July 12, 2020

Balloon Games (& Exercises) – Christian Fitness TV

[Music] thank you for letting us come into your home we are gonna have so much fun today this is our exercise equipment for today yes a balloon you might say that's really ridiculous but trust me try it if you don't have a balloon handy you can always go and grab one because we'll air the show again or you can go to a Christian fitness tv.

com go on – man watch this show whenever you want or you can probably go to that that kitchen drawer you know where you keep all they let old birthday candles and all those just odds and ends there might be some balloons in there but anyway go grab a balloon we're gonna have so much fun with this today this is our exercise equipment probably the cheapest most or least expensive exercise gear we've ever used before you can get that whole bag for like a dollar at the dollar store one of the first things is just blowing it up that's gonna exercise your lungs now let me get this blown up exercises is doing lung capacity testing out your lungs that's good tie it off we like what Cho's DS the green one this morning we've got some orange ones it's gonna have some fun over there the first thing we want to do is volleyball so we're just gonna play volleyball so I'm gonna get my partner over there if you don't have a partner you can just bat it up and down with yourself but I'm just gonna serve it to Lori and this one we haven't used is this a nice turn one so nice agreed now you're gonna say that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen you guys are taking it too far I think you've lost it but let me explain all right number one eye hand coordination as you can see it's not that easy to follow the balloon around because of the weight differential where the little nozzle is that you blow it up so you can see I hand coordination number one so it's great for children well to teach that my hand coordination it's really good for seniors depending on what age you want to consider a senior but it's great for seniors if you go to let's say a nursing home or something you can have a bunch of seniors sit around in a circle I mean a back.

this around a circle it's really good for them another reason you don't have to hit it you notice Laura and I are hitting it you know with an open palm you can hit it oops sorry honey how's that go you could hit the balloon however you want you can hit it with the back your hand you can hit it with your elbow you can hit it with your wrist you know what's really great about this when you do volleyball which we're doing right now it literally when you do this you are using a lot of range of motion on your shoulders so if you got a stiff shoulder I'm sorry this is gonna this is actually gonna loosen up your shoulder so I encourage you use both hands and this is a good cardio that's why we did this eventually you do this long enough you'll actually start sweating from chasing the balloon around especially [Music] alright so that was volleyball we have a couple other sports we wanted to play with you hear the mohrís gonna show basketball real quickly you can just dribble or try to dribble I say it like it's easy it is not easy to dribble a balloon just use me forever to figure out how to lori actually had to practice this what it is not that easy as you can see look at that though like the Harlem Globetrotters no it's like so a basketball another option and that's what you can do by yourself you don't have to have family members or anybody enjoy you can play basketball by yourself another sport soccer this is a great one so makes wise fitness-wise you're balancing on one foot which is great for you and then of course you're extending the other foot but yet you can use your knee you can kick it up to yourself before you kick it to your partner and it gets too high use your hand you're there no rules you do whatever you want do it however you want whatever you want so if you're in your house and you are really bored and you really want it here I'll get it you can actually dribble it you can try to score goal goal even work that are moving around this is a really really great exercise I mean it is hey I'm one of those rainy days if you were gonna go for a walk you don't have him you can't go for a walk because the weather snow outrank you missed me you will get some cardio wait you know what we have one other thing that we were going to talk and that was like Simon Says oh yeah so another game you can play is Simon Says or a mirror so whatever I would do she has to imitate it so if I hit my my right hand she has to hit with her right hand and then left left you could kick with the right foot chocolate at the back head you use your left foot sorry your left foot okay Simon Says didn't go all that well what it's okay so you're probably sitting at home say this is most ridiculous thing I've ever seen promise try it we will get winded it's blood it's fun and it's really sorry that's way outside the yard outside it's really really good for muscle movement and you know if you have any kind of stiff shoulder stiff arm when there's an injury the key to injury healing is okay wait she's waiting here to injuries is blood flights if you have an injury if you can get blood flow to that area it heals faster that's like in a hospital if someone's had open-heart surgery what do they do the very next day they get them out of bed and they get them walking so that's the key to a healthy body get your blood flow going it's why we do but anyway just have fun most people stop working out and quit exercising because it's not any fun I mean imagine we could just lay down and take the dumbbells and go you don't know like this hurt but it's fun and I've always said that yeah we're trying to institute some things that are fun we have shows with tennis balls where you exercise with a tennis ball today we're using a balloon just trying to be silly and creative one last quick one what's that you just by yourself go ahead and keep that one elevated okay you're not children just play and have fun with things like as adults we would take this and go okay you know we have to hit with our open palm back and forth a kid a child would just do whatever they had to do right they would kick it they would elbow keep it there very free and what do kids play all the time I always play don't let something touched the lava so that's what we're going to do now the floor is lava if the balloon of course hits the lava it's gonna pop so Laurie has to keep the balloon elevated so that looks pretty simple right I'm gonna add a little challenge to it oh great we have not discussed doing this one this will be interesting alright wait hit it up higher no your children that's only two can you do three no huh come on you do three okay hey this is how you keep them elevated and you can't blow up I got it figured out this is how you keep them elevated this is elevated okay go ahead hold three okay I'm done you do it okay okay anyway bounce apart if that doesn't get your blood flow moving I don't know what does and it's fun I mean I know it looks goofy but the whole premise to all of this is moving is important keeping your body moving is very important we want to live well and we want to be healthy so the key and the hat is start moving Yukiko for a walk that's why we invented this little crazy out idea like tennis balls Ethan it's just get yourself moving you will age so much better and we're all doing that so let's actually just that little twenty seconds I chased all three around you can actually feel the cardio starting to build up so yeah you do that for a couple minutes anyway we'll leave those out in the yard since we're all having fun today and being kind of ridiculous we have some other fun little features for you when normally yeah we normally talk about you know nutritious and healthy eating we wanted we found some footage from the 1950s bed I think you're gonna enjoy so we're gonna roll this in it's actually from the Gracie and George Burns program from the 1950s and it's a professor that wrote a book and when you hear the name of the book you're gonna go wow that sounds like something that just got written last week we're talking seventy years ago pretty interesting though so watch this this is our love living life flash back carnation evaporated milk presents the George Burns and Gracie Allen show first before these days of commercials they actually sponsor the entire program so carnation evaporated milk sponsored the whole show this my favorite part from contented cows but not just any cow initially came from I don't know but I was content yes good finish professor Bradford's book last night yes it's wonderful eaten well yes I'm so glad that he recommends that because I've been doing both ever since I was born Gracie is the way professor Bradford says to eat that's so important oh yeah the raw vegetables and roots like the animals eat that's right it makes sure as he says in this first chapter you never see a sick beaver that's right I think what it'll do for our Vickers yeah yeah well but I don't know if I want to be built like a beaver say Chrissie hmm you know with this diet you're supposed to do bending exercises and drink lots of water yeah well I tried that this morning and I kept spilling the water – joy that like I said we're just having fun today we thought that you'd enjoy that but so seventy years ago this professor wrote a book eat and live that sounds so familiar books produced almost never written every year now that have a similar title but anyway seventy years ago they're talking about eating naturally but we thought that would be fun and a lot of interesting facts about carnation it was actually founded in 1899 carnation evaporated and the evaporated milk right so they would evaporate they're taking about 60% of the water out because think about in 1899 before refrigeration you couldn't get fresh milk it was hard to get fresh milk so they instituted this evaporated process to try to get fresh milk out to the public of course by the 1950s when this came out refrigeration was pretty popular so they had to do other things to market their products so what did they do they sponsor the Gracie and George program and then of course the contented cows they came up with that in 1907 they came up with that slogan because they said grazing in the lush lands of the Pacific Northwest contented they were content and healthy yes they were in the beautiful so what you think of nowadays you're talking non-gmo you know you know garden raised and all these things they were then in 1907 they came up with a contented cow happy cow gives healthy good milk yes a little fun there now the professor comes to Gracie's house and has to explain his process of what he's gonna present to I think it's her garden club so here's another look at the professor and Gracie show you now with my diet here is what you get to eat you have 46 percent proteins 44 percent carbohydrates and 10 percent starches and roughage no food at all you get well not to weak fruit and green leafy vegetables so instead of commercials they have what we call product base me Oh excellent calcium yes I know that but I merely want to suggest it's an excellent basis for calcium and and vitamin D you know we must have good strong teeth mustn't we I would like to show you this illustration now these are what we call the living foods now take the current for example it helps one to improve one's vision the benefit actually helps you to see in the dark that's not the rule about carrot I think apartment they don't help you see in the dark I took a carrot down the basement one night and until I lit a match I couldn't even see the carrot you're supposed to eat the carrots they have lots of vitamins oh well don't worry I'll put them in boiling water now killem no you mustn't you see the carrots are a natural food and they must be eaten as mother nature intended that's where we get such a good lesson from animals yes you've never seen a sick elephant have you oh oh but of course you can't go by me my doctor's office is very small perhaps I'd better try to find a chart that's easier to understand things are getting a little blurred out I'll see you at my lecture so we just wanted to bring that today just for a little more fun I mean really we're exercising with balloons so why not add a little more humor to it and just we wanted to just have fun today in the program well on health tips I mean they're still talking about health tips and if you think about we did a show where we talked about carrots they actually if you cut a carrot open and you look at it it kind of looks like an eye so it doesn't work if you take it downstairs that was so even back then we're talking about eating right and back in those years mainly diets were potatoes and meat so that's why they all of a sudden said well we should start introducing more vegetables and fruits and things like that fifth so 70 years ago eat and live was this popular and what they were trying to process so all right well let's get into some Scripture if you have your phone go ahead and get your phone ready or grab your Bible we're gonna go into Proverbs today because we're talking about you know the theme of today's show is just having fun and being kind of light-hearted so we're gonna go into some proverbs that talk about your attitude let's start with Proverbs 15:13 and I'm gonna read from the passion Bible we have a lot of translations we like to study from a lot of translations we teach a Bible study and we use all of them so they're really awesome so the passion says in 1513 a cheerful heart puts a smile on your face but a broken heart leads to depression that's pretty profound when you think about what a broken heart does to a person and nasb says a joyful heart makes a cheerful face but when the heart is sad the spirit is broken I want to read to the King James which I love because it's so proper the proper English and then I'm going to read the good news translation after that which is this kind of funny if you parallel these two against each other but the King James a merry heart make it a cheerful countenance but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken and then the GNT when people are happy they smile when they are sad they look depressed look like to contrast those two against each other but of course this joyful heart they're talking about is a joy found in the Lord it wasn't the joy of laughing at Gracie it's not the joy of making fun of us playing with balloons or anything those things that's just you know temporary humor the joy they're talking about is joy of course the joy of the Holy Spirit the Holy Ghost inside you it's a way of salvation knowing where you're gonna spend eternity that's the most important part of it exactly and that's what it talks about changing your countenance when you know we know know know that you know without a without a doubt that you're gonna spend eternity in heaven and worshiping you have a countenance that changes you are cheerful no matter what that trial is you still can be cheerful because you know the final you know the outcome you know who that we win in the end so that trial isn't as bad and devastating as it is to someone where they talk about the broken heart so if you don't have that joy if you don't have that relationship with Christ a little-bitty trial can just destroy you it can destroy you mentally emotionally which ends up destroying you physically and you want to go into that a little bit err we want to share our next proverb no I want to I use the dank Bible a lot in I really like what dake says and in 1513 he says this about that proverb a happy disposition shows in the countenance but a gloomy one keeps the spirit broken and if you think about it when you look at someone that knows Jesus you can see it in their eyes when you lead someone to Jesus their countenance changes means their heart changes so there is such an important thing about receiving Christ and knowing where you spending salvation but the other part of how does it affect the whole body not just the face but the whole body yes you can see it in their eyes but you literally can see it in a person if they're whole a lot of people when they realize that their heavenly Father loves them so much yeah you know they may have grown up in a dysfunctional home didn't have a father but when they realize I have a heavenly father their whole countenance changes when they receive Christ and understand that love their countenance changed as you can see it on their face God sells their heart right and the same thing on the other side someone's at sorrowful you can see that on your face I mean most people carry on their face what they're thinking people with their or with their body's going through net where we talk about it's the whole countenance your mind can affect your body your body can affect your mind if you're sick sometimes mentally and you get depressed if you're depressed your body can have all kinds of issues because of that and depression should never be with the child or God it's something that the Holy Spirit can come in and renew and remind you wait a minute you're supposed to trust in the Lord so let's go one times battling cancer just real good yeah of course which we have a victory for that but when I was battling cancer the nurses actually told us if you have a positive a team they call it a positive attitude we call it the presence of God but they said if you have a positive attitude you have this much better chance of recovery and doing well than you do if you are depressed and not you know focusing on the positive you think about what sickness does that's a broken spirit and besides the fact that we know that's coming from the enemy it's not coming from God but the other part of it is while we were in Moffatt we would minister to people and love on them and you know and to the doctors and the nurses so that they could see that we had God strengthened us we carry God's joy but it was him strengthening us so and that's so important I mean I should offer that to people if you walk in public somewhere or you open the door for somebody or if they just look like they're having a hard to give them a smile say good morning to him or say hello to him let that love that God's put in your heart come through to reaching another person not the merry heart sorry all right now we would walk around the halls of Moffatt Moffatt with you know lime tubes running out of my chest where I have my pork and you know a chemotherapy bag you're wearing that so people he's seeing in that condition and you just smile at them even in the midst of that circumstance smile at them whatever they're going through it makes it better for them that countenance that you carry they're like wow he's going through that gosh that makes me feel better knowing that you can have that joy regardless are going through that trial so I mean and that's important for if you're a husband and wife spouses that is so important we're one I mean we finished each other's sentences or start them my god whichever all the time but it's important because that strength and the love of Christ and the peace of God and that heart that God does the work in that's important for you to be there and offer that to whoever there whoever even if it's another family member if you're not a spouse if it's a family member or it's a friend we are supposed to be that way for the body of Christ so let's look at proverbs 17:22 a joyful heart is good medicine but a broken spirit dries up the bones that actually tells you exactly what happens to the body when your spirits broken and how does that happen we think by drying up the bones the marrow the marrow blood runs through the bones it's much carries what is boy blood carries oxygen which is life so that blood is the life so if it dries up the bones you have no oxygen you have no blood you have no marrow and that's gonna basically make you a skeleton and you're gonna lose your lose life so it's saying that joyful heart which is what we mentioned earlier it is good medicine that's what I said even the nurses would say if you have it you know if you have joy if you have the right attitude it actually makes you and can help you be healthier same with this it's good medicine the passion Bible says a joyful cheerful heart brings healing to both body and soul but the one whose heart is crushed struggles with sickness and depression now I want to read you the definition of what dake says about this which is so powerful a merry heart is helpful but one completely broken in spirit is dejected it will develop many bodily illnesses nothing ruins health more than grief continual worry anxiety fretfulness bad tempers hatred and malice the end of these things is death we should rid ourselves as such health destroying agencies so that's something that dake said in it's such a powerful meaning to what this scripture is if you look at NLT it says a cheerful heart is good medicine but a broken spirit saps a person's strength so when you think about that it's knowing that if there's something going on with you I mean if you look at first Peter 5:7 you know he says cast your care on him for he cares for you if you have anxiety you have worry you have something going on give that to the Lord and if it comes back give it to them again repent he's faithful and just to forgive us when we pet but give it back to him again and again it doesn't mean maybe one time it means you may have to do it over and over again but that is how our heart is so affected by the holy spirit leading us if the Holy Spirit prompts you and says you know you shouldn't have said that or you start feeling like wow I'm really angry about something that's a heart check that is so important to put yourself in check and say lord help me because that is what this scripture is all about and unforgiveness can cause that one really important thing that can cause it is being critical a critical spirit so let's say you tuned in at the beginning of today's show and saw us playing with the balloon and you said that's that is so stupid what it's not an exercise playing with the book that's being critical you did it and that's a bad path to go down once you start in just like gossip it's just like backbiting anything else once you start down that path it can be hard to steer that back something don't be critical you could be people are critical in that scripture they might say oh you know I've read proverbs 15:13 you know I know I've got to post it on Mike I don't need to listen what Robert and Laurie had to say she knew what we have a pastor friend pastor PJ said this one day and it was so impactful for us he said when you are gonna hear the Word of God whether it means somebody's preaching for the tenth time you've heard it before but when you're gonna hear the Word of God or you're gonna read the Word of God always be in anticipation sit expecting to receive because that's so important you can sit and expect to receive what God has for you you can read for a hundred times but if you were an expectancy God is gonna reveal something new you get what you're looking for you say that a lot but you're gonna find what you're looking for if you want to find something to be critical easy you can criticize the balloons whatever we're talking here's something you know the Gracie some things we've done today or you can look for you can look to receive something so just if you've read the scripture 20 times you might see something new in it the Lord might reveal something new too if you're sitting in expectation that's what Pastor PJ would say yeah be on the edge of your seat and just lord I want to receive something today so whatever this sermon is whoever is preaching whatever the word is gonna be I want to receive something if you're in that expectation you're gonna find it so you're gonna find what you look at you're looking for that's exactly right and that's what's most important is we receive from the Lord so reading Scripture is putting you in a position to receive the Lord ministering to you and that is key the word is life the the blood of Christ the blood that He shed for us that's life and that renews us constantly and that that is the most important part what if there's somebody out there that has struggled let's say they are depressed they got unforgiveness what would you have to say to them you know that is key we're talking about the heart God changes our heart he doesn't change our mind our mind gets renewed by the Word of God but he changes our heart so if if you have a question of why am i struggling with this and why do I feel this way or you're always an anger you're always in something ask the Holy Spirit to show you what that is and make sure especially now that you don't walk in unforgiveness or taking on someone else's burden and it's as simple of saying Lord forgive me please forgive me and I forgive those that have done something else to me so you have to forgive but ask for forgiveness and you open your heart and say dear Lord Jesus come into my heart forgive me of my sins thank you that you died on the cross for me and you shed your blood for me and I'm saved I'm born again thank you that you will fill me with your Holy Spirit and then I walk in your peace in Jesus name Amen and just understand that love received that like we said sitting in an expectation receive that love and then your countenance will change then you can start smiling again so so much appreciate you joining us you know we always pray for you at the end of the show we actually quote the scripture it's third John 1:2 but it's actually our prayer over you as a viewer and you as a friend and a family and it's beloved I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health just as your soul prospers so thank you for joining us today go get some balloons and have some fun with today's program and I always tell everyone we love you guys we are so grateful for you what happened to her oh don't forget the green [Music] what's that butt which way and then you know not a double volleyball there you keep all three [Music] it makes it more fun with your birthday up I wanted your duck [Music] you.

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