July 12, 2020

Engagisuite Review, Demo and Bonus 🌟Software to Grow Your Business 🌟Watch Full Engagisuite Review

before now if you want to do acquire newcustomers and engage in sell more products you'd have to use the same lowconverting landing pages that everyone has been using since internet became athing and right now this method doesn't work anymore because it no longer takescare of the more advanced

needs of businesses today businesses no longerinteract with their customers via email alone they use Facebook InstagramTwitter Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube snapchat and all other social mediaplatforms to drive engagement in sales in fact it's no longer news that socialmedia has become the number one driver of all customer buying decision

this iswhy relying on landing pages to generate leads and build engagement will put yourbusiness twenty years behind your competitors because while you're busytrying to gather email leads your competitors are out there building theirsocial media presence interacting directly with your customers dominatingyour niche with their social content and selling

more products directly to yourcustomers to stay ahead of the game you need a solution that can help you growyour leads and followers ten times fasterengage with your followers and create viral content that will reach yourpotential customers no matter where they are on the Internet look it doesn'tmatter what

kind of business you're into whether it's fashion internet marketingrestaurant cooking drop shipping affiliate marketing or real estate youneed to constantly grow your social media presence to be able to dominateyour niche and generate that easy cost free flow of sales and that is why webuilt engagisuite the first cloud-based

lead generation and social media growthand engagement happen with engaging suiteyou can easily build your following dominate your niche and build acult-like following of customers that are ready to swoop everything you wantto sell off your hips engagisuite can generate up to 10 times betterconvergence than your average landing page

with engagisuite you can buildmore Facebook following five times fasterget real engaged and hyper active followers on Instagram Twitter Pinterestand LinkedIn faster than any bond app can help you do get your followers totweet post or share your content on all social platforms build a viralengagement with your brand from

real online users grow your email list and somuch more and it's easy to set up even a newbie can get it done in just afew steps you can set up your first viral lead acquisition and social growthcampaign listen guys engagisuite is thefastest way to build your brand presence

online and generate fresh new leads andfollowers every single day nothing else does it this good you can literally gofrom 200 unresponsive followers to 5,000 hyper engaged following with your firstcampaign or generate your first 1,000 active email subscribers or Drive morevideo views on your YouTube channel the possibilities are

endless but that's notall you get real-time analytics of your campaigns detailed information of yoursubscribers you can embed your campaign on your website or just share yourunique campaign URL you can easily connect your autoresponder to engage yousuite to build your email list automatically now here are some of thecampaigns

created by businesses who are using engagisuite to drive sales andengagement so the first thing you'll notice whenyou log in to engage a suite is that you need to create your first brand withengage a suite you can run campaigns for multiplebrands and nicely separate them from each other so

let's go ahead and createour first brand we come back to the dashboard here youcan see I have some campaigns that I have already set up but you woulddefinitely have a blank dashboard the first time you log in so let's createour first campaign click on the new campaign tab

now you'll find somepre-made templates available for you you can simply load anyone depending onyour campaign objective but for now we will create a fresh new campaign fromscratch so we click on the custom button to get started let's assume we want tocreate a contest for a brand new hair

salon business that wants to grow itssocial media presence on Facebook Instagram Twitter and Pinterest and inreturn they are willing to give away a one-year complete hair care package to 3winners with this objective in mind let's get startedlet's give the campaign a type next we write the description anddetails

of the campaign so people are clearly informed on what they'recontesting for how big enjoying how the winners are selected and when thewinners will be announced and any other information required next we set the time duration for thecampaign and set our terms and conditions since this is required incertain

countries if you're running this type of contest you can copy and pasteyour terms and conditions here or add the link to your TNC on the next tab we add our campaigncreative this could be a video or image next we go to the user settings tab weset how we

want our users to join in the contest users can join via FacebookTwitter Google or twitch we set whether we want to build our email list frompeople who join our contest next tab is where we actually set up theactions based on our campaign objective we will need to add

the followingactions visit Facebook page follow on Twitter follow on Pinterest pin Pinterest post follow on Instagram share with friends sharing this campaignwith friends will help you get more organic traffic to your campaign next we set the number of winners weexpect since this is a contest there's no need

to set instant rewards likeaccess to a link coupon or download button next we had the instant messagesour subscribers who have completed the campaign those who won the campaign andthose who did not win messages to non winners can be a great place to makethem some kind of offer and

generate instant sales from your new subscribers next we customize the look of ourcampaign page finally you can restrict your campaignby country simply type in the names of the countries your campaign is targetedto or click the country on the map below if you leave the area untouched anyonefrom any

part of the world will be able to take part in your contest once you'redone you save your first campaign now you're ready to share the unique URLwith your customers on your social media or you can run a simple add to it togenerate the initial traffic with the viral

share action these visitors cannow share this with their friends so you can start getting free traffic at nocost or work on your part let's visit the campaign page now to see how a userinteracts with your new campaign you can also embed your campaign on yourwebsite so your website

visitors can complete the actions without leavingyour page you can see the immense power- Engagisuite review that engagisuite can bring to help yougrow your business, Engagisuite you Engagisuite – engagisuite review – engagisuite bonus

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