July 12, 2020

Promo Video Ideas – Top 5 Best Promo Videos For Businesses

So you want to create a promotional videovideo, but you needs some ideas to get you going.

I’ve got you covered.

In this video I am going to show you someof the most popular types of promotional videos businesses are using, when you should usethem and what makes them great.

I’ll also show you where you can go to discoverhow you can create your very own successful promotional video.

But for now, sit back, relax and prepare tobe inspired.

As we discover the 6 promotional video ideasthat every business needs to know about.

Keep watching.

>Intro Bumper< Hi I’m steve from Mills Motion the placewhere business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers go to discover how to grow their businesswith online video.

And this is the top 6 promotional video ideasthat you should know about.

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Promo video Idea Number 1 – The Trailer Based on the idea of the modern movie trailer.

The trailer style promo video gives the viewera sneak peek at something to come.

It is heavy on the graphics and text, andwill usually use short video clips with small phrases painting a picture of what it is thatyou are promoting.

The movie trailer style promo video is oftenused at or leading up to events, conferences or in the early stages of a product release.

That’s because it is great for buildinghype and suspense and will usually only give small amounts of information that will stiryour emotions and get you wanting more!!! Go Pro successfully used this technique recentlyin the lead up to the release of their new camera drone.

A whole year before any pictures of the dronewas released Go Pro created a trailer style promo video using only footage from the drone.

They hadn’t even show what the drone lookedlike, but they did show glimpses of what it could do.

That mixed with the emotive narration andmusic had fans all over the world salivating and anticipating the drones release.

You can see Go Pro’s trailer style videoin the full article on my website at millsmotion.


This type of promotional video is usuallybest used when promoting to an existing fan base.

As it not the best format for explaining yourentire value proposition.

I have a whole article on how you can createyour own professional quality trailer style promotional video.

Check that out at www….

Promo Video Idea Number 2 – The Story The story promotional video is where you tellyour personal story about what inspired you to create your product or service.

You open up your brand to share your journey.

You see people don’t want to be sold to, they want to be inspired and humans don’t think in statistics we think is stories.

By telling your personal story you build “know, like and trust” with your audience.

This is powerful because people buy from peoplethat they know, like and trust.

When done well you can convey your product'sunique selling proposition without sounding salesy whilst also building a deep connectionwith your audience.

One great example of this was created by JohnLee Dumas from entrepreneur on fire.

He tells his story about why he created hispodcast.

Where he was in life before he created it, what inspired him to create it and what his life is like now that he has it.

The story was so powerful that in the commentssection one of his viewers said they even cried whilst watching.

You can see this video in my complete articleon my website.


com/promo-video-ideas https://www.


com/watch?v=zxqc_O8NCAA&index=2&list=PLPfAIya0oLhr_rJGOQsL52pe1e1xlIejK ________________ Promo Video Idea Number 3 – The Testimonial Video Testimonial Videos are one part of the salesprocess that is often overlooked.

However, it is one of the most powerful toolsyou have for turning visitors into buyers.

In fact research by viddy yard found thatmost video marketers believe that testimonial videos give the best return on investment.

That's because testimonials are proof thatwhat you sell works, they extinguish the fear of buying and are often the final thing yourprospective buyer needs to see when committing to making a purchase.

However, not all testimonials are made equal.

An effective testimonial video should do morethan show that someone likes your product.

It should specifically show how your producthelped your customer overcome their specific problem.

And it should tell a story that your targetmarket can relate to.

I have some examples of effective testimonialvideos on my website as well as a breakdown of great questions to ask to get the bestresponses for your testimonial video.

Promo Video Idea Number 4 – The How to / demoVideo Research shows that 73% of all consumers aremore likely to make a purchase after watching videos explaining a product or service.

The proof is in seeing.

The How to demo video lets your prospectivecustomer see your product in action.

By watching your how to video customers cansee and start to imagine how your product can solve their personal problem.

It can also be used as a lead generation tool.

Usually consumers know they have a problembefore they know that you have a product to solve it.

Therefore the beginning of a search for asolution starts with researching their problem.

A good how to video will take prospects fromresearching their problem to considering your solution.

Promo Video Idea Number 5 – The Video SalesLetter Video sales letters are the most powerful promotional video on the list.

Millions of buinesses can draw a direct linebetween a Video Sales Letter and millions of dollars in revenue.

A good VSL draws on the best parts of allof the previous promotional videos.

It creates intrigue, it tells your emotionalstory building know, like and trust.

It contains powerful testimonials and deliversvalue through showing how your product can solve your customer's burning problem.

It is a powerful work of art.

Video sales letters also know as VSL’s arethe heart behind any successful digital product sold online.

A Videos sales letter is a direct responsevideo designed to persuade the viewer into purchasing your product or service.

It uses persuasive sales copy, emotive music, relatable stories and logical reasons to encourage the viewer to take action.

When used well it can turn a “meh” prospectinto a raving fan.

They are usually placed on your sales pageand are what your customers views before making a purchasing decision and can be anywherefrom 5 minutes to 1hour long.

To discover why video sales letters are soeffective and to see some great examples of videos sales letters in action head over to millsmotion.

com/promo-video-ideas I’m steve from Mils Motion and these havebeen my top promotional video ideas.

So what do you think? What promo video ideas did I miss? Let me know in the comments section below.

For more insightful content on video marketingsubscribe to millsmotion and to see full examples on each of these promotional videos head overto my website at Millsmotion.

com/promo-video-ideas I’m Steve from Mills Motion thanks so muchfor watching :).

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