July 12, 2020

25 Minute Strength Training PUSH Day Workout for Women over 50 ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

-We're building strength and confidence today.

Grab your dumbbells and let's go.

Hey, Killer Bs.

Let's go ahead and get moving and grooving.

That means that we are going to start with some arm circles with high knees.

You guys, I love to get started with this warm-up every time.

Welcome to the workout.

If you are brand new around here, I am Pahla B, your best middle-aged fitness friend.

Around here at the Pahla B Fitness Channel, we are all about making peace with your menopausal body.

One of the best ways to make peace, honestly, is to make your body strong.

There is nothing that I can think of exercise-wise that makes me feel as confident and as good about myself and my body and my ability to age well as the strength work that I didn't use to love to do.

Today, I am going to be demonstrating a push day, which means that I've got heavy-for-me dumbbells.

You are absolutely welcome.

Especially if you are brand new to strength training to make today a moderate day.

There's nothing intrinsically pushy about the exercises themselves.

The thing that makes this a difficult workout, a moderate workout, or frankly, an easy workout is the dumbbells that you choose.

Let's go ahead and do some arm crossers with booty kickers.

Honestly, it's why I prefer having a set of three dumbbells like I do.

The ones that I got from Amazon, they're so perfect for me because no matter what kind of a day I'm having, I can choose what kind of a difficulty I want my workout to be.

There's a link in the description box below if you don't have a set of dumbbells that you can choose different weights.

Honestly, if you're going to open up the description box, there are all kinds of stuff in there.

There are links to basically everything.

You can buy these capris, this shirt, all kinds of good stuff.

Make sure you open that up.

Especially if you're on TV, you need to be on your mobile or a desktop or a laptop to be able to open up the description box but here's the dealio today.

You guys, it is all strength all the time today, which means that we've got our nice for me heavy dumbbells or moderate dumbbells or light dumbbells.

We've got very generous intervals and we are repeating a repeat.

I've got a couple of mini circuits that we're going to get through just twice each, getting a full body sculpt.

Let's go ahead and do some, welcome to my homes.

Now, for those of you who have been around for a while, [chuckles] the ongoing saga of my gym boss, I've got the handy-dandy gym boss here, separate intervals of one minute, which is plenty of time for any one of these exercises.

I tell you what, there is no rest, which means you're going to want to take every exercise at a pace that works for you.

I'm honestly, even though it's a push day, I'm moving slowly today.

I'm really thinking very, very carefully about having excellent form, which is what we need to do when we're doing strength work like this but the gym boss is up here on my shoulder today.

When in the last video, if you watch these in order, I had it down at my waist to like normal.

It was really quiet.

This is my brand new gym boss and I had trouble hearing it the entire workout, which that's a whole other conversation about my hearing, but so I have it up on my shoulder.

I'm just going to apologize right now if it ends up being too loud.

I'm going to figure this out.

We're going to find a place for it to be on me, where I can hear it and you can hear it, but it's not too much of one thing or another.

[laughs] You guys, if you are feeling warmed up, I'm going to go ahead and get going.

If you are not, go ahead and scrub back into these again.

I highly recommend, especially if you've got your big boys today.

I highly recommend making sure that you are thoroughly, thoroughly warmed up.

Here's what we're getting started with.

We're going to do kicking biceps curls, which is, that's exactly what it sounds like.

You know me, I don't make fancy names.

We're going to be kicking while doing biceps curls.

Here we go.

[timer beeps] There's the timer.

[laughs] We're kicking forward while doing biceps curls.

This means that we're going to have our core pulled in super, super, super tight.

Elbows are tight to your waist.

The farther away your elbows are, the less your biceps are actually doing.

If you have chosen something especially heavy today, you might find yourself really trying to hoist up your arms or really trying to move your arms in order to get them up to your shoulders.

Make sure, first of all, that you have the kind of weight that you can do with excellent form, but also, that you are using an excellent form that you've got your elbows locked into your waist.

Now, when it beeps, we're going to be doing a side-kick press up, which means that we're going to have our hands up at our shoulders and we're going to be kicking out to the side rather than forward.

I've got lots of this kicking motion today.

Plenty of work to be done on our abs and core when we do this kind of balance work.

[timer beeps] Here we go with a side-kick press up.

Now I am going same side.

This is on purpose.

Sometimes I like to go across your body.

Today, it's actually more difficult to go same side.

The arm that is pressing up is the leg that is kicking out, which means that you've got all your extremities out on one side and all your weight on the other, which makes it a little bit more difficult to balance.

When you go across your body, you have to use your abs and core, of course, to stabilize yourself but you've got a little bit of ballast by going across.

Being on the same side means that we're really thinking about pulling in that core, using all those big muscles for balance.

When it beeps again, we're going to do squats with a front raise side raise combo.

A regular squat, just like always.

Then as we stand up from the squat, one hand is going to be doing a front raise.

The other hand is going to be doing a side raise.

It's work for your brain as well as your body.

[timer beeps] There is some coordination today.

Here we go down into a squat.

Then as we come up, one hand does a front raise, one hand does a side raise.

Down into a squat and then the other side.

Oh, golly.

Now you're getting a little bit of bonus biceps curl here when we're doing the squat.

I'm going to slow this down.

I don't know why I was going so fast.

I guess there was part of me that thought this was cardio.

This is exactly what I was saying.

You guys, we're not moving fast today but your heart rate is going to come up.

This is tough work, especially if this is a push day for you.

These are the heaviest dumbbells that I knew I could get through the entire workout with.

You've got the ability to pause the video.

You might actually go up and down in weights, picking something that is the heaviest for you for any specific exercise.

Of course, you're welcome to do that.

When it beeps again, by the way, we're going back to those kicking biceps curls.

This was our whole little mini circuit, just three exercises at a time.

[timer beeps] Okay.

Elbows in, palms facing out.

We're kicking and we're curling.

We're finding our balance.

We're pulling in our core.

Now I didn't mention it one round one but here with this front kick, I was telling you so much about your biceps curls, this front kick, my friends.

This is a quadriceps shaper.

We are really using the top of your thigh to pull that leg up.

It's not a power kick.

You're not, it's hardly even a kick.

It's more like a front leg raise, honestly.

You are squeezing, squeezing, squeezing from the top of your leg, up into your hip flexor even.

To pull that leg up as high as you can, and as controlled of a manner as you can.

Everything that we're doing today, none of it is momentum based.

It's all muscle-based.

When it beeps again, we're doing that side-kick press up, moving in a slow and controlled way.

I'm a cardio girl.

[timer beeps] If you're not new around here, you've heard me say that before.

Here we go with the side-kick press up, same side, pressing up as kicking out to the side.

It took me a long time to really understand the charm of strength training.

I will tell you that what I didn't understand right away honestly, is because I was well, I was younger and I didn't know how strong I was.

I didn't know.

When you're brand new to exercising, it's really hard to tell what you can do and what you can't.

I simultaneously did too much and too little.

I tried to exercise like doing too many exercises, but I also wasn't going heavy enough on my weights to really feel this kind of strong, this kind of strength and confidence can only be had when you push.

No offense to those of you doing a moderate day workout.

When it beeps again, we're doing that squat with the front raise side raise.

[timer beeps] The fact is there is a place in every single workout routine for moderate days.

Even no matter what your goal is, there are all kinds of reasons why you might pick lighter weights.

That's totally fine.

What I'm telling you though, is that unless your goal is weight loss, if your goal is weight loss, you need to go moderate all the time.

I have all kinds of information about that.

There's probably a link in the description box that tells you all about my method of weight loss but here's the thing.

When you want to see body shaping results, sometimes you have to push.

Not often.

Once a week is plenty.

Sometimes that push can be cardio.

Doesn't always have to be strength, but sometimes you need to pick up something that feels almost too heavy.

When it beeps again, you guys, we're doing a high knee triceps pulldowns.

Oh, my goodness.

What we're going to do is we're going to have our hands up overhead, literally the entire time.

We're going to be pulling up one high knee at a time.

While- [timer beeps] Your elbows stay upright like facing the ceiling.

Hands up overhead, you're going to bring your hands down to the top of your back, like the top of your neck, and then pull them back up.

Now the trick here is to keep your elbows super, super, super close to your ears.

At some point in time, no matter how light or heavy your weights are, your elbows are going to want to pull out to the side.

That's just the way it goes like with biceps curls.

Oh my goodness.

At some point, you're probably going to fall over too like I am.

When it beeps again.

Oh my gosh.

I'm already looking forward to it.

We're going to do curtsy side raises.

It's a curtsy lunge where we lunge back behind us like a curtsy.

Then as we come up from that, we're going to pull the dumbbells out to the side in a side raise.

Palms are going to face the ground.

Really thinking about where your elbows are, pulling your core, standing up straight and tall.

Don't curl down.

[timer beeps] That's the nature of pushing, my friends.


Weights are right here at your waist.

We're going to come down in a curtsy.

As we come up out to the side, now here's the thing.

What will frequently happen especially if your shoulders are already feeling the work like mine are, is you'll start to try and use momentum.

What I'd like you to do is really think about setting yourself, raising the dumbbells, and then lowering them carefully.

We're not trying to get a million of these done, especially on our first day.

If you've got real heavy dumbbells, this work got hard.

We don't have to do a million of them.

I'd much rather that you use strength and build confidence.

Then use momentum and build what could be lower back pain.

Honestly, when it beeps again, we're doing delt raise side-kicks.

We're going to have both hands in front of us with our palms facing our body.

We're going to bring out one leg into a side-kick at a time while you raise your hands [timer beeps] directly up under your chin.

Now, the trick on this one is to really lead with your elbows.

Make sure that your elbows are coming up, basically as high as your ears if you can.

Once again, not momentum-based.

Pulling your core, use your abs to pull your arms up.

It's a weird thought, right? When you really start tuning in to excellent form, really start using your muscles and thinking about which one of them are moving.

I promise you, your abs are always working.

When you pull in your core, it makes every other movement stronger.

Pulling your core.

Being a strong.

Having a strong core rather is one of the best things that you can do to shape your body.

When it beeps again, we're doing those high knees triceps pull downs for the second and final time, thank goodness.

[timer beeps] My original draft of this workout.

Oh my gosh.

How does doing every circuit three times? I cannot tell you how happy I am right now that I changed that.

[laughs] I like doing two rounds.

You guys, at this age and this stage, I can push myself just perfectly for two rounds, but that third round, sometimes it's a little bit too much.

That's the other trick with a push day is you've got to know you've got to know exactly how much you can push at this age.

The fact is we could still do everything.

You could push a lot, but what happens is we don't recover as well from it.

Then we start to get injured and then we start to gain weight.

Then we start to feel lousy and old and creaky and our bodies are falling apart instead of getting stronger.

Pushing the exact right amount, take some time to figure out where that is.

It takes some time.

[timer beeps] Here we go with those curtsy side raises.

Oh my gosh.

So happy to have my hands down a little bit and then side raise.

I will tell you a funny story.

The gym boss has slid down the strap of my shirt and it's somewhere about the middle of my back.

Thankfully, I can still hear it, but this obviously was not necessarily a perfect solution.

[laughs] Here's the thing about doing home workouts.

Sometimes everything just goes so beautifully and sometimes it doesn't but this is a great thing about finding a routine that you can recover from nicely that encourages some moderation.

You can always, always come back and do another workout.

When it beeps again, we're doing those delt raise side-kicks for the second and final time, making sure that you are using your muscles and not momentum, my friends.

[timer beeps] Here we go.


Delt raise, side-kicks, pulling your core, pull up those elbows.

Nice job.

I'm taking plenty of time in between each rep here.

I know you've noticed if you are doing a moderate workout today, you could probably go faster than me and that's okay.

I wouldn't turn this into a cardio workout personally.

You can always make the workout work for you.

If you put your lightest weights, you might be doing cardio toning right now.

[laughs] That would actually be fun to contrast that going fast with super lightweights with these exercises that feel super tough with heavyweights.

Lightweights get heavy too, but anyway, point being, go at a pace that works for you.

When it beeps again, we're doing triangles.

That means one hand is going up overhead while the other hand is rolling down the side of your leg.

Now, as we are coming down into that triangle, [timer beeps] I really want you to think, first of all, so if you're a little bit wider than hip-width apart.

I want you to think, first of all, about pushing that hip out.

Now, sometimes when we're doing strictly ab work, we're really thinking about keeping your hips in.

On this particular exercise, you're pushing your hip out because you want to be recruiting your hips and glutes.

This is not just abs, even though obviously, you can feel it in your abs and oh my gosh, in your shoulders kind of a lot.

Work at a pace that works for you.

Work with weights that work for you.

As mentioned, these were the heaviest ones that I knew I could get through the whole workout with because of this exercise.

When it beeps again, we're doing a deadlift front raise combo.

Your feet are going to stay just about this little bit wider than hip-width apart.

We're going to make sure that your core is pulled in super, super tight like we are all day today.

[timer beeps] We're going to have our hands just rolling down the front of our legs while we push our hips back, back, back, back, back.

Now, here's the thing.

You want to, I mean, you're going to want to round down.


Making sure that your hips are stable.

Your back is straight.

Then we're going to pull our hands up into a front raise.

You'll notice that if your core is not pulled in super-duper tight, that your lower back is going to volunteer for so much of this work, both the deadlift and the front raise.

Making sure that your core is pulled in tight is the best way to get the best results out of this exercise.

When it beeps again, we're going to do side-kick curl downs.

More triceps work because goodness knows we didn't do enough of that yet.

[laughs] My friends, I will tell you that there is really a point of diminishing returns.

By the way, I know some of you love to do like upper body only workouts.

It is what it is, but I honestly, I don't recommend it.

[timer beeps] Here's what it looks like.


Your hands are right here at your waist.

As we kick out to the side, that same hand is curling down and your wrist is twisting so that your hand ends up pointing at least to the wall next to you, if not even almost up at the ceiling.

While you're twisting your arm, you really feel that work in the back of it.

Now, if you cannot handle another round of these heavyweights with this triceps work, because this is two triceps exercises, feel free to drop weights.

This is what I'm saying about diminishing returns.

When you do an entire workout that's nothing but arms.

There is a point where you're not gaining strength at all anymore because you have long since reached fatigue.

It's why I really prefer full-body workouts so that you can go back and forth between different parts of your body that you really feel the work in.

When it beeps again, we're doing those triangles again for the second and final time.

[timer beeps] You guys, I don't think I mentioned it, but this is the last of our little mini circuits.

Feet a little bit wider than hip-width apart.

One hand goes up, the other one rolls down the side of your leg and then we pull it up using your abs, using your hips, using your glutes.

I actually even feel this one in my inner and outer thighs.

This is, well, all of these, honestly, these are really complex exercises today.

I really prefer getting a full-body workout using all of your major muscles for essentially every exercise.

It is the best and most efficient way to really get the most bang for your buck.

Honestly, when we're done with this workout, you can really truly be done for the day.

When it beeps again, we're doing those deadlift front raises for the second and final time.

Oh my gosh.

I'm going to see if I can stop grunting, I probably doubt it though.

[timer beeps] Okay.

At least our hands get to be down there.

Our feet is still just a little bit wider than hip-width apart.

Rolling those dumbbells down the front, making sure that your back isn't curved.

It's straight, straight, straight.

Cores pulled in tight, tight, tight, squeeze your glutes.

Squeeze your abs for that front raise.

As we come down, it's your hamstrings really work and your core's pulled in tight, hips pushed back, and then as you pull your hips forward, your glutes are engaged.

Then your abs are engaged and then your arms come up in that front raise.

It's basically one solid motion.

We're rolling down into the deadlift.

We're coming up and as we come up, we roll right into the front raise.

If you don't have enough time to like brace your core, squeeze your glutes.

Take a half a second there.

That's totally okay.

I would greatly prefer you to do this well than do it fast or do as many as I'm doing.

When it beeps again, we're doing, oh my gosh, that side-kick curl down.

Whew, for the second and final time.

What a good job [timer beeps] you are doing, my friends.


Weights here at your middle.

Kicking out, squeezing that arm.

Oh my gosh.

Obviously, I'm feeling this in my triceps, but the other thing that I'm really feeling because of the different ways that we have moved our lower body today, totally feeling this in the outside, like the outer side of my glutes.

I love working that area.

That's the curtsy lunges and that's an area of my body that, traditionally, when I was younger, it was an area of my body that I picked apart.

One of the things I don't do now is pick apart my body.

It looks the way it looks, my friend.

When it beeps again, by the way, we're done, but we're not quite finished.

I have one final interval, just one interval doing one final thing that is going to be tougher than all of this.

We're going to do squatted cross body crunches.

We're going to be in a half squatted position.

We're going to have our hands up on our shoulders.

We're going to pick up one foot and bring that [timer beeps] knee towards our opposite elbow.

We're down in a squat and then we're balancing across your body.

Crunching coming back into that squat, trying not to stand up.

We'll see how that goes.

This is the finisher, it's supposed to be tough.

It's a push day.

We're pushing the entire time.

Your head is up.

Your chest is out.

Your hips are back.

Your abs are so pulled in because this is ab work.

This is fine.

This is glute work.

This is shoulder work having these weights up.

This is literally everything work.

That's why this is the finisher.

You guys, at some point in time on a push day, you are going to wish you're not pushing.

That came and went for me several intervals ago, but now, here that we are in the last one.

I know we can make it through.

Oh my gosh, literally, everything is burning.

How are you doing? Feeling good? When it beeps again, [timer beeps] we're standing up.

We're putting the dumbbells down.

I can't even reach the timer right now.

I'm not going to worry about it.

Let's go ahead and do some arm circles.

It feels like cardio.

[laughs] It always feels so light and so fast to do a cool-down stretch after we've had something so heavy in our hands.

Oh my gosh, making sure that you're taking nice deep breaths.

Let your heart rate come down.

Amazing how high your heart rate can get, how sweaty we can get without any cardio at all.

My friends, my friends, I hope that you feel amazingly strong and confident after this one today.

Whether it was a push day for you or a moderate day for you, honestly, picking up heavy things or moderate things and putting them back down again is one of my absolute favorite, favorite ways to feel good about my fitness.

Let's go ahead and do some arm openers and arm closers.

Now for me, this being a push day, this was enough.

This was more than enough.

Some of you I know want a little bit more.

I'll add on a little bit more up here on screen.

I'll have a tiny bit more strength training for you.

I highly recommend, however, that you go directly from here to the extended cool-down.

I've always got a little bit more of a cool too so that you can really finish bringing your heart rate down.

My friends, what a great job you did today.

Thank you so much for working out with me.

Make sure you subscribe and I'll see you in the next video.


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