July 12, 2020

Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From Julia Tries Everything With Julia + Chelsea

i love your jacket you've got a really sweet jacket and code game thanks right internet do you want to get into it okay we'll go there hi everyone it's julia from julia tries everything and chelsea we're going to talk about our favorite moments from the show least favorite moments all the questions that you've asked in the comments that we haven't answered um i'm so proud at least someone is out there let's go to the first episode ever our deputy editor sarah she was talking to cheesecake factory about doing a video and so sarah was like we should do something for the 40th anniversary that's just really crazy especially if they're going to let us like just take over their restaurant right now you divulged to the rest of the delish team that she she used to be a competitive eater so yes i was on a team it wasn't just myself but i was in a pancake eating contest and my team and i won and then we did a pie eating contest and we won a wing eating contest second place because this one girl on our team was super slow she knows who she is so technically at cheesecake factory we tried more than 40 things so at this point we're drinking like right before we get to the cheesecakes she's already drinking i don't know how many glasses we went through but when they brought out all of this cheesecake what was the thought that just went through your mind this was such a long day because it takes me like what 20 minutes to be eating each round of food or so this was a three and a half hour day seeing these cheesecakes come out that are the size of your face i don't they were big they were so they are just the thickest pieces of cake well that's not true we've seen bigger now like the cannoli cake the cannoli cake when you uh carabas that was when you were so mean to me we're getting so off topic but we're not okay speaking of a lot of you asked about how drunk we actually get um drunk you you drink too no i do have you wait have you ever been drunk on an episode of mine or not tipsy i'm trying to think of which one you drink applebee's oh applebee's applebee's had a lot that was those were like like decadent those were college drinks those were like they're yeah oh right well you were also getting drunk off that beer cheese let's be real yeah i feel like drinks carry over from one round to the next round but you kept that beer cheese i did this was the episode that rocking chair the rocking chair we ate the most food at cracker barrel than any other place still to this day we haven't we haven't found a place to beat 50.

challenge i don't know if i need that to be a challenge i don't know if i want that i don't know if you want that of course i do okay i have to say my go-to when i go to cracker barrel is usually the biscuits and gravy because i don't like to think too much about it the menu is huge clearly and i order the biscuits and gravy keep it simple and then i look at everyone else's plate and regret my decision i do the eggs in a basket every time oh the ones the toast with the hole yeah oh fried apples pineapples were really really good oh my god blueberry cobbler i guess i could talk a little bit about how we coordinate these to a certain degree um cracker barrel was at the top for a long time their um closest cracker barrel is two hours away from new york city they were very excited for us to come and they and one of their chefs heard that we were doing this and so he was like i have to come and watch he actually would come out and watch me eat it and it was really sweet um he was just like it was kind of like do you like it do you like it do you like it i do have to say from filming all these not you're never vindictive towards being evil ever but i would say like there is like i can tell like when when she's just like i don't know if you're drinking a little bit or what but like sometimes the camera angle starts getting lower on me and like double chins and triple chins start coming out or like the it's like zoomed in like i'll say something and then you zoom in on it like right onto it i do have a tendency to zoom in on your face because i think it's fun we that's what we should talk about you know which which one i hate that you did it in did i do it on purpose you were so mean we're in the texas roadhouse video oh i'm i'm going in on that sweet potato also i want to watch you watch this so you can feel the guilt so i'm eating it i'm choking right you see me in pain and you know what you see there oh what is that what is that jealous i don't see it there's a marshmallow on my mouth you're a marshmallow literally right here i'm really sorry i didn't see it and it didn't interrupt it because no no no no because it goes on so what what time did stamp did i just say 7 59 we're at 10 minutes and two seconds in and it's still on my mouth oh my god oh oh don't worry and you do zoom ins and you can see it still oh oh no it's oh is it still there it's still there oh which means okay so three minutes in video time it's like dog ears okay i'm getting a little tipsy because i feel like it i'm not gonna be wine drinker really oh you drink beer a lot don't you drink whiskey whiskey yeah whiskey tequila beer i'm really really trying to get into whiskey rum i'm not a big rum oh my god that's that is actually so sweet there was one video that we drank a lot of rum was it bone fish i like didn't look horrifying in this video and i was so excited i love your jacket you've got a really sweet jacket and code game thanks right internet do you want to get into it okay we'll go there i am getting mad thinking about it well fine we'll pull it up and watch it let me give you the backstory of olive garden it was in august but it was a cool august day randomly because i was in a sweater and i wasn't hot you're watching me for my food reviews and not for what my face looks like or what my body looks like and if that's why you watch please unsubscribe so i'm wearing these really really great white birkenstocks wait are they or are you wearing socks with fl i can't no uh no and i'm wearing my track pants and i'm wearing my sweater and you all were mad at me you guys were so had so many opinions on that outfit i i did have someone dm me and say me and my friend were gonna send you a 50 fashion nova gift card because they felt so bad that's so mean oh i ate touche internet well should we watch a little bit of olive garden um did you have a favorite menu item from this that you remember ooh that italian margarita i remember her oh i took a shot oh those those things and i think we've got a copycat recipe don't we um fried lasagna oh that was really good oh yeah oh god the shot we're watching me take the shot i'm sorry i have to say that was the worst thing i could have ever done before we start shooting and chelsea just grabbed cookies from next door hashtag delish oh no it's from coconut or pina colada let's talk about our um hardest episodes to watch shoot edit what where what are your thoughts you did you stuff more cookie into your mouth as i asked that question seriously underestimating the blaze and hot hot wing we ended up trying one of every single wing yeah this is when it's getting bad and there's a point where i just kept asking i think i was drinking moscow meals because moscow meals actually are really great delirious they were they're really good though for like cutting out that just also i couldn't actually review them i felt like at a certain point because my taste buds taste boobs teaspoons my taste buds felt like kind of out of it you reached a limit because as one knows when you're eating a lot of spicy things it started it starts to grow yeah that heat mango habanero oh my i was hot i have such trust issues now with anything spicy when it says look at your face look at your face how far are we into this yeah there's still like three minutes left oh my god this is like 7 15 ish this we had to stop so many times while shooting usually where we shoot straight through like we're i would say we're professionals at that at this point but this one we had to keep stopping because i couldn't stop sweating and i was kind of almost crying at certain points okay blazing i think this has been look at you i don't i don't look good i love don't look well i don't look happy i mean we were there for a very long time my hair looks sweaty most the time actually after these i feel like i just feel sweaty and like smelly and just disgusting i saw julia essentially die when she did this blazin hot wing and i thought like okay i see you i can handle that i could probably handle that better you know my ego went up there you know whatever it's guilty guilty boy was i wrong i took a bite after she like died and all of a sudden i felt myself sweating and i was like shaking and she was just like are you okay we had to take a break we had to take a break because i was just like oh my god my whole face was on fire it was a lot we have to talk about ihop uh ihop was fun this was the second episode ever so this was after cheesecake factory and we decided let's do this again like those are they were really good you know they looked beautiful on camera i have to say the pancakes my one thing i have to say this was a very hard episode for me this and denny's very hard because i don't like breakfast oh so i got i didn't realize yeah i don't like breakfast and i don't i i think you could probably do a super cut video of me saying i don't like sweets i think i know that oh look there's pictures of you in your eating competitions yeah with pancakes oh yeah i mean i wouldn't say i'm a picky eater at all but it's just pancakes to me are they're so they're they can be one note but i thought that these pancakes and i really do like pancakes a lot that's true yeah and i and i kept going in for more they were fluffy they were uh it was really the thing is so we're watching the first round of ihop you can it's funny because you can tell that i don't like pancakes because the only one i like was the original it's the original because it was a little bit salty sweet yeah and that's same for cracker barrel i loved their pancakes because they were plain this was this your most filling episode [Music] i didn't i didn't feel good at all after this one i'd say my easiest episode is cpk oh okay um because i also think there weren't as many things that i don't think there were let me see how long the video is yeah the video's not that long i think we didn't eat as much no um oh my god my hair i also just can you pick up yeah cpk was the easiest for me because i also knew so much about cpk i like lived and breathed it still favorite episode bonefish was really really fun i was really excited about it so classy yeah they were fun that was a good one uh also because the bang bang shrimp it was like it was a highlight of my life i think it was like one of the fanciest chains we've been to yeah like it was just very elevated in certain ways i really like it was a joy to shoot at texas roadhouse and i i really i'm not a big like meat person yeah um but that was a fun one no i 100 agree yeah texas roadhouse was the most fun i've ever had at a shoot yeah the people the little yeah i don't know just like things you know that was the closest to me trolling you because i got you to put your head in that um little face thing a little face thing i was okay with that that's fine those are cute i have a confession to make yeah i didn't try still haven't tried the bread at texas roadhouse what do you mean did you not try when we were there no i will be back and i will try it because i know that that's actually like no that's a huge that's a huge thing they're they're bread their bread is super buttery and soft and fluffy it's kind of hard to rank the different breads that we've had at different places but i do think red lobsters cheddar biscuits are better than texas roadhouses okay bread olive garden's breadsticks it depends which breadstick you get almost like sometimes when they're super fresh out of there i would put yes i would put those pretty like in line with texas roadhouse but if you get if you let the bread sit there at all it gets like a little bit like harder so then it goes down on the list farther so that makes sense that makes sense i had a fun time at olive garden and red lobster because they were both in times square and yeah has its own beast there's something yeah there's something very iconic about being there and i'm not from new york city so being able to shoot there is really cool oh that's cute and romantic what was the hardest one i would say chili's was hard for me because yeah that's i want to know chili's was 45 menu items and that's the second most we've ever done and a lot of cheese right there was a lot of cheese with that yeah so yeah i mean i think i think i've touched on it one place or another that i'm lactose intolerant um don't worry i take i take meds for it i'm pretty sure i've seen like a million memes being like i'm lactose intolerant still eats the cheese but chile smells really hard on my stomach oh did we go through the whole bottle i certainly feel like it that's fine any time you pause a video on a julia tries everything episode there is a 90 chance i look stupid i have something guilty to say in english we have a pretty like open floor and if i leave my computer or even like five ten minutes i have a tendency to on purpose pause it somewhere it's very large on the monitor yeah anyone walking by sees a very ridiculous are you kidding me expression no i'm not you're welcome my nails are the fugliest yellow i have ever seen and at the time i thought it was cute i know i did because i was like it reminds me of a taxi hashtag new york my hair i don't know what i was doing with it i don't know how you were eating that pizza can we talk about that where was the thai chicken pizza yeah oh gross i'm like the t-shirt i'm wearing looks stupid you mean the napkin tucked in your shirt was that my idea could've been it definitely seems like a chelsea idea to be like this looks funny and then i wear it and then and then people probably commented were like one they're like paper napkins they're like stop using paper and then the sun comment was probably we can let's look at the comments for this one oh boy i don't it's like a shame spiral going through some of the comments who who cares about the 19 pizzas girl drank like 20 sangria oh right a lot of people were like how hard is it to eat 19.

think about how hard is it to eat 19 pizzas people comment some crazy things then they'll be like how hard is it to eat 50 bites of food i'm like i don't know i um try from cloudy lyrics we gonna ignore the fact she called salsa verde fancy dipping sauce i don't know how to get this into people's heads that i am not classy i did not grow up rich oh no you had to like open up the comment and there's like a giant space and it just goes i really fancy different sauce honey that's salsa someone told me they're like you're a hick and i'm like one no i'm like one that's really rude very not nice no two yes i'm an experienced food critic to a certain extent but i didn't go to culinary school so to be an expert in anything the saying goes that you need to have 10 000 hours no i've never heard that really no i'm assuming that that's actually probably a very popular thing it's a theory that has been tried true and tested anyone who's over the age about 23 24 just based on pure math based off of how many meals you eat in a day and how long it takes to eat a meal um you are an expert in eating so anytime anyone questions you on that just tell them that and if you're under that age be like i'm working on it you've all been very good about telling us where you want us to go next but keep telling us um we actually that list of where you tell us you want us to go is actually something we very we take very seriously thank you all so much for watching and thank you for flipping wine with me chugging at the end you are the trooper in this situation.

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