cradle that head again.

Flex the foot.

It's that hammer pulse to start.

You guys ready? And let's go a little pulse straight up anddown.

You can point the toes towards the floor.

If you want a little extra in the booty orup towards the ceiling.

If you want to add a little inner thigh Andyou can also push this leg further away from you.

If you just need a little break, You're stillpulsing yeah? Fight for make this cheek strong.

Well, the guys are doing so well.

I know there's not a lot of rest time.

So it's going to feel more intense than maybeyou're used to, but that's normal.

It's not just, you keep pulsing beautiful.

We're coming into those last few.

And then we have a little bit of those circles.


Those hammer circles are coming soon.

Can you pulse in this one? Just for three more, two more pulses.

Last pulse hold Take a little break.

If you need it, then come join me here.

Squeezy abs in and we begin our circles forwardcircles.

Here Can always take that leg a little furtherback, but make sure your hips stay stacked on top of each other.

Lovely, keep pressing through here keeps circling, finding that strength, even deeper into it.

Okay guys, keep it going few more.

And then we go the other direction.

Three more to one.

The other direction.

Don't stop.

Really fight.

Unless you're cramping, you needs a fightthrough with me.

Really push.

If you're cramping, go ahead and stop.

We wouldn't be safe here.

Right? Continuing to circle.


You know, those tap downs are coming in.

They're a little bit nicer.

Can you circle with me just for two more lastcircle release it.

We come to all fours.

That leg is going to tap out to the side, pointed toe or flex.

If you want up to you guys, and we're goingto go ahead and start now lifting lower lifting and lowering that toe.


Remembering extra challenge is to not touchthe floor.

If you want to make it a little harder here.

Okay? Keep squeezing and lifting.

And every time you want to quit, just rememberyou're towards the end here and you've already done it on one side.

So fight a little longer with me.

Keep lifting, make it strong.

Make it purposeful though.

I'm just filling that leg.

I see you do it with control here.


We're coming into our last few and then we'vegot that final, final exercise.

You're nearly there.

Can you lift up one more time? Good.

Set it up for Escorpião.


So scorpion pointed toe squeeze those absin.

And we go ahead and we begin a little pulsesstraight back behind you.

Really pressed, pointed toes.

The guys you're doing amazing with this.

This is 10 minutes and it's tough.

Right? And you're seeing that 21 day program.

I'm doing 15 minutes, but your booty getssuper strong when you do it, you get used to it.

The more you train it, the stronger you get.

Remember that right now, keeping it going, pointing that toe back guys, fight for it.


Squeeze that heel to bum, press deeper intoit.

Find that strength here.

Can you go with me? Adjust a little longer.


Now we want to pulse here for our final few.

Last four, last three, two, and one relax.

Quick little stretch.

So release it.

Make sure you do a deeper stretch.

If you can.


We're going to take a quick one together here.

Just to release the bum to give it a second, but I know you may want to do a few stretches a little bit longer.


You guys know I have them up here on the channel.

It makes sure that I link it there for youa little lower body stretch.

If you want to add it in and release to finishamazing job in this booty burn workout.

Remember if you want to do a full 21 day programand really work into the bum, check the description below the video for all the details on thatmakes you like this video.

Subscribe to the channel.

If you haven't done all ready.

And if you want to do a little bit more workouttoday, you could do some arms or some abs, and I will also link those there for you.

Thank you so much for joining me and I'llsee you in the next workout.



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