July 5, 2020

7 Minute Ab Workout (6 PACK PROMISE!)

What's up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.


One thing that drives me nuts is when I asksomebody how long they'd spend doing their abs and their response is anything more than10 minutes.

Because if you're spending that much timedoing your abs you're not training them right.

If you trade in some of that excess repetitionfor more intensity, you'll not only get a better ab workout, but you'll be done quicker.

I want to show to you today exactly how wecan do that, by actually getting down on the floor and doing the workout with you realtime.

This one ain't easy.

Again, seven minutes is all it's going totake, but it's going to be difficult.

I want to see if you can hang with me whilewe do this.

When we do them we're actually breaking outour six-pack promise, which we include with all of our ATHLEANX training systems, andit gives you an ability to shuffle an ab workout just like that, and produce a workout that'snew and different every, single day that follows our progression of how we like to train abs.

We like to start with the bottom of movements, we like to include bottom up rotation, we go mid-range, we got top-down rotation; sowe're hitting all the major functions of the abs.

We're including the obliques as well, butwe can actually do it and follow it right here on our phone, too.

So that being said, what does a workout looklike? Come look over my shoulder while I show you.

The first thing that we have here is our figure8.

The figure 8 is a workout that is startingwith that bottom rotation; that bottom up movement, and rotation as well.

We move to a leg-straight windshield wiperfor 60 seconds.

No rest in between these exercises.

Again, now more bottom-up rotation.

Then we go to twisting pistons.

Now we're working more mid-range.

We've got the bottom work, and we've got thetop stabilizing, we've got a mid-range movement.

We finally get a 30 seconds rest period, thankGod.

We come out of that with our starfish crunchfor 30 seconds.

Now again, we're kind of doing a top-downrotation, okay? Going through that we move into our tuck plank, on the same side for 60 seconds.

That looks like this.

We're going to finish with our top-down movementhere.

Our upper circle crunch, 60 seconds clockwise, 60 seconds counter-clockwise.

Why? Because when we have the least amount of energy, these are going to be the easiest movements to perform, but at this point in the gameit's still going to be difficult.

So let's get going.

We start the thing running.

We've got audio coach here.

She's going to hopefully motivate us.

We start the figure 8.

Point our toes to the left when we go thatway.

Point our toes to the right here.

But you can see this is a bottom up movement, working the lower abs.

This is the best angle to pull form this position.

Of course, we've got our rotation going aswell.

A little extra, extra.

We're getting a little bottom up rotationat the same time that we're doing the bottom up movement.

Now we're doing this 60 seconds.

She gives us the cue for 30 seconds left.

That means don’t quit.

Remember, just 7 minutes.

Last 10 seconds.

Leg straight, windshield wipers.

2, and 1.

Drop them down, legs straight, pull them up.

Down, pull them back to the center.

So what we're doing is, we're not just tryingto work our hips and casually let our legs fall left and right like this.

What we want to do is, let them drop down, and then pull them back to the center by tightening your core.

See, you don’t even have to actually doanything but tighten, which brings them back to center again.

30 seconds left.

It's good because this movement actually teachesus how the core can stabilize peripheral movement, right? If the legs are moving, and I tighten thecore they centralize everything, which is going to make us more stable, and balanced.

That's what happens when we're on our feetand we perform regular lifts.

The core is essential to all of that.

I think she said 10 seconds, or at least Ihope she did.

60 seconds of twisting pistons.

Right here.

Hop in.

Come on, baby! Oh, there we are.

Waiting for that 30 second count.

So now, tell me how you're going to do thisfor 30 minutes for those that train their abs 30 minutes at a time.

My favorite exercise.

30 seconds of rest.

That tells us what's up next.

The starfish crunch.

Oh, man.

This one's tough.

Top down rotation and obliques, too.

Because of the rotation that we have.

Rest it up.

It's coming quick.

Arms out, legs out, 30 seconds.


Down, up, rotate.

10 seconds.

Tuck planks, same side.

Tuck this side, tuck this side.

So you're going for stability here, too.

You guys that know that I hate regular, staticplanks.

These are a lot more challenging, thereforeyou get more out of them.

30 seconds.

Closing in on the five minute mark, too.

10 seconds.

There's those upper, circle crunches.

Up, and circle all the way down.

Shoulder blades off, up, both shoulder bladesoff, down, this shoulder blade off, and around.

So if you focus on what your shoulder bladesare doing.

These get hard.

All right, if that wasn't hard enough, nowyou've got to lean this way.

Hang in there.

It's the last one.

If it wasn't working it wouldn’t' burn.

So don’t get distracted by how you feel.

Just focus on finishing this thing out.

30 seconds.

10 seconds.

Oh, man.

Oh, boy.

I got congratulations, and everything.

Guys, look, I'm falling apart.

Every piece of me is falling apart.

The key point here is, you do not need tospend a long time training your abs.

But consistent ab training is key and carryingit out with the right eating is going to help you to see these things 365 days a year.

The ATHLEANX program is about simplifyingthe process, not getting distracted by spending a lot of time doing a lot of things that youdon’t need to do.

I want to make sure you get the results youneed to get, but quickly, and following a scientific approach as always.

If you're looking for these workouts and youwant to follow them yourself, day by day; they're included in our ATHLEANX trainingsystems over at ATHLEANX.


Meal plans as well, everything is included.

Let me know if you were able to hang withme for the 7 minutes of torture.

I'd love to hear it.

And of course, even if you didn’t, feelfree to leave your swears and curses down below.

All right, guys.

I'll see you back here again soon.



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