July 12, 2020

Morning Workout : 25 Minute Total Body Workout

liz here from lizdialto.

com as always teaching you how to get a tighter body on a tight schedule I'm coming to you on Thanksgiving morning with a morning workout that you will be able to do all throughout the holiday weekend to make up for those extra dinner rolls extra drinks the desserts or whatever it is that you indulged with on the holidays I have eight exercises for you today and I'm going to show you how to take those eight exercises and put them together for a 25 to 30 minute workout so the first three exercises we're gonna perform as a try set which means you'll do them all in a row and then repeat them three times so the exercises are reverse lunges push-ups then we're going to do a side lunge with a hop so reverse lunge you're just gonna alternate here and I'll turn to the side so you can see how it looks from the side for form and obviously you want to slow down if you're losing your balance like I just was right there so these are gonna be your reverse lunges there one is your push ups which if you are familiar with my videos you definitely know how to do push ups but we'll do a couple for you anyway you can do them up on your toes you can bring your feet a little wider if you need an extra base of support and of course you can drop down to your knees if you're not strong enough to do a full push-up and the last one at least is gonna be the side lunge with a hop so that's the third exercise in our tri set here so you're gonna lunge to the side and this is kind of like a squat you're just gonna sit back into this heel keep this knee behind this to come back to the center hop and come over to the side so you don't have to hop you can just go side to side but if you want to get your heart rate up a little bit you're more than welcome to do that do so it's our first try set you're gonna perform each of those exercises for thirty seconds rest for thirty Seconds between sets and repeat that three times for a second try set you're gonna start out with the runners lunge and runners lunge is exactly what it sounds like you're gonna come down like a runner on the starting line and then you're either gonna just step up or if you have good balance you can actually do a runners lunge to balance so you're gonna do 30 seconds on one leg and then 30 seconds on the other so let me do this from the side for you you're gonna come down like a runner abs are in nice and tight chest facing the ground and you're either just gonna step up or if you have good balance you can step up to balance like that next you're gonna do a high-low plank so you're gonna start in a high plank position you're gonna come down on your elbow up to your hands and you can alternate besides so you're gonna lead with your right and then lead with your left and if this is tough for you again you're welcome to drop down to your knees or you could just bring your feet a little wider apart so that's the second tricep cause you're going to do those runners lunges on one leg and then the other and then you're gonna do the high low plank so you repeat goes 30 seconds each three sets again and then last but not least our final try set is gonna be squats to a curtsy lunge walk outs and nice outs so you're gonna squat step back curtsy lunge and you're gonna alternate so squat step back curtsy lunge now I'm not using weights for any of these exercises but you're more than welcome to add weight onto it if you're really good for him and if that's not challenging enough for you for the walkout you're gonna stand with your feet about hip width apart reach down to the ground walk out to a high plank hold this for a second and then walk back to the starting position you'll do that for 30 seconds and then last but not least or knee tucks and you're gonna start in a crouched position here jump your knees out to the side in to the middle out so the other side into the middle and you'll do that for thirty Seconds so there's your workout if you remember at Lizzie Alta calm you can just log in the entire full-length workout video is there in the members area if you are not a member but would like to try out the full-length workouts along with several others in there you can just click the link below the video and actually try it out for two whole weeks for just $1 so go ahead and like the video if you have a question about these exercises go ahead and leave me a comment below and I'll see you next week runners lunge in Halle pine got it is it recording.

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