July 4, 2020

30 Minute LOSE WEIGHT Indoor Walking Workout For Women Over 50! Fabulous50s

joining me today for a 30-minute fatburning indoor walking workout hi I'm Schellea and welcome to Fabulous 50's thisworkout is perfect for you if you want to get fit burn fat lose some weight andfeel good and if you're new to Fabulous 50's click subscribe and ring that bellfor more

videos created for women over 50 we're going to do 30 seconds on offast walking followed by 30 seconds of full body exercises it's 30 minutes yesbut it's only going to feel like 15 I promise you and you're going to sweatand you're going to feel so proud of yourself

when you're finished I'mexcited let's get started start by walking on the spot and taking some bigdeep breaths you'll notice we have a 30 minute clock on the left-hand side and a30-second clock on the right-hand side to keep you motivated and if you're justgetting started on your fitness journey

take it slow and take as many rest asyou like just come back to it when you can take your legs out wide arms out frontside up side and back again keep your core held in tight and makesure you activate your arms as you're making these movements we start

walking and remember to paceyourself you can jog the whole way through or part way through or take itas slowly like we're going to do 3,500 steps and walk the equivalent of 2 milesand when I tracked myself I burn 340 calories take your arms out front and go into

agrapevine keep your arms activated and strong asyou bring the belt and back and out and back have fun smile and let go of yourworries just for 30 minutes fine your own thirty seconds of walking make sure yourarms are strong and your whole body is activated and exercising just

like thisis the perfect remedy for coping with the outside wall we're going to do the grapevine againthis time we're taking the arms out to shoulder height keep them strong andkeep them activated start walking your body is all warm nowready for the challenge ahead the goal is to get

fit and get strong based onyour fitness levels so the more you practice the fitter you become and thisis one thing that you can absolutely control and get better at every singleday tap your legs behind you left and rightand then adding nouns we're working our biceps great job at

30 seconds of walking keepyour arm strong your head high and your core held in tight take your arms out to the vogue positionand then cross your left leg over your right this is great for balance legstrength and arm strength keep going you are amazing start walking I hope

you're having funbecause the best way to lose weight is to find something that you enjoy and Isay feel good first lose weight second same exercise different leg we're usinga cross body exercise here so it's not only helping our body it's helping ourbrain walk jog or dance your way

through thenext 30 seconds just feel good and have some fun hey if you want honey you can speakI don't know what it is about you but uh-huhyou look so fine riding shotgun tap your heels to the front activateyour bicep muscles and as you put your arms out you're

giving and you bringthem back in you're receiving so this movement helps put our body into harmony I just wanna become thirty seconds of walking keep up themomentum keep strong keep going hey what'd you say wanna stay in a hotelchampagne in room service all night take your legs out

wide and use your lefthand to reach for the stars point your toe as you twist and keep the right handon your shoulder you see great jobstart walking or bust out some dance moves if you've got them just keepmoving I just wanna be what switch sidesactivate your core and

twist their body life is all about doing what can happen we're a third of the way through you'redoing such a great job the rest is going to fly by I promise you I just wanna be close Oh this is a mini rest to address ourcomputer shoulders take your

shoulders up up and both up together twice up uptogether together it feels so good thirty seconds of walking keep goingthere has never ever been a better time for you to keep your body strong thannow we need to be alert and able so have the discipline to work out

and keep yourbody strong take your arms out front with two stepsto the side and take your arms up high with two steps to the side follow alongwith me and keep your arms activated you're doing a great job of keeping upmake sure to take it at your own pace

take a rest when you need it and thenpick it up when you've got your breath back thank you take your legs out wide and starttwisting your body as you point your toe and use your core muscles to twist start walking or pick up the pace if youcan go

back to slow go back to fast just have some fun with this legs apart in a gentle squat positionand take your arms out down up and in draw your belly button in towards yourspine and squeeze those glutes start walking and feel free to getcarried away take it at

your own pace and have fun stand with your legs slightly apart andstart pushing away anything you don't want in your life anymorekeep your core held in tight and use strong arms this glorious moment is thehalfway mark 15 down and 15 to go get going keep strong and stay

fabulous slightly bend your torso back straightand kick back taking your arms back and forth using your tricep muscles strongarms are strong legs and straight back as you start walking think about onething that you could do today that would give you improvement on who you wereyesterday because it's the

small things that we do every day that bring aboutthe greatest change hands on your hips take your left leg back and forth usingyour right leg for all the strength and balance and use a chair for balance ifyou need that as well great job and give that leg arrest

shakethem out keep going another 30 seconds change sides take your right leg backand forth as you balance on your left leg smile have fun and do the best youcan walk it out and keep those legs going careful don't pull the cord take your arms out to the side

itbalanced on your right leg and take your left leg front side back Centerfront side back Center keep going you're doing a great job it's a great idea to incorporate someform of balance into our workouts every single day because it really helps us aswe're getting older to avoid Falls

my circuits but you don't get that I'm sound change sidesand take your right leg front side back and center front side back and center start walking keep your heart rate upand enjoy the feeling of feeling good widen your legs and twist and touch yourknee stretch your inner thigh

as you bring your knees forward and back again wait sorrygreat job walk that out for another 30 seconds star jumps are going to increase ourheart rate so we can burn more calories take either option there's a low impactoption on the right either way you're doing an amazing job

well slow it down a little bit and startwalking for 30 seconds and imagine how much you can improve your fitness justby working out like this go into a gentle squat position arms uphigh and start punching use your core muscles and your hips as you throw thepunch start walking

a start jogging can yousee that little six in the clock we don't have a long to go but all of youreffort into this and keep going take your legs out wide into a squatposition and take your arms out in out and keep them very strong keep your coreheld

in tight and squeeze those glutes thirty seconds of walking I know it'schallenging but it's doable keep going you can do this point your toes to the front and we'redoing giving and receiving arms again out to give and in to receive and bemindful that you're allowing yourself to receive

as much as you give Oh start walking make it count and staystrong take your legs out wide and startreaching for the stars we're opening up our chest and rising high which is theofficer position to fear and failure okay let's start walking for another 30seconds and I want you

to remember that thing that you thought about before thatyou could do to improve yourself compared to yesterday what is it and I'dlike you to commit to doing it as soon as the workouts finished remember it'sthe small things that make the biggest difference take your arms out wide and

as you marchon the spot bring your arms forward in a circle motion keep them up high and onlydrop them for a second if you need slow down the walking as we slower heart rateto get ourselves back to normal take your rounds out this time with thepalms upwards and

take your hands back slow big circles do you realize how well you've just donethat's 30 minutes of full-on exercise you've worked hard and you've given yourbody a gift we're almost there don't you love seeing those two zeroeson our timer take your arm out and give it a stretch

change arms and take yourarm back stretch your triceps the other round take your arms up and lean forwardwith a stretch be gentle and kind to yourself no matter what's going on inthe world and please let's all look out for each other stay safe and stay strong you are

amazing how good do you feel letme know in the comments below if you're sweating and if you're sweating that isamazing you're getting rid of all of those toxins in your body and you'removing and you're being part of life so congratulations well done give a thumbsup if you enjoyed

it and share this video to a playlist and you may havealready noticed that I have a day-by-day playlist for you to do for your workoutsso they're between 30 minutes and 45 minutes every day of the week you canfind them in the description below or for an example check

out this playlisthere for a weekday and this playlist here is for a weekend so I hope youreally enjoy these two thank you so much for watching and I'll see you tomorrow

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