July 12, 2020

Brain Break: Fitness War

Lori: Hey friends! My name is Lori Watkins, and I'm a Coordinator of Recreation and Athletics at the Lakeshore Foundation.

Emily: And I'm Emily Mallard, the Aquatics Coordinator at Lakeshore.

Lori: We have a really neat game to share with you today during another session that we like to call (together) “Brain Break!” Now the game today is kind of a twist on a classic card game that I used to play as a kid called “War” or “Battle.

” So grab a friend or a family member, and let's play! Emily: Alright.

So before we start there are a few things that you need to gather around your house.

First, you need a deck of cards.

We are only going to use the number cards of each suit, and if you don't have a deck or can't find one, that's okay.

Just make your own, write it on a piece of scratch paper.

We also need a list of exercises right here If you click the link accompanying this video, you'll find those exercises.

Some of them do require weight, so if you have a free weight use that.

If not you can use a canned good or a jar peanut butter or anything around your house.

And don't forget my favorite is our water because it's so important to stay hydrated.

So for this game, you do need a big, open area to play.

There is some cardio in this one, so this is a great one to play outside if you can.

We're going to show you seated and standing versions, so you're welcome to stay in your chair, or if you want to transfer to a different one you can.

Just make sure that it's kind of a firm surface where your feet can touch the ground.

Lori: Okay.

So, to start with you want to take your deck of cards and shuffle them, which we've already done.

And then you want to divide them evenly between the two players.

So I'm just going to say there's your half, Miss Emily.

Here's my half.

Now, to start the game you're each going to flip the top card on your deck over at the same time.

Okay, so I like to use “Brain – Break – Flip” to note when we're going to turn the card over.

All right, so “Brain – Break – Flip!” All right.

So, I got a number 9, Miss Emily got a number 7.

So number 9 is the highest card, so I win that battle.

Now the winner of the battle, the highest card, will do a cardio exercise for that round.

So I would go to the first one the list, which is Speed Curls, or for standing participants it would be a Gallop.

Miss Emily would have the lowest card.

Emily: So I got a 7 so I would go over to the top set, and I would do either Push-Ups or Chair Raises.

But to figure out how many to do, you add the two cards together.

So we would add 9 and 7 to get 16.

So I would use 16 repetitions.

Lori: Great! Now, once both of you have completed that activity then you go back and you battle again.

All right, “Brain – Break – Flip!” Okay.

So this time I got a 5, Miss Emily got a 9.

Okay, since mine is the lowest number, I'm going to go to the top list and go to the next one in line.

So I would do Squats or Reverse Plank.

Again, add them together.

So that would be 14! Emily: So I would then go to the cardio section and go to number 2, which is Speed Box or Back Pocket Kickers.

So Miss Lori, how come the winner is cardio? Lori: Okay, so the winner of the battle gets to do cardio because if you are outside, then you can take that victory lap around your yard.

Or your victory lap can be pushing up and down your driveway.

Just to signify that you were the winner.

Emily: That makes sense.

Okay, so that's just two rounds of the game just to kind of give you an idea how to play.

You can play this for as long as you want to.

You could go through the entire deck, you could do two decks, you can do the whole set of exercises.

You can do once, you can do it twice, you can do it time limit.

You can do as much as you want you.

Lori: Yeah, the creativity on that is totally up to you! But remember, our bodies were created to move.

And so we want to move them as much as we can throughout the day because that's really going to help our heart, our muscles, but most importantly our brain.

Together: So let's keep moving!.

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