July 4, 2020

Island ECC Exercise Video – Beginner Workout

My name is Annalise and welcome to ourfirst exercise video.

This exercise video is just supposed to be something for fun and to help you get moving and active My older sister Elanna will be doing the different workouts and I will be explaining them through a voiceover Each exercise will be 45 seconds long and then there will be a 15 second rest I hope you enjoy it For our warm-up today we'll be doing some SIDE BENDS.

Warm-ups are important to help our muscles be active and ready For the SIDE BENDS, raise the right arm in the air Your arm is slightly rounded Then put your left hand on your hip.

Bend towards your left side Do this for 22 seconds before switching Now switch Remember that the warm-up is only supposed to stretch out our muscles So don't tire yourself out just yet Don't worry though Our next exercises are going to be a lot harder 3-2-1 REST! During our 15 second rest, make sure that you always grab a quick drink of water Don't sit down though.

Otherwise this will ruin our flow.

Next up is the JOG & PUNCH Jog in place for 45 seconds Then alternate punches between both arms Try to twist your torso slightly with eachpunch Remember that the harder the punch the more work you're getting done Don't forget to be mindful of yoursurroundings though Try not to bump into anything or anyone 15 seconds left guys!You can do this! 3 – 2 – 1 – REST! Now grab a quick drink of water You can do this guys! Next up we have THE TWIST For THE TWIST, put your hands in front of you Then twist your torso from side to side Make sure that your feet are parallel to each other and are firm without moving This one may seem pretty easy at first However if you do this correctly youshould feel a slight burn at your sides Don't be alarmed though This is just your muscles growing stronger 15 seconds left 3 – 2 – 1 – REST! Next up we have the UP & DOWN Put your hands together then reach up to the sky as high as you can and then slowly put them back down Keep going for the full 45 seconds At first, this it may seem pretty easy However, if you do it correctly, you will be able to feel a slight burn in your arms This is your arm muscles going stronger If you want to use more force, go alittle bit faster.

You got this guys!I believe in you! Just ten seconds left! 3 – 2 – 1 – DONE! Grab a quick drink of water Make sure that you're still getting active especially during these tough times Next exercise is the BENT ARM CIRCLE Place both hands on your shoulders Then roll your shoulders forwards for 22 seconds This helps stretch out our my armmuscles At first, this position may seem reallyuncomfortable I understand guys! However with enoughpractice this, will be really easy Now switch Make sure that you're not doing this toovigorously You don't want to injure yourself 10 seconds left! 3 – 2 – 1 – BREAK! Grab a quick drink of water and then get ready for the next exercise Next up, is the BEND & REACH! Try to reach your arms up to the sky ashigh as you can, and then bend down low and touch the floor Make sure that you're really stretching your arms and also your back Make sure that it's flatthough You don't want to have a crooked back Try to go as fast as you can when youfeel more comfortable with this exercise You got this guys! Now, just ten seconds left! 3 – 2 – 1 – BREAK! Have a quick drink of water and then we're good to go Next up, THE KICK Put your hands together in front of you Then kick your legs in front of you as hard as you can Alternate between each leg per kick However, make sure that you are aware ofyour surroundings You don't want to accidentally hurt yourself or others while doing this Have fun and let loose! Just 20 seconds left guys!You got this! Make sure you don't injure yourself guys! 3 – 2 – 1 – DONE! I hope you enjoyed that Personally, that's my favorite exercise Next up is THE LOW PUNCH For this, squat down! Then punch forward as manytimes as you can Try to get the most amount of hard punches within the time If you're with the friend during this time, try to have a competition You got this guys! I know that the squatposition may be really hard to hold up However, make sure that you're stillbending low This is a really great workout for your thighs Just 15 seconds left guys! I know you can do this! Keep on punching! 3 – 2 – 1 – YES! I know that one is reallyhard However, I'm so proud of you all for doing this and getting through this forso long Just a few more left You're almost done! Now is THE CROSS CHOP Take a large step forward, and pretend that you're choppingdown a tree with an axe Make sure that you use a lot of force but be careful of your surroundings Now, alternate sides with each chop Pretend that you're a lumberjack Make sure that your hands are graspedtightly together with each chop Ten seconds left guys.

You got this!We're so so so close 3 – 2 – 1 – DONE! Now grab a drink of water Literally our last exercise before our cool down The last exercise is called THE KNEE TAP Raise one knee to your hands withoutmoving your arms Then alternate lifting each knee You might have to jump for this However if you don't have enough space to do so that's totally fine Just make sure that one of your feet is on the ground at one time and that you're doing this correctly It's OK if you have to do this slowly I completely understand you But we're so close guys so keep up the really great work Just 10 seconds left guys, 10 seconds! As you can see now, my older sister is performing this a lot slowly without the jumping involved And now we're done! Good job guys! I'm so proud of you! The last part is our cool down This is just to help re-stretch our muscles and make sure that a lot of the different toxins in our bodies are gone Quickly copy the different poses that my sister is doing and you should be good to go Make sure that you stretch out the different parts of your muscles and that you're not doing this too vigorously I mean we already finished with the main part of our workout Quickly shake out your legs and try to reach down and touch your toes I'm so proud of you all for making it this far and I hope you join us again soon.


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