July 12, 2020

Replace Your SHOULDER Day At The Gym With This HOME WORKOUT

– What's up Thenx athletes.

It's Chris Heria.

Welcome to anothervideo of Official Thenx.

Today I'm gonna beshowing you how to replace your shoulder day at thegym with this home workout.

(upbeat music) A lot of people may thinkthat you need to be in the gym or use weights to get agreat shoulder workout, but that's not the case.

I'm gonna show you howto get a super effective shoulder workout all from home.

And when training from home, a lot of people don't haveaccess to weights or equipment.

So I'm gonna show you how todo it without any of that.

This is actually how I'vebeen training for years and I'm gonna be showing yousome of my most effective home body weight exercises that will replace the common exercises that you see or normally do at the gym with equipment, barbells, or machines.

Now to get a reallyeffective shoulder workout not only to strengthen your shoulders, but to prevent injury, improve posture and correct muscle imbalance, you're gonna wanna make sure to hit every area of your shoulder.

So that's what I'm gonna beshowing you how to do today.

And when it comes to our shoulders, the muscles that make upour shoulders are gonna be our anterior, lateral, and posterior delts.

Otherwise known as our frontal, medial, and rear delts.

Now the deltoids playa very important role of moving and stabilizingyour shoulder joints, which have the most range of motion than any other joint in your body.

And your deltoids are actually being used anytime you reach up or inany direction away from you.

So your delts are actuallyan important muscles that supports in a lot of other exercises.

So the stronger your delts are gonna be, the stronger you're gonna bein all these other exercises.

Now, if you happen tobe training one portion of your delt more than the other, that's definitely gonnalead you to injury, and potentially creating animpingement in your shoulder and muscle imbalances.

For example, you can heavilytrain your frontal delt, and that will make you strongerand help you with the lift.

But if you're neglectingyour rear delt, for example, you may be able to do the lift, but because the reardelt is underdeveloped, it's not gonna be ableto handle and support the overload that you're working with.

And continuing to train like that is definitely gonna cause injury, that's why it's veryimportant that you have a well-rounded shoulder workout working all the areas of your shoulder, especially from home.

And that's also gonna greatlyincrease the overall strength in your shoulders as well as your arms.

Remember, your shoulders andany other muscle in your body are only as strong as your weakest link.

So with that said, we're gonna get rightinto the shoulder workout.

I'm gonna show you howto replace the exercises that you're doing in the gym and how to do them right from home with absolutely no equipment.

And remember, to get this routine.

And to properly follow along with me, you're gonna wanna download the Thenx app in the App Store or Google Play Store then open up to theYouTube workout section.

You should be able to find this routine.

Let's get it started.

The very first thing we wanna do before getting to the first exercise is to warm up our shoulders.

So let's quickly do that.

Bring our arms a circle.

Then we'll roll back the other way.

And we're gonna reach up.

Reach out.

Reach out for our lateral delts.

All right, roll our shoulders back.

Roll our shoulders forward.

Bring our arms up.

And bring our arms down.

All right, we're ready to get started.

Now, the first exercise that we're gonna be replacing in the gym isgonna be lateral raises.

You can see this exercise being done with dumbbells or cables.

And to replicate that at home, we're gonna be doinghigh side plank raises.

This is gonna use the same movement path and it's gonna focus on the same muscle, which is gonna be your medial delts.

Let's get right into it, we're gonna go for 10 times each.

You wanna get down on the ground.

From a high side plank, you're gonna let you'rehips dip all the way down and then you're gonna pushjust with your shoulder all the way back up.

Let's go for 10.

(upbeat music) All right, et's switch to the other side.

(upbeat music) All right, there we have it.

Now, if this one is a bit too difficult because normally when peopleare doing lateral raises they're usually using a lighter weight, you can always drop down to a side plank, come all the way down, and then push back up.

And if you want a more thorough workout, you can just do a drop set.

Come back down onto your elbow.

Once you've completed your first set, continue to do 10 more.

All right.

So there we have the first exercise to replace lateral raises in the gym.

And some might say that thisis even more challenging that the one that you're doing in the gym because you're using a bigportion of your body weight and you're engaging more muscles.

Now, the next area ofour shoulder we're gonna move into is gonna be our frontal delts.

Now, when trainingfrontal delts in the gym, the most common exercise you're gonna see is gonna be frontal raises and you can see that being done with a barbell, dumbbells, and cables.

We're gonna be replacing that exercise with elevated plank to pike press.

Let's get right into it, 10 reps.

For this exercise, you're gonnaneed to elevate your feet.

So find an elevated surface.

The higher the surface, the harder it's gonna be.

Let's go for it.

So we're gonna startwith our arms straight and we're gonna push up into a pike, and then come right back down.

With your shoulders, you wanna make sure that you're engaging and emphasizing to bring your body right back up, leading with your hips.

(upbeat music) All right, so there we have it.

Elevated plank to pike press and if this exercise is too difficult or if you wanna do a drop set, you can go ahead and do thiswithout your feet elevated.

That's gonna make it a bit easier and it's also gonna alleviatesome of your body weight from your frontal delts.

So if you we're able todo the elevated ones, you wanna drop set right into these.

And if you couldn't, youwanna start with these.

You're gonna be right on the floor.

Pike right up.

Come back down.

Now, depending on your pike, is how much weight you're actually putting onto your frontal delts.

So if you wanna come a little bit more, you're gonna be putting moreweight onto your frontal delts.

All right, so there we haveit for the frontal delts.

Now, moving onto rear delts, one of the most commonexercises you're gonna see for rear delts in the gym is gonna be skis and you can see them beingdone with a dumbbell or cable.

We're gonna be replacing that exercise with reverse plank leans.

So let's get right down onthe floor and go for 10.

We're gonna get into a reverse plank.

Lean all the way back as far as you can and you wanna bring your body back forward just by pushing from your rear delts.

Come all the way back again.

Then push back.

Make sure you keep your hips high and bring your body back.

And if you wanna switch this move up and engage more of your rear delts, you can always widen up the grip.

The longer you remain in this position, the more you're engaging your rear delts.

So try to hold it for a coupleseconds before coming back.

(upbeat music) All right.

Now, you should havedefinitely felt that one.

That's definitely a rear delt killer.

Make sure that you're usingdifferent shoulder widths to make sure that you're engaging your rear delts differently.

And what makes thisexercise most difficult is the height of your hips.

So the lower your hips are gonna be, the easier it's gonna be.

The higher your hips are, the harder it's gonna be.

And, of course, how far you lean and how long you're holdingthat reverse plank position is also gonna make it more difficult, but increase the overloadon your real delts, making it most effective.

So now we've hit all theareas of our shoulders.

Our frontal, medial, and rear delt.

Now I'm gonna show you oneof my favorite exercises that's gonna give you themost bang for your buck when it comes to working out shoulders.

It's gonna engage all theareas of your shoulders, all three heads.

And that's gonna replace ashoulder press in the gym, which you normally seebeing done with either a machine, cables, barbells, and even dumbbells.

And if you work your way up, you're likely gonna be usingway more weight for each rep than what you're doing in the gym and engaging way more muscles.

That's gonna be handstand push ups, but I don't want you to startthere if you're a beginner.

If you're a beginner, I want you to start with pike push ups.

Let me show you exactlywhat that looks like.

We're gonna get into a push up position.

From here, we're gonna walkall the way up into a pike.

We wanna be straight fromour toes to our hips, and our hips to our hands.

From here, we wanna putthe crown of our head down.

Bring it to the ground and press back up.

Let's go for 10.

(upbeat music) All right, that's thevery first progression if you're just getting started.

And this can be used as a drop set as well if you can start with themost advanced exercise, which is handstand push ups.

But before we get into that, I wanna show you the next progression that's gonna build your strength and lead you up to the handstand push ups.

That's gonna be elevated pike push ups.

So let's go for 10 elevated pike push ups.

This is gonna be just like the push ups, but because our feet are elevated, we're gonna be putting morebody weight onto our shoulders, creating more of anoverload for our shoulders and putting more weight for each rep.

Now remember, the higherthe elevated surface, the harder it's gonna be.

The lower the elevated surface, the easier it's gonna be.

So choose a height that'sgonna challenge you, but allow you to do it with perfect form and eventually you'll be able to increase that heightand increase your strength.

All right, there we haveelevated pike push ups.

And if that's already a challenge for you, I want you to start with that exercise and then immediately dropset into pike push ups.

But if you feel like youcan handle more weight, the next progression will be doing handstand push ups against the wall.

Specifically with yourback facing the wall when you're just getting started.

And once you've beendoing those for a while, then you can upgrade it and do it with yourstomach facing the wall.

That's gonna be a lot hard, but it's gonna simulate the movement path of a real handstand push up a lot better.

And once you've mastered them with your stomach facing the wall, then you've developed the strength to be able to do it freestanding.

And for a complete, step by step guide on how to master your handstandpush ups freestanding, you wanna check out the Thenx app in our technique guide section.

I've also posted a videoon my vlog channel called Five Moves to Master Handstand Pushups, check out that video.

Now with that being said, we're gonna get into the last exercise.

Handstand push ups, freestanding for 10 reps.

Let's go for it.

(upbeat music) All right and there wehave handstand push ups, your entire body weightwith every single rep.

Not only that, you haveto stabilize your body, engaging way more muscles thanthe average press at the gym.

And by now we've engagedevery muscle in our shoulders and had a well-rounded, veryeffective shoulder workout with absolutely no equipment from home.

Replacing all the exercisesthat you do at the gym.

So if you were able tocomplete this, congratulations.

You're on your way to buildingsolid muscle from home and for this to be most effective, you wanna do this routine atleast three to four rounds.

And if you can, try to dropset every single exercise with an easier progression.

And remember, to get thisworkout on your phone and all our workout routinesthat are gonna give you the body and strengthyou've always wanted, Make sure to sign up atthenx.

com and become a member.

Once a member, you're gonnaget full access to all our workout programs, techniqueguides, and daily workouts that are gonna have you inthe best shape of your life.

And don't forget to download the Thenx app to take our workouts with you everywhere and join the millionsof other Thenx athletes around the world changingtheir lives today.

So with that said, thank you guys so much.

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