July 12, 2020

#OFFDUTYABS Eleven Abs Workout (20mins)

Hello guys! Welcome to Day 5 of the Off Dutyabdominal challenge.

So today we are going to focus on 11/11 abs.

So you knowthose oblique lines that you see coming down from the two sides of the abdominalmuscles.

So that's exactly what we're going to do today.

So if you guys have been following us do continue to video or take photos ofyour progress and try to finish off the 14 day challenge with us and stand a chance to win a private session with Julie or myself.

Okay so once you're ready, let's get yourself on a mat.

And you're supposed to do today's workout withanother short video after this, and the two together.

Alright?So 40 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest.

And you will have to do 2 sets.

Okay? Then followed by the second video.

So are you read? Get ready for some seriousabdominal burn and let's go! First exercise, Russian twist.

We start by tucking our tailbone, scoopyour abdominals to roll halfway back.

Now bring your legs up to tabletop.

Maintainyour pelvis level as you twist your body from left to right.

Keeping your legstogether and stable without moving.

Now make sure you are moving through theupper half of your torso while maintaining pelvis and legs as stable aspossible throughout the movement.

Tuck your tailbone under your hips deeper tomake sure you further the abdominal flexion to hold your position.

Second exercise, Half Roll Back – Bicycle Again we start by sitting in a half rollback position.

Legs up to tabletop.

Maintain your torso stable as you extend one leg forwardwhile pulling the other knee towards your chest.

Change legs and pedal throughlike you're cycling in the air.

This is a reciprocal movement so keep the flow inthe legs while maintaining torso as stable as possible throughout.

Now this is not an easy one but keepgoing everyone.

Third exercise, Double Leg Stretch withOblique Twist.

Lying down on the mat curl your upper body up into a crunch.

Extendboth legs straight out as you pull your knees towards your chest.

Draw your leftelbow towards the opposite knee.

Repeat and twist to the other side.

Again, makingsure your pelvis stays level you are rotating through the upper half of yourbody.

Try to have both shoulder blades off the mat as much as possible as yourotate.

Fourth exercise, Cork Screw.

Start by lying flat on the mat extend your legs out to 45 degrees.

Bring both legs to the leftlike you're initiating drawing a circle in the air.

Peel your tailbone and sacrumoff the mat as you roll up and over onto your shoulder blades and continuedrawing the circles through the center then towards the right to roll the bodydown sequentially.

Now just think of combining hip twist with a roll over.

Asyou roll up and over you are rolling up more towards one side of your backmuscles and rolling down through the other side of your back.

Exercise five, Mermaid Side Bend.

We start by kneeling on the mat.

Extend one leg out with the knee pointing towards thefront.

Flex your body towards the side and reaching elbows towards the floor.

Side bend back out towards the other side.

Make sure you engage your glutes tokeep the front of your pelvis open and square and focus on using your sideoblique muscles to initiate the side bend movement.

Exercise 6, Mermaid Hawk.

Same starting position.

Now let's lean your body away from the side of your hips to form one diagonalstraight line from your shoulders towards your foot.

Rotate your upperbody to bring your chest parallel towards the mat.

Rotate back to face the frontand side bend to return back to vertical.

The focus of this exercise is tolengthen the muscles on the sides of your waist while initiating the rotation.

Exercise 7, Mermaid Side Bend, other side.

Now let's change over to the other side.

Again, you want to keep your pelvis nice and open, engaging your glutes and you're going to think of dropping your right elbowtowards your right knee.

Again you want to focus on both sides of your obliquemuscles one side lengthening while the other side shortens.

Exercise Eight, Mermaid Hawk, other side.

Now maintain the same starting position.

Think of drawing a diagonallong line from your foot towards the shoulder as you lean away.

Rotate yourbody towards the floor, rotate back keeping your hips stable as you sidebendto return back to vertical.

Now, if you're feeling sore, you're feeling tired, great!Then it's working! Exercise Nine, Side Teaser Single Leg Tuck.

Sitting back down on the floor.

Get intoa side support position on your elbows.

Sit on one side of your sacrum with theother hip off the mat.

Bring the other hand to your forehead.

Extend both legsto a diagonal.

Twist your torso towards the other leg as you tuck in and returnback to starting position.

Exercise 10, Rotation Pike Side Teaser.

Lie down on the sides of your body, usingyour elbow to prop yourself up to a side bend position to start.

Roll backwards to siton one set of your bum while piking both legs up to a side teaser position beforeyou return back to the starting position.

Keep both legs tight together and focuson using your lower abs to lift both legs up and roll back to lying on yourside as you return.

Exercise 11, Side Teaser Tuck – other side.

Now get back into your side supported plank position on yourelbows.

Remember you're supposed to extend both legs long as you initiatethe twist draw your elbow towards the opposite knee as you tuck in.

Extendingback out with both legs straight up.

Now to make sure you're not sinking on yourshoulder that is supporting you in the side seated position.

Exercise 12, Rotation Pike Side Teaser – other side.

Let's get back into a side lying mermaidposition as you initiate the roll back bring both legs up like you're pikingboth legs up towards the ceiling and slowly twist back to your mermaid position again.

Just a little bit more! And yeah! You finished your first set.

Let'sdo the entire workout one more time.

Back to the first exercise, Russian Twist.

Again, starting tall, you're going to tuck your tailbone, scoop your abdominals, rollyourself back to hard roll back position.

Bring your legs up to tabletop and nowtwist your body from left to right while keeping your legs together and stable.

Keep your smiles and keep going everyone.

If you want to see results you have to stay with me.

Make this your better setthan the last.

Exercise 2, Half Roll Back Bicycle.

Start by sitting in the halfrollback position, legs up to tabletop.

You're just going to extend one leg forwardand draw the other leg end as if you are pedaling in the air.

Exercise 3, Double Leg Stretch withOblique Twists.

Lying down, curl your upper body up into a crunch.

Extend both legs out to diagonal as you tuck in, you draw the elbow towards the opposite knee.

Then repeat on the other side.

Again, try to make sure you are curling up ashigh as you can, bring both shoulder blades off the mat as you twist.

I am starting to feel the burn and I guess so are you.

But when you feel that you can'tgo anymore, start counting down the seconds.

4th exercise, Cork Screw.

As we lie flat on the mat extend both legs to 45 degrees.

Think of drawing a hip circlewith both legs as you initiate the roll up and over into a roll over.

Nowcontinue drawing a circle as you start to roll the spine down sequentially onevertebra at a time.

Now as you roll down and you lower yourlegs, try to make sure that you're not arching your back at all times.

Keepingthe spine firmly down as your legs lower down towards the floor before you turnover to the other side.

5th exercise, Mermaid Side Bend.

Kneeling on the mat with one leg extended, now we're going to flex the body to one side andcurling up to crunch over to the other Now in this position you want to makesure from your foot, your hips, your shoulders and your arms are in onestraight line.

Now this is an excellent exercise to geta sculpted waist that you always want to see.

Exercise 6, Mermaid Hawk.

No change to thestarting position.

Leaning your body away from the side of your hips to form onediagonal straight line from your shoulders to your foot.

Now, as you lean away, think of lengthening that line as you rotate the upper body to bring yourchest parallel towards the floor.

Let's all put in that 100% effort to see that 100% result.

Exercise 7 – Mermaid Side Bend – other side.

Now again, keeping your body into one plane, going to drop the elbow towards the side of your hips.

Thinking of lengtheningout the opposite obliques and as you crunch up, you're shortening up that side.

Now keep going guys we're not going togive up right now.

We are almost there.

Exercise 8 – Mermaid Hawk.

Now, think ofholding that diagonal long line as you rotate your body.

This is definitely oneexercise that gets your obliques burning.

It's not going to get easier and youjust get better at it.

Exercise 9 – Side Teaser Single Leg Tuck.

Now let's get back into the side supported position on your elbow.

Reach your other hand onto your forehead and you'regoing to rotate your torso to bring your elbow towards the knee.

Make sure as youreturn back to the starting position you extend both legs to the diagonal andhold it in a strong side teaser position.

Now let's not think of stopping becausewe are just so close to the finishing.

Exercise 10 – Rotation Pike Side Teaser.

We're going to lie down on the sides ofyour body and use the elbow to prop yourselves up.

As you initiate a rollbackwards to one side of your hip, you're going to pike both legs up to a teaserposition.

You're going to rotate back into your starting mermaid pose.

You don't have to go fast, you just haveto keep going for me.

Exercise 11 – Side Teaser Single Leg Tuck -other side.

So we are going to repeat exercise 9 again.

Now the pain you'regoing to feel today is going to show you results tomorrow.

So let's just keeppushing through as we finish strong with one more exercise to come.

Exercise 12 – Rotation Pike Side Teaser – other side.

Now this is your last exercise of the two sets, so let's keepit up everyone ! As you rotate yourself back to the starting position think oflengthening out those side oblique muscles and shortening the opposite side.

Twisting back use your lower abdominals to pull both legs up towards the ceiling.

It gets tough and I'm struggling too, so we're all going to do this together.

Thelast three or four reps is what makes the muscles grow.

Let's keep it up! And yay guys, we are done! Congratulations on finishing the first part of your day 5 abdominal challenge.

So I hope you guyshad fun.

Not to forget you still have another part of the challenge tocomplete, which is a four-minute plank workout challenge.

So take a breakstretch it out and you're going to continue right after this.


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