July 12, 2020

21 WEEKS PREGNANT | Anatomy Scan, Fitness, Weight, Heartburn & More

hey guys it's Saturday so that means Iam officially 21 weeks pregnant I had my anatomy scan on Monday and I want to goahead and jump in with this update about how the anatomy scan went I was hopingI'd be able to do what my midwife said and just saying that I couldn't find asitter for my son they said I could bring him with me but if the ultrasoundtech said anything they would let me know ahead of time they called me liketwo days before and we're like no you can't bring him I'm sorry there'snothing we can do about it so I wound up leaving Anakin for the first time andhe was super good he didn't cry or anything and I just wanted togive you guys a little bit of an update on that situation because a baby who hasnever left his mother ever for that long you would think would probably have somekind of attachment issues but it was the complete opposite he was so secure withhis caregiver he has such a strong caregiver bond that he was supergood and didn't have any issues he didn't cry when I left he was justlike okay go and I was like I'm gonna be leaving I was really talking himthrough it mommy's gonna be going bye-bye and you're gonna be stayinghere and he was just like okay whatever totally comfortable with it easyadjustment for him and for me honestly because it was only like an hour and ahalf but that was a really nice introduction to leaving him andhaving a little bit of time away from him not that I see myself leavinghim again until I give birth but maybe when church goes back to normal I'llfeel a little bit more comfortable about maybe starting to leave him in thechurch nursery because it's 18 months and olderanyway into the pregnancy update my anatomy scan the lady was supertalkative and she did things she wasn't supposed to do so basically she let meknow from the beginning first of all when we sat down my bladder was about toexplode because you have to have a full bladder so don't be afraid to let themknow that you are about to explode and they will go as fast as they can and getas many clear shots as they can while your bladder is fullthey did the same thing with Anakin and then after 15-20minutes they'll let you go to the bathroom and empty your bladder and thencome back and get more shots from there it's about a 45 minute to an hour longprocedure it's a long scan because they're taking a lot of pictures of theheart and of the brain and everything kidneys every single detail of the bodyas much as they can get and as clear images as they can get but what she hadtold me was if there is something that is kind of like a red flag I'll knowbecause she'll call a doctor to come while I'm still there andlook it over and make sure before they send the images over to my doctorso basically she's saying if that doesn't happen you're fine like I can'ttell you the baby's healthy or the baby's not healthy but this is what'sgoing to happen if there are any red flags so that didn't happen sheeven said at one point the baby has a beautiful heart and she was takinga long time on the heart and I wasn't gettingfreaked out at all but just because she was taking so much time andit was same image it wasn't a different angle oranything she was really looking at something I think she could tell and shelooked at me and said that she has a beautiful heart so hearing that eventhough she's not really supposed to say that was really reassuring and alsosince it's been Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday it'sbeen five days since my anatomy scan I'm fairly certain that by now my doctorwould have called me if there was anything wrong and also she said that the reasonshe calls a doctor in to look and see if there is a problem to look and get asecond opinion is because they want to call your doctor right awayif it's something that's a red flag they're gonna want your doctor to callyou immediately and get that intervention whatever needs to be donedone right away so that's something to kind of reassure youif you aren't getting a phone call if they're not calling anyone infor a second opinion during your Anatomy scanyou're probably okay another couple things during my scan she told mesomething that's not common knowledge because they don't liketo make women feel bad about themselves but I figure since it's not commonknowledge I should throw it out there for you guys she wasn't putting a lot ofpressure on my stomach with the thing that they dothe ultrasound with on your stomach it didn't hurt at all but I wastalking about how at my previous anatomy scan she was pushing really hard and the ladydidn't seem to like me and I wasn't any heavier really but sheasked me was i overweight in that pregnancy and I wasn't but shesaid that if you're overweight because of the sound waves the way thesound waves bounce back and they getthose images if you're overweight the ultrasound is going to be more painfulbecause they have to push down to really get that image they have to get as closeas they can and there's a big layer of fat in between your baby and the surfaceof your stomach so don't take it personally but I want to letyou guys know ahead of time because since that isn't common knowledge I hadnever heard it she said most techs do not say anything – they would never sayanything unless the woman herself asked that specific question and even thenthey kind of dance around it and just say oh it's just the baby's positionthey won't give you a straight answer but if you are overweight they will haveto push harder so if you feel like they're being mean or they're hurtingyou it may just be because you are a little bit more there may be just anextra layer they have to cut through to get those really clear images my bloodwork that I had done at 18 weeks pregnant I have not received a call backfrom that either so I'm assuming that is in the clear as well I know thatnext is going to be the gestational diabetes testI'll find out at my doctor's appointment I think that'sgoing to be what's next as far as weightthe last four out of five days I've worked out so since I had my anatomyscan I am back on my game however I have a lot of toning and making up to dobecause 20 weeks of pretty much not even really working outwhen I woke up this morning I was 153 pounds even so that means I've gained28.

4 pounds in 21 weeks if you haven't seen my last video because my startweight was underweight technically it was just barely underweightbecause of that I can gain as much as 40 pounds and it'd still be in the healthyweight gain range based off of my start height and my weightI am in no way shooting for 40 pounds with Summer Igained 36 pounds with Anakin I gained 37 pounds I was a lot heavier start weightwith Summer and then now I'm 10 pounds lower of a start weight than Iwas with Anakin sorry to be all technical with you but if I gainbetween 35 and 40 pounds that's healthy to me because that's kind ofwhat I've done in my past pregnancies and usually I gain more in the beginningand I'm on top of it now so what I did is I set up all my cardioequipment in the garage and I go out and I do mystepper just to get my heart rate going I do 75 back and forths 75repetitions on the stepper and then at that point my muscles arewarm and my heart rate is really up there so I can just jump right on thetreadmill and go straight to running and then I run half a milebecause I'm starting my morning off with a run every day now even though it'sjust half a mile I am putting myself in a headspace of success it'sdifficult to really explain but I've already got some kind of workout doneevery single morning when I wake up and I'm not going straight into my roomand starting with the dumbbells or anything like that because I don'treally have the capacity when I first wake up to do that but the warm-upand running I love love love running I wish I couldjust go back to running outside but with the kids it's just not really feasibleand pushing a stroller when you're running just sucks to me it's just notsomething that I enjoy I like running and being free like when you see ahorse running by themselves nobody on them and just running across a fieldthat's how I feel when I run it is the most freeing experienceto me but getting on the treadmill I still have that runner's high afterwardseven though I'm only doing a half mile and it's a small enough workout that Ican do it every single morning without feeling like I'm overloading myself butat the same time I power through getting showered and getting ready andI'm not just lagging through my morning because I've got thatburst of energy afterward and then later on I do my actual workout so like I saidI've worked out four out of the last five days because I'm starting mymorning out of that way because I already did that and I'mfeeling like I can do anything so why can I not do a little workout in my roombecause all my workouts are like 20 minute workouts so it's notthis extravagant thing I have been doing my ball exercises I'll link that videoup here to warm me up then I move on to the abs kind of gets my heart rategoing a little bit more then I move on to my weight sets my weight repetitionsmy arms and legs so even though I've already gained this much weightI'm really not worried I'm just not as far as contractions they have fizzledout it's more sporadic now I don't just know that I'm gonna have multipleBraxton Hicks contractions every day every so often a day or so will goby where I don't have any or I'm not really noticing them the way I wasbefore and I could just be used to the sensation of my stomach tightening upbut it does genuinely feel like it's happening less than what it was beforea couple things I didn't mention in my last update that I want to go ahead andcover here are I have bacne the pimples on your upper back Iactually started getting that before I got pregnant when I started the vitex itdoes feel like it has cleared up since I went off the vitex to be honest it'sstill there that's not something I normally suffer fromI'll get the occasional little bump back thereI need to stop touching my back there's still little bumps backthere but I don't think it's as bad as it was when I was on the vitex so if youdo decide to go on that is it worth it to you to have pimples on yourback to me it's completely worth it to me because I have a baby that's healthyI conceived and it helped me conceive and it has kept my baby alive andthriving inside of me so to me that's worth it but you guys have to do yourown research because I have people asking me all the time should I take itmy cycle is regular should I take it so I don't miscarry you guys want me to just tell you yes orno like tell you what to do and that's not my job my job is to kind ofprovide you with the information and hope you guys do your own research andmake your own decision behind it I can't tell you what to do I'm not a doctorit's just not and I mean I do try to advise you based on how I feelbut it is really just my own personal experience I've officially had to switchout my belly button ring because the barbell curves the top part of my belly button started getting red andirritated and I don't know if it's because Anakin kind of pulls on it every once ina while he's always playing with my stomach andsnuggling Clementine and giving my stomach kisses and he nicks it everyonce in a while but it got really red on the top hole so I just switched it outto my flexible bar another thing that I forgot to mention aboutprevious weeks is pretty much since I got pregnantnot much during the two-week wait but in early pregnancy onit has continued is I've had a really runny nose and it's notlike mucus it's just like water is running out of my nose all the time andthen all last week I've been sneezing I never sneeze I have noallergies I don't have an issue with pollen irritating mynose or anything like that but I have just been sneezing sometimesup to like five sneezes in a row and I haven't been sick I'm still not sick Ihaven't sneezed today I think I sneezed a coupletimes yesterday but it's been a new development this last weekjust lots of sneezing and maybe because I'm pregnantit is making me more sensitive to the pollination also heartburn I didn'tmention it in my last update because it wasn't something that was bothering melike with my daughter I had the worst heartburn because I worked in a Mexicanrestaurant and ate chili rellenos all the time they're not really spicy but the tomato sauce or whatever it was I had the worst heartburn with my daughterwith Anakin not terrible but yeah and then with this pregnancyevery so often when I go to sleep when I'm laying down that's when Istart getting that indigestion feeling so I just keep this is theTarget brand version of it but it's the tums smoothie berry flavor onethese ones are only two bucks and the actual tums ones I think are likefive dollars and I used these with Summer and with Anakin I can't eat the regulartums thick chalky tabs these are amazing it kind ofsounds ridiculous but they taste really good and then I also have tried almond milk it doesn't workfor me like these I can take two of these and I'm good I'm perfectly finebut the point is I didn't mention it in my last update because I was only havingit occasionally when I would go to sleep now I'm starting to have it during theday pretty much after lunch is when it starts to kick in and it's nottorturing me like it did in my last pregnancies mainly with Summer itwas horrible but even with Anakin it would just bother me so muchwhen I did have it and I haven't had that yeah I'm only 21 weeks and itcan get a lot worse but it's not something that Iwould say is a big pregnancy symptom for me it's just kind of something thathovers in the background and every so often it'll peak up its headlike hey here's some heartburn okay I'll go away now and it disappears whenI take the tums it's no big deal With the other two pregnancies I had to carry tums with me in my bag whenever I wouldleave the house although right now we're quarantined so we're like always homeanyway but I've never thought I need to bring tums with me when I go to anappointment or when we go out somewhere that's just not on my mind whereasbefore it was like oh my gosh I forgot it we have to go home and get it I haveto have it with me I haven't really been struggling with any round ligament painI did for I want to say the second half of the first trimester to maybe the firstcouple weeks of the second trimester but because this is my third pregnancy andI know how to move to where if I feel that kind of ripping pain in mystomach because that's what it feels like it genuinely feels like yourstomach is ripping like you're having stitches rip open or somethingthat's what it feels like to me when I have the round ligament pain justbecause your body is stretching everything is stretching to prepare andlike make space for a big growing baby that's to come I haven't had any of thatpain anymore but I did have it a little bit early on and I would just be supercareful when I would get up in bed if I would ever be laying on my stomachwhenever I would get up from my stomach I would just move very very slowly alsoI haven't had any back pain I just started doing my ball exercises which Ihad to start right after I found out was pregnant with Anakin I had to startthose exercises because I had the worst lower back pain ever and I don't know ifit's because I've been pregnant recently or more recently than the many yearsbetween my first two kids but I have no back painI haven't struggled with back pain at all during this pregnancy so it could bewhere the placenta is at in my which would therefore make the babybe in a certain spot but I'm just not suffering fromthat this time around and even though I'm doing the ballexercises to get myself wide and be doing something to exercisemy hips and it helps a lot for labor I don't actually need to bedoing it to alleviate back pain I have gotten Clementine a couple things I haveall of Anakin's baby clothes I kept all those because I knew I wanted tohave another baby and all of his things are solids I don't like thedinosaur things most of his stuff doesn't have charactersor trucks or words or anything on it most of his onesies and sleepers aremore neutral but because she's a girl and a lot of them are like blues andgrays they're not pink I wanted to go ahead and grab her some bows for beforeI get her ears pierced I'm planning to get her ears pierced please no judgmentprobably around seven or eight weeks like I did with Summer just so right offthe bat I don't have to worry about putting bows on her head anymore she'sgot some earrings people can look at her and see okay she's a little girl and Idon't have to worry about the pink or any of that but I did get this set offour I already took the wrapper off but I will link it down in the descriptionit's from Walmart I think it was like 2.

50 for 4 bows and I've got a navy bluea gray a white and a pink so I can take these and put them on her head with likea blue outfit and have it be obvious that she's a little girl and I don'thave to deal with constantly answering that question because evenwith Anakin wearing blue people would be like is it a girl because he'sjust such a pretty boy but when you get that question all thetime it's just nice to make it obvious so I got these ones becausethese are the ones they had at the Dollar Tree when Summer was a baby andthey have this lacy stretchy band I think I need to make it smaller for herhead in the beginning but they used to sell these at the Dollar Tree in a3-pack for a dollar but these are the only ones I'm gonna get and I'm probablynot gonna make her a bow baby Summer was a bow baby she always hada bow on her head even into toddlerhood I always had a littlebow clip on her head just because I felt like it pulled her outfit together andyou just kind of go over the top with your first and after havingAnakin and being so like throw on a onesie and he's good to goI want to do the same thing with her also I got her these Soothies I got apack of one pink and one purple soothie it's the 0-3 months I have afew other different types of pacifiers from Anakin but I wanted to have soothiesto start with like I did with him and his soothies I did this to I cut thenub part off and turned it into a little teetherand just put it on a ring for him and then he could chew on it and it'sflexible so when he wasn't using this pacifier anymore I made thatout of it so this will be her first little teether I guess andI've got those pacifiers for her and those headbands for her as far asapparel I haven't been able to find her any baby girl clothes yet that's gonnabe it for this update I hope it wasn't too long I'm sorry if I was rambling alittle bit too much but I'm gonna go ahead and show you my belly really quickand I will say goodbye here if you enjoyed this video please give it athumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and I will see younext time.

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