July 12, 2020

LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Chelsea Manhattan Tour

what makes this city so special is itsdistinct neighborhoods which themselves make up the integral parts of New YorkCity in this new series I'm going to take you on an exclusive tour of a newneighborhood at each episode and share with you everything you need to knowbefore visiting the greatest

city in the world so in this video we are touring myhome neighborhood of Chelsea big thanks to Dyson for sponsoring a part of thisvideo Chelsea is a neighborhood on the west side of the borough of Manhattanthe neighborhood boundaries are 14th Street to the south the Hudson River tothe

West 6th Avenue to the east and right around 34th Street Hudson yards tothe north it's point seven square miles and it's home to over 38,000 people theneighborhood it's primarily residential with a mix of tenements apartment blockscity housing projects townhouses and recently a few new luxury developmentsthe area has

a large LGBTQ population and Chelsea is known as one of theCenters of the city's art world with over 200 galleries in the neighborhoodtoday we're gonna tour through some of my favorite go-to spots and share withyou what life is like living in Chelsea Manhattan to start the day head

it tovariety coffee for a top-notch cup of joe it hands down my favorite coffeeshop in the area variety is a neighborhood staple for the earlymorning commuters who need that extra boost on their way to the office andalso the creative looking for a nice space to work from or

if you want getyour coffee to go and head off to breakfast my personal favorite for anamazing breakfast is citizens of Chelsea the best Australian breakfast that youcan give in New York City right here now Australians they know how to do theirbreakfast too right citizens is a modern Aussie

breakfast spot in the heart ofChelsea the interior has a very open industrial feel with ample seating lotsof natural light flooding in and tons of plants hanging from the ceilings givinglife to the space you actually can't go with all-day breakfast my go-to ascitizens is the Abba toast smash with

two poached eggs and a black coffee theyhave their own spin on the AH vote oast they use a red beet puree and pistachionuts on the side citizens is that spa in New York City whenever I have someonefrom out of town visiting I always bring them to citizens because

the standard offood here every time you come it tastes exactly the same they are so consistentwith their breakfast and that's huge I mean I am a breakfast guy and to have anovel and toast like this to start your day in New York City now you've had thebest breakfast

of your life you're all fueled up and ready for the daynext I recommend heading to the High Line the High Line is the most uniquepark that New York City has to offer the reason that the High Line is raised isbecause it used to be a freight rail line

which stopped running in 1980almost 30 years later in 2009 it reopened as a public park transformingan eyesore into a sprawling greenery of urban design in ecology cutting all theway through Chelsea becoming an icon of contemporary landscape architecture theHigh Line is just about a mile and a half long

extending from GansevoortStreet in the Meatpacking District through Chelsea to the recently openedhooks and the Arts comment down below if you want the next neighborhood tour tobe at Hudson Yards the highlight is actually one of my favorite places inthe entire city the tourists and the people who come here

are on just adifferent level of relaxed you come to the High Line to stroll sip your morningcoffee to just enjoy nature surrounded by the city in Chelsea it's also one ofthe best places in the entire city to just sit and people-watch next up on mylist is the world-famous

Chelsea Market Chelsea Market is an enclosed urban foodcourt shopping law office building and television production studio on one it'sa quintessential New York experience where you'll encounter people from allwalks of life it's actually pretty overwhelming just the sheer amount ofrestaurants and choices but definitely stay and grab a meal

at one of the manyincredible world-famous restaurants my biggest tip is to come here on an offday it's currently 9:10 on a Monday morning there's no one herebesides the people who are going to work because a lot of major companies haveoffices in this building my biggest piece of advice

is to come here on anoff day a Monday a Tuesday avoid the weekends like the plague have this placepretty much all to yourself if you're looking to slow things down and get abit introspective Chelsea has no shortage of world-class galleries manyof which can be found along Tenth Avenue

my personal favorites are thetagliatelle which offers modern and contemporary art specializing in the popand street art movement another right next door is the chase contemporarygallery if you're looking to clear your headthere are literally so many different galleries in Chelsea that you couldspend hours in one and be the

only person in there the galleries are freeand all the art is for sale to bring your checkbooks after hours of exploringthe High Line in the galleries and all that Chelsea has to offer wind down withsome grub at the iconic Empire diner it's a classic Art Deco spot relaunchedwith

upgraded spins on American dishes coffee and cocktails this is the spot todo breakfast for dinner I have an omelet some potato fries brand that veggies mybiggest piece of advice like all the places in Chelsea come here on anoff-peak day off-peak hours it's Monday it's not that busy it's

kindof mellow nice and slow it's only the locals I was here last Sunday the linewas around the block now you may be wondering what a typical apartment islike in Chelsea and if you've been subscribed to the channel for a whileyou've seen my apartment many many times it's a

small studio but it's all Ireally need since I'm usually out filming and working on travel projectsbut one of the most essential aspects of making a small studio actually livableis making sure you keep it clean a huge thanks to Dyson for sponsoring this partof the video the brand-new Dyson

V 11 is tiny but mighty perfect for a cozystudio with little storage space now it's got a whole bunch of really smartfeatures like dynamic load sensing a high torque cleaner head and a digitaldisplay Dyson I and impressed I thought my apartment was pretty clean but thislooks like a

dirty furball kind of crawl into the vacuum the coolest thing aboutthe dynamic load sensing is that the machine automatically adapts powerbetween different floor types so I can easily switch from my thick shag carpetto the hardwood floors and since my buildings pretty old theoutlets are limited but the V

11 is cord free so I can use it anywherevisit Dyson comm for more info thanks again to dyson for sponsoring this partof the video I hope you enjoyed episode number one of the new series commentdown below which neighborhoods you want me to tour next if you're new here

makesure to subscribe to my channel for more high quality New York City content andwith that I will see you in the next video

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