July 5, 2020

Getting The Most Out Of Your Walking Workout

welcome back and check out our shot of the day from KDKA videographer scott dança he's covering stories for our morning newscasts but he also captured this look the sunrise from Mount Washington the Sun coming up over the city wow what a great shot nice job Scott all right

one actual benefit of the shutdown that we're going through is that more people are finding time to get outside to walk and whether you're hitting the trail or just walking around the block Mikey Hood found out there are some definite do's and don'ts to get the most out

of your workout if you're anything like me then you've been out here running and walking a lot lately but the question is how do you stay motivated and are there some best practices for when you're out here and every day around three o'clock or so our neighborhood has

tons of kids and families it looks like a parades walking past the windows I know and obviously I love that it's so good to see all the dogs out walking and sniffing and all the kids running around with their scooters and obviously parents getting there hitting their stress

relief yeah so what are some of the benefits of getting out and walking and exercising during this corona virus pandemic exercise really does help us reduce feelings of depression and anxiety and that's really probably the biggest mental benefits but right now – because we're cooped up and we

feel sort of isolated it really is a chance to sort of feel more at one with the world so to speak and that's in addition to its physical benefits where it helps you blood pressure reduce of cholesterol levels improve it helps your blood sugar go down how do

you find a motivation there's really a ton of reasons to exercise I know for me activity is the thing that helps kind of keep you sane and keep me positive so it's what actually helps give you the energy but if you're somebody who is living with diabetes and

you know that the walking is helping manage your blood sugar that can be a really good motivator or if you're a parent and you're trying to wear out your kids you're also trying to de-stress from the day it can be a good way to force you to get

away from the email and focus on family how do you keep it fresh yeah I know every time I go out I just you know I walk the path and that's fun but that's not God I think some variation here yeah and it's not agree you got to

change it up you gotta keep keep your attention right and so I think first things first is trying to do a variety of you know the areas I have clients that are actually taking this time to walk some different of the more traditional neighborhoods in Pittsburgh you know

going to balloon field going to the North Shore going to Southside just to sort of experience the city as it is and the best time of day I think in Pittsburgh gets whenever the sun's out is is the first priority right but overall anytime the day is great

you know the recommendation for 30 minutes of walking as daily activity is sort of a base recommendation and whether that 30 minutes is all at once or a 10-minute intervals between meetings it all works I think a lot of people report feeling best about the morning and I

think that gets the best reputation so so this in thing is still important when out walking so trying to walk in less crowded areas is a great option but then really when you are walking make sure you're you're staying aware of your surroundings you're not Hills face deep

in your phone paying attention to the screen you're in tune with the people that are in front of you and obviously being mindful even the people that are behind you you know it's like riding on a road right you stay on the right side there's that median area

where if you can let people pass that's great and if you're someone that's a faster Walker letting people know that you're coming on behind that you're on the left and then you know saying hi to them making a nice conversation or comment because we are all in this

together with a little bit of communication and being aware of your surroundings we can we can stay six feet and you know smiles obviously travel farther than six feet slack go a long way and hey why not turn that walk into a run I'm Mikey hood for PTL

thank you Mikey

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