July 12, 2020

MY POST-WORKOUT OATMEAL RECIPE | PROTEIN PACKED (40g Protein/15g Fiber) | Plant-Based Breakfast Idea

Say hello to your new favorite breakfastthese vanilla berry protein oats topped with peanut butter are delicious thickand creamy and they're just as nutritious as they are tasty heyeveryone its Maya and welcome to my oatmeal lab where each week we'll beexperimenting with fun delicious and unique oatmeal recipes while

inspiringyou to step out of your breakfast comfort zone join me this oatmeal is packed with 40 grams ofprotein and 15 grams of fiber which means this meal is guaranteed to keepyou full until lunchtime plus if you want to build muscle or maintain whatyou already have consuming protein every

meal is essentialdo you like what you see do you want to see more videos like this one well ifyou do don't forget to hit subscribe below so you never miss one of ourweekly videos all right back to our show so before we jump in and I'll show youhow

to make this recipe I want to take you on my run through the city heyeveryone so this is where I'm running today on the west side of Manhattan andwe are running along the Hudson River got my mask on it's absolutely beautifulout loving it it's a bit hot though

so it's made the run a bit difficult todaybut just got a push through I'm back home I showered and I'm readyto make this protein filled oatmeal let's go today we'll be making ouroatmeal on the stove top but I'll also include instructions on how to make itin the microwave

because I know that sometimes we're in a rush and we justgotta get our oatmeal and get out the door so I'll include that in thedescription below let's get started for this recipe we're gonna need 1/2 cup ofrolled oats a cup of almond milk a tablespoon of chia seeds

a scoop ofvanilla protein powder salt and my secret ingredient in all it this isn'tsomething you get at your typical grocery store because it's a premiumfood and just to tell you a little bit about vanilla vanilla is an incrediblelatin-american superfood that gives you great energy and keeps you satiated

sowhat it is is corn that is roasted ground into powder and then mix withspices and while you might not be able to get it easily nowsoon you will and that's because I'm launching an oatmeal product later thisyear that incorporates this amazing superfood and I'll be launching it onAmazon

so if you got Prime you can get it in two days yep the product will becalled Panola which is a plan words of what it is which is you know knit andoats the fiona is optional for this recipe but I wanted to incorporate it soyou could get an

idea of what it is become familiarized with it and how itlooks and how functional it is but also because I love it and it tastes so goodin oatmeal and for your toppings you're gonna need a tablespoon of peanut buttercinnamon and blueberries so for the first step we're gonna

be placing all ofour ingredients into a medium saucepan first up our oats then our almond milkchia seeds our Panola salt and our protein powder as you cansee my recipe doesn't call for a sweetener but feel free to add some toyour liking I find that I get enough sweetness

from the peanut butter andblueberries that I taught my oatmeal with so I don't add any now let's crankup the heat to bring this to a boil and let's stir this all around this willkeep your oatmeal from sticking to the bottom of the saucepan and to keep itfrom burning

too a lot of people make their oatmeal and then add the proteinpowder afterward but I find that when you cook it all together in a saucepanthe protein mixes with all the other ingredients much better and if you startto see a bubbling which you probably will reduce the heat

to low keepstirring for a few more minutes or until the oats have thickened to where youwant them to be not only does the protein powder boost the nutritionalvalue of the oatmeal it also helps it get extra creamy andrich which who doesn't love that also just the tip sometimes

when you add aprotein powder to your oatmeal you also have to add a little bit more liquidwhich is what I'm doing now if it starts to get sticky just add some water butthis all depends on the protein powder you're using the one that I'm using iseye soap here

okay this looks like it's done so now we're ready to serve it let's go ahead and add our toppings nowsome peanut butter now our blueberries and last but not least some cinnamonthis looks so pretty I almost don't want to mix it all up but I really like the

taste of thepeanut butter in the oats so I'm gonna go ahead and mix it YUM our oatmeal isready and I am so excited to try it even though I've had it numerous times beforeand I've loved it every single time just mixing it a bit overall so good it

tastes super see andI think it's because of the blueberries because we added no sugar to this thevanilla protein also gives it a nice flavor and I have to say the vanillaprotein that I use that I so pure I got it off of Amazon and it just mixes wellwith

everything I put it in whether it's oatmeal or for a smoothie it's reallygood protein powder I highly recommend itI'll include a link below I can also taste the vanilla in there which justpets a hints of flavor that's just perfect I love adding it to my oatmealall right I'm

sure you guys are ready for me to rate this all right so I'mgonna give this a nice and no it's not just because it's my recipe and Icreated it okay maybe maybe that's why but it's just really tasty and I lovehaving this in the mornings or after a

workout like today I just feel so goodeating it and it just hits every craving that I have the peanut butter theblueberries the oats it's amazing and it also gets a nine because it's sonutritious you're getting 40 grams of protein 15 grams of fiber all in onemeal like that's

incredible and plus it tastes so good and explosive you're notgonna crash later on overall an excellent breakfast and I think you guysshould definitely try it and with that I'm going to go ahead and sign off nowthank you so much for watching this video and for supporting our channel

andif you like what you see please hit the like button and don't forget tosubscribe so you never miss one of our weekly videos alright until next time

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