July 12, 2020

Butt Workout: Lift Your Butt Exercises

Liz here from LizDialto.

com as alwaysteaching you how to get a tighter body on a tight schedule.

And today we're going tofocus on one of my favorite areas of the body and that is the booty.

Okay, that's enough of that I guess.

Before this butt lifting workout, we're going tostring together 4 exercises.

We're going to do a glute bridge on the ground with our legselevated on the step here, were going to do a step up to a squat, we're going to do aBulgarian spilt squat, and then last but not least we're going to do a leg lift to an abduction.

So all you need if you're doing this at home or somewhere at the gym is something to stepup on the height is totally up to you.

I'm here at the track so I have the bleachersstep here and let's go! Here's how it works: The first exercise you'regoing to come down to the ground, you're going to put your heels up on the step, arms outto your side, I want you to first before you lift anything to tuck under so I just wantyou to shorten the distance between your hips and your rib cage, so squeeze your abs inthere and then I want you to lift up as high as you can and your squeezing in your glutes, you should feel this in your hamstrings as well and you're going to lower, and you'regoing to do this for 20 reps, okay? So up and down from there.

Next up, we're going to use our step.

We're going to step up, squat down as you low asyou can, and step down.

I want you to step up and down with the same foot and we're going toalternate.

So if I just step up and down on my right, now I need to step up and down onmy left; so step up, squat, step down, okay? Third is a Bulgarian split squat, basicallyit's like a lunge with your leg up on the step.

So you want to get a comfortable distanceaway from the step so that you can be balanced, tuck under here too.

So if my right leg isup on the step, I'm squeezing my right cheek, I'm pressing my right hip forward, hands canbe wherever you want for balance in your hips might work out nicely, drop that knee towardsthe ground, and raise it up.

And a good gauge for whether you're standing on a proper positionwould be your left knee shouldn't really go too far over your left toe.

So if it is, youmight need to adjust where your foot is closer or farther away from the step.

And since its20 repetions, you'll just do 10 on each side.

Last but not least, we're going to do a leglift with abduction.

So you can lean into the step here or if you're more advance youare more than welcome to just come down on the ground to a high plank position.

You'regoing to raise your leg and then kick it out to the side, so lift and out to the side, lift, out to the side.

Important things to note here are that you want to keep your absin tight in that same tucked position as you were on the ground in the glute bridge, andnot too much jerky side to side motion and we're definitely not going to let your backarch.

So total control in the leg for this exercise.

So you're going to do each of those exercisesfor 20 repetions.

If it's a split exercise we're doing it either side just do 10 on eachside, unless you really want to go for it and do 20 on each side that is totally upto you, I'm obviously never going to be upset about you going for a little extra challengein the workout.

And you're going to repeat that circuit 3, 4, 5 times basically untilyour butt is screaming at you, “okay I've had enough!�So if you like that workout, make sure you go ahead and give it a thumbs up.

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