July 5, 2020

Mixed Weights And Cardio Workout // 35 Minute Cardio And Strength Training Circuit

Hi guys, it's Carlos at The Carlos Method.

Today I'm going to take you through a 35 minute weights and cardio workout.

Makesure you're thoroughly, thoroughly warmed up.

You could try my HIIT pre warm up workout for 15 minutes or do a warm up in your own time.

Weights I would say will be 6 to 12kilograms.

35 minute weights and cardio.

Let's go.

Okay guys we're going to go in 20 seconds.

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Now make sure you're confident and efficient in a hinge pattern here, like a bent over row position and also we're doing some dumbbell snatches so make sure you practice those before prior to doing the work out.

Okay first exercise, RDLs.

So nice and tall.

We're going two over here.

So RDL down and then come up.

This is two of these.

Keep the back nice and long.

Pushyour hips back to the wall and then stand up.

Then we're going to go one bent over row.

Feet slightly closer, lean over and then one bent over row.

Okay so RDL.

Hips out.

Keep the head in line with the spine.

Slow and controlled.

Two of these.

This is the first exercise.

We're doing this for a minute and a half guys yeah for the resistancearound here.

And then down hips out, one bent over row.

Standing up tall.

So that's a minute gone so far.

Once you're feeling the movement and it starts to feel good, go slightlyquicker but controlled all the time.

You don't want to do these too quick.

Just find a naturallifting rhythm, a natural tempo that's safe and comfortable for you.

Alright we're hitting the big muscles here.

We're hitting the hamstrings, the erectorspinal muscles, the glutes obviously and obviously the lats in the bent over rowposition.

Okay so I'm sorry I'm going to face the camera now as you've seen enough of me side on.

Okay so two bent over rows.

Get the head in good alignment – soshoulders are back yeah.

And then we're going with a bent over row again.


One bent over row.

Okay how long we got? 17 seconds guys alright? So I'll do another side on.

Two of these bent over rows.

I've nine kilogram dumbbells here.

I'd say nobigger than 12kg I'd say for the bigger guys that are doing it and some women maybe.

Okay, alright so three squats and one dumbbell clean.

So here guys.

Nice and tall.

You're going in ten seconds.

You're doing three squats, so three of those and then theclean.


Up and then back down alright.

So three squats.

Going in three, two.

Alright guys so hip width, feet hip width apart.

Nice and tall.

Sitting back into the hips.

Find the range that's comfortable for you.

There's your three dumbbell squats.

I'm working in a range I feel good at.

Then I'm going to dip, shrug, jump off the floor and pull up alright? So other side.

Nice and tall.

Shoulders back.

You guys stay on the spot do what you're doing.

So I'm pushing back through my hips, sitting back and down, chest is up, head is up.

Okay and then we're going to go with the clean dip, flip them up and back down, yeah?Facing the camera.

Okay, so down.

Three dumbbell squats.

Feet are hip width.

If you go too wide.

My sister is telling me to smile behind the camera.

She's doing a big cheesy grin.

Okay and then a dumbbell clean.

Okay, alright so three dumbbell squats.

I get carried away whenI'm coaching and teaching I get into my serious kind of mode and sometimes I do need to smile more.

I'm a happy guy – I'm a very happy positive guy.

My sister's laughing again behind the camera.

I can be a bit moody during filming and inrehearsals.

Not during the actual filming but in rehearsals.

Obviously, you want to get it right and so I can get a bit grouchy behind the scenes.

Alright, okay sothree squats and a dumbbell clean.

Five seconds guys.

Keep going.

3, 2 and rest.

15 seconds okay let's go onto the mat.

Two press ups and two jack's.

Going in ten seconds.

I'll just demo here.

So here guys.

One, two and one, two.

Three, two and let's go.

Two press ups, two jacks.

Let's get through this guys.

It's a 1 minuteround here.

60 seconds.

Keep the body in a nice straight line alright? So you don't want the hips riding up too high.

That's working well for me because Iwant to go too low or I'll feel it on my back.

That feels good.

Find what works for you.

Just two and two.

Nice and dynamic.

Get that depth into that press up.

Abs tight.

Squeeze your glutes.




So two press ups, two jack's all the way through theround.


Almost there guys, stay with it.

One, two.

Three, two, rest.

15 seconds.


Okay now we're going to do some cardio.

So I said this would be a weights and cardio mix.

Heisman Shuffle first so we're going to be here and lift yeah? So one, two, three, lift.

One, two, three lift.

Going in five seconds guys.


Alright so here we go so we're in.

So facing the camera now for this whole section.

So minute and a half of cardio.

We've got 30 seconds of the Heismanshuffle here.

Three little taps on the floor and lift the knee.

Nice and light.

Nice and agile.


It's a good one just to get the heart rate up and working in a lateraldirection.

It gets you out of your sagittal forward and back.

Five seconds and then we're going to go into some squat jacks.

So I want you down here.

In and out.

In and out.

So clasp the hands.

Stay as low as you can comfortably in the squat.

I want you to jack the feet in and out.

This one's hard.

Hold the hands so you've got a bit of stability.

As low as you can.

That's as low as I can get because of my mechanics in my hip.

Get as low as feelscomfortable.

And you're just jacking your legs.

These are squat jacks.

Ten seconds here.

Then we're going to go with some ice skaters.

Three, two, okay side to side.

So here, one, two.

Alright, so use the hands, single leg lateral bounding okay.

Head up, shouldersback, chest up.


15 seconds okay.

This one's going to be a killer workout guys.

35 minute weights and cardio mix.


Four, three, two, rest.

Okay, alright snatches.

I said you'd need to be proficient in snatches or have done them before.

Right sided first.

So chest up, nice and tall, there, boom up over head.

Three, two.

Keep the weight close to the body.

Triple extension through the legs.

Foot, knees and hips all extend.

Chest up.

Protect your spine.

Here's your dumbbell snatch.

You're only going for 30 seconds.

This is a power exercise so you don't want to go for too much time.

And if you notice as well, I've programmed it in early in the workout.

You don't want to be doing these at the end when you're fatigued and you're tired.

10 seconds rest.


Then we're going to do the left side.

You've got two lots of dumbbell snatches.

They're a really good all over exercise.

Two, so chest up and pulling overhead.

I've got to be careful of that light.

Here, up overhead.

Facing the camera.


Okay, Am I still in focus? My sister's giggling behind the camera.

I've got to be careful of that light actually.

Alright so here's your dumbbell snatch guys.

Keep it close to your body.

Triple extension through the body -foot knees and hips, feet knees and hips.

I've got 9kg here.

Don't go too heavy so the form goes.


10 seconds rest and we'll go back on the right side.

I'm touching my chest then, rather than the dumbbell.

So right side.

Get into position and go.

So explode up into your dumbbell snatch.

Imagine there's a wall in front of you so youcan't flick the dumbbell out, it's just pulling straight up a to b.

Explode off the floor.

I wanted to bump my weights up a bit today just to do the workout with you guys and push myself through it as well rather than carrying some really light weights.

I wanted to put the effort in.

Use the other hand to counterbalance.


Alright, change arms.

So left side single arm dumbbell snatches again.

Imagine there's a wall in front so not outwards, upwards, okay? It's a jump with a shrug and then you flick it over head.

Make sure you've done these before.

We're going to tag this up as intermediate.

It's an intermediate toadvanced workout because obviously you need to be good at hip hinging forthe bent over rows and the Romanian dead lifts, the stiff legged deadlifts.

Side on.


There we go.

Okay, grab the dumbbells.

Okay we're straight into this one guys.

so nice and tall.


One RDL and two alternating bent over rows here alright and stand up tall.

So one RDL and two alternating dumbbell rows okay.

Pause the video at any point if you need a bit more rest.

One lady sent me a nice clip last week with her daughter.

She was working out in her living room with her little daughter.

She sent me a video on my Instagram page, which was nice.

It's nice seeing people having me on the TV in their living rooms.

That's what I want obviously.

I want to build the channel and I want people to enjoy thecontent.

So here's your RDL and then alternating bent over row.

Make surethe spine is long.

I'm going to keep turning around for you guys.

You guys stay whereyou are when you are doing it.


And one, two.



So nice and tall.

Shoulders back, leaning over.

Single arm alternating.

Almost there guys.


Alright so we're going to go spider-man push-ups.

I'll showyou now.

Spider-man push-ups and then low to high plank.


So, here guys.

Hands on the mat.

You're going to go there.

One and two alright.

Core tight.

Let's go.

One and two.

45 seconds here guys.

Then we're going to go with a low to high plank.



So this is hitting obviously your obliques, your core, chest and shoulders and triceps.

I'm careful when I'm talking too much when I'm doing press ups and stuff on the floor.

My sister showed me a clip the other day and I sounded like I'd taken some air out of a helium balloon.

Obviously the air is getting puffed out of your lungs and I sounded like I had a really high, squeaky voice.

I'll stop talking so much I guess.

So spiderman press ups.

And now we're going low to high plank.

So hands underneath the shoulders.

Core tight.

Up, up, down, down.

Make sure you do the work on both arms.

So up.


And switching arms.

Sweat is starting to come off.

Love that.

Hope you guys are getting a good workout so far.


Keep going.

20 seconds.

Everything tight.

Longstraight line.

Okay we're almost there guys, come on.

Eight seconds.

Let's go, strong finish.


These always kill me.

That's the low to high plank.

Renegade rows okay.

Grab your dumbbells again.

Alright so we're doing two renegade rows and four climbers for the first minute.

Then we're going to switch it a little bit after.

Get your feet to whatever distance supports you.

One row, one row and four climbers.

One, two, three, four.

So I've got my feet slightly about shoulder-width.

That just supportsmy back.

If I go too close, I'll lose my balance andmy back wouldn't be supported so find the width that suits you.

A long, straight line.

Okay, so where are we? Argh.

30 seconds left.

Okay so what you can do now is just go to the renegade rows so no mountain climbers.

You can just go with the row.

If you want to stay with the climber, that's absolutely fine.

No twisting and no rotation.

It's fine to be tired through this, it's a hard circuit.

As you get stronger through it and you've done it a fewtimes obviously, you'll be able to last the rounds.


Alright it's back to the cardio.

Heisman shuffle and then the jumping jacks.

They're not squat jacks, they'll be jumping jacks this time.

Going in 6 seconds.

Heisman shuffle first.

One, two, three, lift.

Let's go.

This is tough.

I'm not a massive guy as you can see.

I could have put the weights a bit lighter but thought I'd push myself.

It's always hard ina circuit anyway, when you're doing circuit stuff because you're not getting a full recovery like you would in the gym and you're pumping heavy weights.

So when it's circuit based, you've got to go slightly lighter.


So here we go.

One, two, three, lift.

The weight's probably about 60% of your one rep max you know, the sort of weight that you can lift 15 reps, 20 reps.

Okay, there we go.

Jumping jacks.

My shoulders are burning from those press ups.


So big arms and big legs.

Open out.

Out and in.

We delayed our filming today, my sister was having her lunch and eating her pizza so she delayed our filming by about 20 minutes, which gave me time to warm up and loosen up my back some more.

Alright so ice skaters.

So side to side for the last 30 seconds.

I like my food too.

I havepizza now and again as a treat, I like it, but I have it normally thin crust, lots of vegetables on it, low fat cheese and normally about 100 grams of green salad.

Dark green salad and some low fat coleslaw.

So yeah, I do eat stuff like that obviously but I just go for a healthier alternative and try add more nutrients in.

It's all about getting nutrients into your food.

Add the nutrition in.


Okay, grab thedumbbell, bent over rows and four reverse lunges.



Stay nice and tall guys.

Let's go for two bent over rows.

One, two.

Stand up tall and reverse dumbbell reverse lunges.

Abs are tight.

Core is tight.

I did put three bent over rows in there but I'm going to go with two.

You can go with three if you want but you've got to be careful with your back fatiguing.

So do what feelsright.

Even if you can only do one bent over row, then it's fine.

Once you've done this workout a few times, you can slightly tweak it.

You can do twolunges and two rows and so on.


A minute left.

Head up, shoulders back, keep yourshoulders crushed together.

Lock your core.

90/90 on both legs on the lunges.

Hip hinge over.

The hips are out.


Four lunges here.

I like reverse lunges because they work your hips and your quads and glutes but they don't load your knee as much.

I quite like them as a variation.


I still don't regret going heavy.

I like to work out with everyone behind the camera.

I can still coach it.

I think it's nice to see thetrainers coaching, suffering as well.

That's what my clients would say back in North London at The Carlos Method in Finchley.


Three, two and rest.

Okay so three squats.

Shoulders back.

I'llshow you first.

Nice and tall.

Feet hip-width apart.


Okay, here we go.

Two and we're in.

Three squats and then I want a dumbbell clean here.

Dip, shrug, pull it onto your shoulders and down alright.

So find the squat range that's good for you.

That's good for me.

If I go any lower my back's going to be all over the place, all over the shop.

So here.

That is your clean guys yeah.

Feet hip width apart.

I can't go too wide on the feet because it's a dumbbell squat.

You'll be able to if there's a bar on your back but obviously you can see, practically, you wouldn't be able to get the dumbbells to your legs.

Shoulders back.

Guys stay in one spot when you do this.

I'm just trying to show you from different angles so you can get the movement correct.

Now I've seen so many clients back in North London.

Everyone's got slightly different squat patterns, they're tight in certain areas.

Mine isn't great but this is safe for me.

So look in the mirror.

Try and get yourself in front of a mirror if you can and check your posture.

You want good symmetry through the hips.

And the clean.




25 seconds.

Oh man.

Keep the feet flat, drive throughthe heels.

Keep good posture throughout.

Here's the clean.

This is killer isn't it? Two and rest.

Okay so one RDL sorry two RDLs and one bent over row.

I'll show you now.

Going in ten seconds.

So hinge over, sit back into the hips and stand up tall.

Two of these.

Going in three, two, join me guys.

So two Romanian dead lifts.

One bent over row.

We've just basically done variations of the same exercise on this one.

Combination movements so grouping two exercises together.

Combomovements are good because they're time efficient so you can get quite a lot of workdone in a short amount of time.

Obviously you can't lift as heavy but it's good because it's time efficient.

People don't always have a lot of time do they so.

You still get a work out in as you must be feeling it now.

Now with the RDL stiff legged deadlifts.

Make sure you go to a point where you are maintaining the integrity of your spine so you're not going too low and rounding your back.

Hopefully you guys are accustomed to this hip hinge before doing this workout.

Stay tall.

Your shoulders are back.

Break at the hips.

Slight bend on the knee about 20 degrees.

Only go to the range that feels comfortable for you.

I'm going to about mid shin.

I can't go any lower or my back will go.

It's individual.

It's your own mechanics.



Here we go.

This is your Romanian dead lift.

Pushing back into your hips, standing tall for the bent over rows.

Shoulders back.

Five seconds left.

Alright okay back to the aerobic work so rest the weights down and we're going to go double leg hops across the mat for thefirst 30 seconds.

I'll show you now.

Going in five.

So here, yeah? So nice and light across with the double leg hops.

I've got to be careful.

Obviously I'm limited with my mat.

I don't want to fall on the concrete.

So go for distance though.

I'd go for threehops but I've got to keep it small because of the mat.

I think I'm on a two by one here, 2m by 1m.

Not that I can jump that far anyway.

I probably wouldn't need much more space.

Alright so ten more seconds guys.

Here's your double leg hops.

Go for distance.

Nice and light on the balls of your feet.

Then we've got lateral jumping squats.

Right so here.

There, boom and land softly.

Down, up.

Okay, so jumping across.

Quite a tough one this one.

Lateral jumps.

Fifteen seconds.


I'm not getting that far.

Try and go for distance again.

It's nice different load through the calves actually.

Then we're going to go ski jumps.

So draw the white line and then we're going side to side, alright? Nice and tall.

Side to side over the line.

About thirteen and a half minutes left guys.

Just stay with me.

It is tough this one.

35 minute weights and cardio mix.

It's great for fat-burning.

Obviously metabolismboosting putting weights and cardio together in the same session.

Okay plyometric press ups.

Let's get down to the mat and we're going low to high planks.

Now you can do these on your knees, like so, or you can do full ones as well.

I'm going to go with full ones.

Let's go.

Long straight line.

Keep it explosive.

So you go down into the floor and then explode up powerfully.

Let's get it done guys.

Oh, this is tough.

You can mix it up.

Now I'm going to put a few low to high planks in here, in between.

Obviously because it's power work I'm going to give myself a bit of a break with these low to high planks.

They were in this exercise routine anyway, in this round.

It just gives you a bit of a break so you can turn on the gas and get the power again.

Fifty five seconds.

You can do them in sets of three to five and then go back to the plank.

If that's tiring you out, go and do a plank with a shoulder tap.

I'm just giving you variations to make sure that everyone gets a workout.

Or you can just hold a steady line plank and then get the press ups done when you can again.

But you want explosive power.

Once you've lost the power and explosiveness, then change back to something else, a plank variation down here or up with the shoulder taps.

Alright, so you've got options here in this round.


Let's go guys.

Come on.

On the knees to finish if you get tired.

Push off the mat.

Come on Carlos.

Are you man or mouse? Okay, so three dumbbell RDLs and bent over rows.

I think it's the fourth round of doing these but I want you guys to get strong.

My sister is telling me to adjust the mat.

I'm constantly being watched like a hawk behind the camera.

Nice and tall.

Okay, three RDLs now.

So shoulders back.

Facing the mirror.

She's got all the cues behind the camera.

Okay, so three of these RDLs.

She's hand gesturing.

And then two bent over rows.

So leaning over.

Okay, so that's it.

Three dumbbell RDLs, loading the hamstrings, loading the glutes and the erector spinal muscles and then a bent over row.

Okay so yeah sorry.

We're doing this for three minutes guys.

My mistake.

We'll put it up at the start.

Three minutes we're doing of this.

So it's three RDLS.

I thought it was only like a minute round, a minute and a half.

So basically get as much work done as youcan of RDLs and bent over rows.

Alright so three minutes.

Now if you get tired, just mix it up.

It doesn't have to be three RDLs and two bent overs.

It could be one, two RDLs.

Look I'm doing two here and one bent over row.

Just get the work done.

It's about volume in this round, yeah? Or you can go five and five.

Nice and tall.

Shoulders back.

This is killer this round.

Do you see my posture guys? My hips are out, my spines nice and long, my chin's tucked in.

I'm using the hamstrings, glutes, core is tight.

I'm going to go five and five here.

I think I'm on four.

We'll go five RDLs.

These are great for strengthening the back, the glutes and hamstrings.

Now five bent over rows.

Two, three, four, five.

So, just do it in any pattern you want.

The two exercises are the same but you can just vary the reps.

Make sure you're back's not sure.

If it is then you can take a rest.

Pause the video if you like.

That's why I said at the start of the video you've got to be used to doing hinge patterns, dead lifts, kettlebell swings.

I can really feel that in my glutes.

The beauty of doing this for so manyreps and lots of sets is that your muscles get really fired up from doing them so you get really into the movement.

Everything's tuned up nicely, warmed up nicely so your later sets are sometimes your best sets.

Really activatethrough the glutes.

Drive through your hips.

Control it.

Don't rush these.

Just find a natural rhythm.

Seventeen seconds left.

It's all about just getting lots of work done.

Don't worry about your overall count of reps.

Although you can track that literally in this workout.

You can say to yourself how many can I do in three minutes safely and effectively.

Ah, I'm glad that one is over.

Fifteen seconds rest.

Okay so twenty mountain climbers, twenty high knees and five jump squats.

Follow me down to the mat.

Twenty mountain climbers first.

Right, beat the trainer round.

Let's go.

Twenty high knees.

So this is beat the trainer round.

You've got to beat me for reps.

Okay so I'm not going to talk as muchnow.

I'm just going to try and beat you guys on the other side of the camera.

Kind of like The Stig on Top Gear.

Okay, let's go.

Two minutes.

Bring the knees to hip height if you can.

Spring off the floor.

A minute left.

Just over.

Back nice and long on these.

Chest up.

Shoulders back.

Find the range that's comfortable on the jump squat.

Facing the mirror, I mean facing the camera, I'm jumbling my words now.


Thirty seconds.

Who said men can't multitask eh? I'm exercising, taking cues of my sister behind the camera, remembering what I'm doing, coaching you guys.


10 seconds.


Okay, bear crawls.

I'm going to turn into what's that bear that looks for honey? Winnie The Pooh? Winnie The Pooh.

Winnie The Pooh.

I'm down into Winnie The Pooh now.

Opposite arm, opposite leg.

Stay low to the floor.

Just turn around from there? Where's my honey? Where's my honey? So low to the floor.

Nice long straight line.

I feel like I'm in the mud here, I'm slipping all over the place.

I'm on the concrete so make sure that you've got a good grip where you are.

I'm okay.

This is your bear crawl guys.

So opposite arm.

You can see the crawling pattern.

I'll slow it down.

So, one arm forward and the opposite knee alright.

Back's nice and long okay? Now ideally you want to go continuous or around the room or something.

I'm obviously retrained by the camera.

Pooh Bear wants his honey.

Where's his honey? Okay, 10 seconds left.

I don't really like honey, I find it too sweet to be honest.

Okay, so on your back.

Bicycle crunches.

So let's clear some space.

So on your back.

Bicycle crunches, elbows to knees.

So here's your abs section.

That was also your abs section, the bear crawls.

So elbow to the top of the knee, engaging the obliques, working the abs get the range, reach up.

Ten more seconds and then we're taking it to some reverse crunches guys, hitting thelower abdomen.

Breathe into these turns.

Now legs at 90, peel off the floor, kneesup to the chest.

Work the range that's good for you.

I don't want to go any higher because I'll feel it in my back.

Some people do lift up a little bit more and raise their legs up into different variations but as long as you feel it in your lower abs.

Just peel slowlyoff the floor.

Draw your knees up into the chest.

Nice placement of the hands.

Nice and stable.

Ten seconds here.

You should feel it belly button to the pubic bone lowersection there.

Then we're going straight into some windscreen wipers.

Ah the legsstraight now across the side and over to the other side.

So shoulders are totally flat.

I'm keeping my head up because my back will arch otherwise.

My sister knows I'm going to say this.

I'm very lordotic.

She says I say this in every workout, I'm very lordotic.

Well I am.

My back's quite archy.

I keep my head up on some ofthese exercises.

Otherwise if Iay back, my back's just going to hyper extend.

Okay, so windscreen wipers for five more seconds then we'll go to bicycle abs.

Okay, oh.

Here we go.

Elbows to knees.

Side to side.

Let's get on the bike.

Get on your bike.

Let's do some pedalling here.

Elbows to the top of the knee.

Ah, that is killing me.


14 seconds left.

I never make so much noise.

I must be tired.

I normally work out very quietly.

Alright, so short rest.

Oh no, sorry, straight into this.

Sorry, it's a side plank, both sides.

Sorry, elbow underneath your shoulders and you're going to rotate and reach underneath.

Sorry, my fault.

I think one or two of the rest periods are missing from this but obviously you can pause the video whenyou need to.

It may be missing.

I think earlier they weremissing after one of the sequences.

Okay, we're okay.

We're good.

We've worked out safely and effectively today.

I mean I'm feeling knackered, I don't know about you guys.

I'm pretty pooped here.

Elbow underneath the shoulder, feet on top, hips stacked, twist and reach underneath.

Feel free totry my other work outs.

We've got some good workouts on here.

We've got a 25 minutebodyweight HIIT.

There's me in a nice pink t-shirt you'll probably see above me.

We've also got a 35-minute Tabata HIIT, in the green t-shirt, that should be hovering around on the screen soon.

So try out the other videos and let me know what you think.

I think we're almost there guys.

Yeah we are.

So five seconds and then we've got double leg lowers.

This is the last exercise.

Come on, let's get excited.

Come on, let's go.

Leg's straight.

Now, make sure your back doesn't arch.

Keep your legs as straight as you can and you should feel this in the lower tummy alright so belly button downto the pubic bone.

That's as low as I can go.

I'm sure there's people on the other side of the screen that can beat me on this exercise.

I'm just always weak in my lower abs.

Just genetic structure, I'm kind of weak there.

I'm working on it.

Okay so here's your straight leg lowers.

We're doing 45 seconds on this.

Oh, these absolutely burn.

Actually we can change it around about now actually so you want to go single leg bent leg stretch.

This is the next one, or this is the last one.

So, one leg bent to 90.

The other leg straight.

Now lightly clasp the shin.

Don't hang onto it, otherwise you're not getting the abs to work.

Head and shoulders off the floor.

Breathe, breathe.

The back's got to be flat here.


Lightly clasp the leg.

Let the abs do the work.

Head and shoulders up.

Get the leg out nice and long, other leg is bent.

Just lightly grip.

You're abs really have to work hard to hold you up.

Ah, I'm on my last legs here.



My sister says when I pick myself up I look like a turtle on my back because I always have to grip on to one leg to bring myself up like an insect that's been flipped over.

Anyway, anyway.

Well done.

Good work guys.

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Hope you enjoyed that workout.

My sister's cracking up behind the cameraand I'll see you guys next session take care guys.



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