July 12, 2020

Olympia 2019: Mr Olympia Fitness Expo – Experience and Interviews

hey everyone we're here at the mr.

Olympia Expo 2019 so we're gonna check out a bunch of cool stuff I'm also goingto be asking people three questions what is your favorite meal to meal prep who'syour favorite bodybuilder and what motivates you to workout on a bad daywhere you just don't feel like it so let's go see what's up all right we'rehere with somehow aspiring yet legendary bodybuilder Michael GoBot to ask him afew questions so Mike what is your favorite meal tomeal prep um I really like my chicken casserole it's really easy it's justplain grilled skinless boneless chicken breast with Stouffer's stuffing andcream of mushroom soup and veggies it's delicious it's definitely you know notprobably the leanest dish but I love doing it it's my favorites the tastiestfor sure awesome hey I'm here with Austin Bruno professional fitness personwho pursues it as a hobby so Austin what's your favorite meal to meal prepbreakfast scrambled eggs rice and bacon keep itsimple keep it unhealthy I like it okay hey I'm Elliot and I'm here with TracyLynn Cowan otherwise known as TLC unleashed and what's your favorite mealto meal prep I like making homemade protein bars so Iactually have a bar called the sparked it's a vegan organic protein barand it's absolutely healthy its natural and I love it because it keeps me ontrack and on point so if I want something to kind of cheat on perhapssomething sweet it really helps me to keep me in check and get my protein inat the same time so are you a competitor I am an amateur bikini competitorawesome very cool so what's your favorite meal to meal prep chicken andbrown rice straight up keep it simple keep ithealthy alright my name is Elliott and I'm here with Yvette Carreonwhat's your favorite meal to meal prep I guess I will go for a chicken there'snothing wrong with chicken you can change the flavor and then they'll belike no too much sodium or anything very very true hey it's Elliott and I'mhere with Kenneth cook kena cook and so what's your favorite meal to meal prepfavorite mil-to-mil prep would be any dark meat chicken and some macaronicheese in the oven yeah that is awesome I haven't heardmacaroni and cheese so I'm happy to hear that what makes the best mac and cheeseso hey it's Elliott and I'm here with my name is David Ziegler and I'm also Zieglermonster nickname no no I love it Zieglermonster so what is yourfavorite meal to meal prep oh wait it's actually meal prep like plan ahead andmake oh well if you're gonna plan ahead steak is the easiest one because itreheats real well if you do fish or chicken you end up with this likespackle wallpaper taste and you just end up chewing a thousand times and can't swallow so ifyou're gonna meal prep steaks probably the best good info hey it's Elliott andI'm here with my name is Johnny Atlas follow me on Instagram Johnny atlas 47here at the Olympia it's going down it was lit it was wild and it was a greattime yeah you got some questions for me yep okay so what's your favorite meal tomeal prep ooh my favorite meal I'm actually really big on quinoa andcouscous right now so that's my main source of carbs for sweet potatoes sweetpotatoes I swear are my weakness add a little bit of peanut butter peanutbutter powder to it or oh my gosh some cinnamonlet's see I usually mix it with some like tofu tempeh which is really goodyou can do sorizo so just veggies UMass bunch of veggies on there and that's mygo-to it's quick it's easy I do a lot of of tofu because again it's quickit's easy I can throw a bunch in there and it's ready to go and then Iliterally mix anything I want in it and it's still that tastes good who's your favorite bodybuilder um Ireally have learned a lot from Layne Norton and oh myyy stuff I really like Ireally like the content they put out and I've learned a lot from them very coolwho's your favorite bodybuilder hi green all time ever who's your favoritebodybuilder well I would say you know there's so many people in thebodybuilding industry I I'm more into the women side of things just becauseobviously that's my sport I look up to Oksana Grishina she'salso my coach as well as my mentor as well obviously you know four-timeOlympian as well as Arnold champion and I really really look up to a woman likethat because not only she sets an example for women of my you knowsport of my caliber and my age but also young girls coming up as a role model soabsolutely Okana Grishina awesome very cool and who's your favoritebodybuilder Julie Mayer it's my favorite local competitor that's awesome okayshe's your trainer – okay awesome and now who's your favorite bodybuilder I'mMexican so I will go for the girls like this year we had Natalia Sottero andSandra Rajales from Chihuahua so they're my Mexican people so I go forthem that's good represent and who's your favorite powerlifter honestly rightnow would have to be Larry Wheels to be Larry Wheels he's ridiculouslystrong ridiculously strong yeah that's true and who's your favorite bodybuilderif we had to go back Tom Platts out a really cool mindset everyone talks abouthis legs they don't talk about his mindset if you read his book he reallygets down and just really says it's simply where he's like listen man yougotta train hard as heck and you gotta eat all the food you see and that islike the coolest philosophy out of everybody I think right excellentmindset who's your favorite bodybuilder ooh my favorite bodybuilderdefinitely would have to be I'd have to say Arnold of course like full up schoolclassic I would say more recent relevant today I really like the personalitiesthat like Brandon Hendrickson has and Brianna of course those guys would bringa lot of positive energy and that's what I really love there about it they loveit but yeah I'm a big Ramy today and that dude is such a genuine individualso nice big humble dude it was awesome to like work out and see him and and bea presence of like someone like that very good for the industry just such ahumble guy has nothing but love for the the game and industry so yeah very cool what motivates you to workout on a badday where you don't feel like working out um honestly when I miss trainingit's almost like an anxiety so what motivates me to work out and like Iwould say a lot of the time I'm not ready to like go do heavy liftingbecause after a long day of work sometimes I haven't been sleeping enoughand it does not seem like the most fun thing a lot of times it does seem likethe most fun things but those days where it's like oh how am I gonna do this it'sI go because of a sense that if I don't I will feel bad like it gives me anxietyit almost like hurts because of like I'm not doing what I know I have to do toreach the goals that I want more than anything so I want that to achieve thatgoal in my mind more than I want to like take a day off when I feel like I Ican't do it and the thing is as soon as I get into the gym as soon as like I hitmy first warm-up set I'm like it all just goes back into the zone it's likeeven if I don't feel like it all the way up to I'm like doing I'm stretching I'mwarming up like no no I can't do it there's no way but as soon as I hit thatfirst set of like that lives I'm like in the zone and I'm ready to hit it hard Ialways I always count on that what motivates you to workout on a bad daywhere you don't feel like it that's a great question results results awesomealright thanks Austin thanks Elliott and what would you saymotivates you on a bad day when you don't feel like it to go and workout myclients I'm also a professional trainer I'm a celebrity coach and trainer I workwith a lot of pro athletes and all those celebrities so for meI just remember my clients on their worst day and what it made ovate them isletting them know that we can succeed whether we're having a good day a badday whether we're up where we're down and just letting them know that if I'mgonna do it you know I can expect them to do it and we all have our bad daysbut it's those days that we put in the work behind the scenes that no one seesawesome thank you so much on a bad day where you don't feel likeworking out what motivates you to keep going for me it's that I know I'll haveto be onstage in a crystal thong bikini yeah I need that motivation too I'mgonna start doing that alright but thank you very much on a bad day where youdon't feel like working out what would you say motivates you to get into thegym I guess being on stage doesn't mr.

Olympia that will be like I gotta be there's like up there nothin go to thegym very true alright thank you very muchand what motivates you to get back into the gym after a bad day where you don'treally feel like it pretty much my goals and my dreams man you you said it youset a bar high enough you want to chase it every day so even when you don't feellike chasing it you got to go get it very cool thank you when you're having abad day and you don't feel like working out what motivates you to get into thegym the simple fact that it sucks so incredibly much to have to start it allover yeah so in the beginning I understand like there's a lot of aroundbecause you want to you want to achieve something but then once you achieve itit can switch it a good deal where you're just happy to have it so it'skind of like that's like you go to work because you don't want to get firedgotcha keeping up the progress all right thanks so muchyou're very welcome thank you and what would you say it motivates you on a badday where you don't feel like working out to get you into the gym typically all I'll watch lifting videossome music really puts me in the mood to go work out I love music sometimes whenI'm like in a funk and like not wanting to work out or not you know feeling thevibe I'll go to the beach um that really motivates me to like go work out and Irealized isn't it helps them realize that problems aren't so big and clear mymind can be back to normal and then just go destroy it in the gym just gives meas possible man hey thanks so much yeah thank you.

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