July 12, 2020

Dr Linda Howe on Spiritual Fitness

Hi, I'm Dr.

Linda Howe, leadinginternational expert in the field of Akashic studies, specializing in the useof the Akashic Records for personal growth and empowerment.

As I'm sureyou've noticed, it's hard not to, that we are living in in times of great change.

II know for myself and and everyone I know, none of us ever expectedto find ourselves in a situation like this, everything from, you know, entireneighborhoods, local city services, restaurants, public libraries and parksbeing closed down and everyone is being encouraged to practice socialdistancing and to take very good care of themselves.

So I, you know, I am trusting that at this moment, wherever you are andwhatever you're facing, that you're taking good care of yourself becauseultimately that's all we can do, right? And there are many waysto take care of ourselves.

What I'd like to share with you today is a briefguided meditation for spiritual fitness.

it also turns out Marchis the month of spiritual well-being, and I just I think it's fascinating that weare all together in this idea of how to strengthen our spiritual well-being.

Howto recognize it, how to cultivate, develop it, strengthen it, and to really live in aspace of a spiritual fitness.

And so today what I'd like us to do togetheris to take a few minutes to share an exercise that I use all the time forfor spiritual fitness.

One of the essential and really foundation elementsof spiritual fitness is that who we are as human beings, we're takingcare of ourselves, we're in pretty good shape, right.

We all havelimitations and issues that come and go over the course of our days — and that's to be expected! I mean, it's all right, but what we want to do is to befocused on taking good care of ourselves at the physical, emotional, andmental levels.

And in so doing, because the stronger we are, the more fit we are, on any given day, the more light we can accommodate.

So the challenge in timeslike these, it's not, oh my god, how to generate light, how to ignite it, how toget it going.

It's going! The light is fine.

What happens though, especially when we're frightened and anxious, is that we shut down and it's very hard to let the light move through us.

All the light of the universeis with you right now, wherever you are, wherever you are, right, but I mean that.

Wherever you are, every one of us has all of the light of life with them, but inorder to become more aware of that, we want to increase our general well-being.

And that's what we'll be doing now.

So I hope you will join me, okay, so we takethis time now to close our eyes and open to our awareness to the reality of themoment, that right where you are, all of the light, all of the health, all of thewell-being of life resides.


This presence abides withinyou, with or without your conscious attention.

You don't have to entertain it, you don't have to do anything to it.

Simply behold! Know that it's there.

Somedays, it's too much to know that it's there, and so we consider the possibilitythat it's there, okay.

We make a choice in our beliefs, in the direction of ourthoughts, which is always easier when we do it in short slices of time.

So justfor today, we're going to consider the possibility that all ofthe health of life is living within us, right here and right now.

So to enhanceour spiritual fitness, we begin by asking ourselves a very simple and ordinaryquestion.

And the question is, how are you, how are you today? As if you were yourown best friend, or even trusted advisor.

How are you doing today? And just be honest with yourself.

You maybe mostly mostly good, with intermittent attacks of panic, right, or maybe you're alittle more short-tempered than usual.

It's all right.

Maybe you're a little tired.

As human beings, the possibilities are endless, and the combinations areinfinite, as are we.

Just notice how you are now and make note of that.


Nowturn your awareness to your physical well-being, right, your body, your generalphysical health, and ask the question again.

How are you doing today, how's your body today? Good.

It's likely that, in some ways, youfeel really good and strong, energetic, vital.

In other ways, maybe you have some achesand pains, right, especially in times of stress, of course.

Maybe a little stomach, right, maybe a little tension in the neck and shoulders, whatever.

Some people have back issues.

Just look at the whole picture of your body.

Take amoment and ask life — ask that reservoir of infinite health within — tosupport you in improving your physical well-being today.

Good! I'll let that go, and let's turn our attention to our emotions and our feelings.

Askyourself, how are you feeling today? Oh, you might be worried, anxious, frightened.

You might be annoyed, a little angry, resentful.

You might be basically veryhappy, serene, right, there you go, sereneand tranquil, centered and poised.

But if you're like most of us, there's acombination, right, combination of feelings.

And they may be moving, right, they move through us all the time, all the time.

I know sometimes they get stuck, but for the most part, they are fluid, right.

So make note of your emotions, theparticular combination you you're living with it this time, and then askthe source of eternal emotional soundness for some guidance for today.

What can you do today to nurture and sustain yourself emotionally? Good! Now let that go, and at this timeturn your attention to your thoughts.

So, you want to get a sense of what you'rethinking.

What kinds of thoughts are you thinking? You know, one stray thought isnot a problem.

It's when they travel in packs! Groups, gangs of thoughts andideas, right, making their way through your mind.

Now, if they're true, positive, empowering, supportive — terrific! Okay.

But, if you find yourself entertainingideas which are really mean-spirited or frightening, stop! Just stop.

Turn awayfrom those thoughts, as if you're turning a corner, right.

As human beings, one ofthe greatest gifts we have is our ability to select our thoughts.

And so, especially at times like these, do your best to feed yourself ideas that giveyou hope, ideas that are promising.

Now, you don't need to be Pollyanna and feedyourself nonsense, but really, give yourself a chance by thinking the mostloving thoughts.

A loving thought is: this is really a terrible time.

I'm doing mybest, and you know what, it's okay.

So we want to set aside our criticalself-talk — and our critical “other-talk” as well — and extend to ourselves some kindness! Well, of course you're making mistakes.

This is a great time to make mistakes.

You don'tknow what you're doing and neither does anyone else! Okay.

So cut yourself a break.

Be sure to extend that mercy to everyone you meet! Lower your expectations ofyourself and others — and open your heart greater.

Spiritual losses, seek and yeshall find.

So as you seek out the positive, seek thegood, seek the silver lining, you're bound to find it! And so we turn to the wellof infinite wisdom living within and we ask for support todayin thinking loving thoughts.

And for the strength and the courage to pullourselves back from the seduction of criticism, right.


And, finally, take a moment, with your attention deep within, and ask forsome words to guide you through your day.

Maybe words are helpful for you, maybe a sentiment, right, a feeling of reassurance, comfort, certainty.

And whatever the personal communication is, whether it'san idea or a feeling, take it into your heart and hold it there, so it can takeroot.

Excellent! And so, for now, at this point in time, we open our awareness tothe greater truth that there is, within each and every one of us, a light.

A lightthat is good.

It is loving, appreciative, kind, happy.

It is also true this is alight that cannot be damaged by any virus, any financial hardship, anyuncertainty.

This is a light, a love and a power, that abides and persists in goodtimes and in bad.

And so, for today, simply knowthat there is that within you that will remain unaffected by any hardship lifepresents.

And it is this presence, and your awareness of it, that will encourage, nourish, strengthen, and promote yourpersonal spiritual fitness.

When you're ready, open your eyes.

Welcome back! Nice to see you again.

So listen, I'm gonna take good care ofmyself to the best of my ability — and I know you'll do the same — and together we are being led.

We will find our way.

But we don't have to wait! Know this, that right where you are, all of the health and happiness of life exists.

So, thanksfor being here! I'll see you again soon! Bye.


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