July 12, 2020

#7Fitness Workout Wednesday with Justin Bowers of 4 Life Fitness Studio

time now for our seven kids shoutouts today's videos coming from IRISA Lee a second grade teacher Cowpens elementary good afternoon boys and girls this is mrs.

Lee from Catherine's elementary school wanted to give a shout out to my second graders I miss you all terribly just know that I'm thinking about you every day make sure you're doing all that reading just can't wait after you and you can hear my dog clips in the background just get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather love you all oh so sweet to hear more teachers remember you can send in your videos two to seven kids at WSPA comm whether you're a teacher or a student alright let's head to Dan big forget a check on this forecast day a lot of people were sending pictures as well of that super moon last night we'll have more from Dan here in just a moment but first with more and more businesses closing workout options are pretty much limited to your home or also your work I don't know your office space or I reached out to our fitness expert the owner of four Fit for Life Fitness Justin powers to get a little advice on how you can stay in shape it is workout Wednesday because everyone is safe at home except for Justin he's in his own gym to show us some things that can help us out Justin Bowers with for life fitness did I do it right you got a ride yes and that's the gym that he runs and he is joining us he's been a great at coming on every so often to help us out but during this coronavirus crisis we've pulled him in a little more regularly he gave us a good workout to do at home recently and now Justin we want to talk a little bit about some tweaks we can do because now we are safe at home we really shouldn't be going out if we can it all avoid it and it's hard to get exercise equipment right now right I mean you've had clients example everyone else is at home and so everyone has cleaned out all the stores of all the exercise equipment and the biggest complaint I have is people are saying I can't find dumbbells the most essential basic equipment there is so I've put together a little a little bit here that you can get some ideas with if you any sort of bag in your home whether it's those nice shopping that did you get recyclable ones or even school plastic ones something with handles put some stuff inside of them you've been awake so like if you've got two books there are the same bags you can do I said curls we can do shoulder presses we can do bent over roads you can do a full body workout you can even do some squats with the resistance you can do a full body workout just this right here and that wouldn't be the first thing I'd recommend anyone do that's a really great tip and I want you each time we pull you in a workout Wednesday I want you to give us another little trick like that which there's our trick for today folks we have our trick can do that oh man there's no telling but let's talk a little bit about the danger of working out at home okay because like if we're blessed not to be able to have a trainer or something you know that trainer is always there telling you like no no bend forward do this they protect you from injury yourself right now everybody's doing it on their own so what what are we dad but we're forced to get creative at this point you got to understand when you're in a fitness studio or a gym that equipment is made for the specific use so when you start using things from home just keep in mind that those items are not made for working out so just be careful used extra precaution and the biggest tip that I can give you about that is wear shoes wear tennis shoes your dress cells just like you would to actually go work out wear tennis shoes because you could be lunging there's just so many things that you can do I recently broke a toe doing stupid stuff so just take it from me wear some shoes and what about like the position we take and how much attention we pay to our core and what it's doing while we do stuff your core is engaged in almost every single movement that you do when it comes to the body even when you're doing something like a bicep curl you can still be engaging that core just to give you that little bit of extra so definitely pay attention to the core and then the other things we need to pay attention to or avoid or make sure we don't do furniture a lot of individuals love to use furniture for their squats push-ups make sure it's secured in place you can see how many incidents of her lately of people trying to do a tricep dip in a chair chair flips over now you can't workout as you're injured yeah that's dangerous have you had any other horror story yeah I actually did this is really bad several years ago I had an in-home client she would box and she loved her dumbbells sitting on the floor that's another one make sure your dumbbells are out of the way when you're doing floor workers she was boxing with her husband she fell and to her recliner which was next to a sliding glass door she falls through the recliner through the glass there's a back flip lands on her feet gloves still on and just busts out laughing uninjured somehow even though she ruined her door and all this she got lucky Wow no kidding that's a that's a like a total tragedy disaster but miracle oh well all right say what just stay safe everybody that's the biggest thing and work out if you don't have equipment that's okay do it for your own sanity it's therapeutic at this point yeah it really helps right movement kind of solves a lot of anxiety stress all that stuff amen thanks Justin see you next time some good stuff there but yeah wow you really do have to be careful I guess what a story imagine not being injured I would be completely injured in that scenario yeah I think most of us probably would be very lucky Wow a lot of people outside walking today I don't know if you noticed driving into downtown yes the sidewalks are hopping right now with people out the weather's nice and of course that's really all they have to do today I guess Dan you see that in a lot of neighborhoods too everybody's got to get out whether it's walking the dog or spending some family time just roaming around but make sure you stay away from everybody else now we're gonna see some weather changes here it's hot it's air conditioning weather today temperatures well into the 80s.

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