July 5, 2020

SHREDDED ABS Workout | 500 Reps Ab Challenge

[Music] hey guys today we're aiming for 500 wraps of ab exercises in this quick 10 minutes ab workout to help you to get closer to modify now don't expect to get all 500 wraps down the first time you try it especially if you're new you get stronger all

the time just go a own pace now you can find a full four week schedule on my website and do share your journey across YouTube Instagram and tik-tok we've got an amazing supportive community who's here to support you alright smash that thumbs up button so it reaches more

people and please leave a comment with how you went the first time you try this and also your progress over time and let's jump into it we've got 17 exercises today 30 seconds on and 5 to 10 seconds off lay flat on a mat and we're starting with

bent knee jackknife lift yourself up words while engaging your core and heavy chest and knee meat lay back down slowly and for low impact just leave your knees up like so and crunch forward [Music] next we're flutter kicks late drop make sure your back is flat on the

mat entire time start by having your legs out right and flutter it down you can also loop your chest up a little using your core muscles as you lower your legs down this will help to leave the pressure off your lower back [Music] great well guys now flip

around into a high plank position and we're kicking to the left and right if you are not feeling it in your core here then you're probably not engaging them you should be working your whole body with this one [Music] next I've got plan rotation we're working on a

tape between your arms like so if you're having trouble with this just do it on your knees and go nice and slow until you get stronger [Music] nicely done guys now sit on your butt and lean backwards slightly and we're doing some bicycles squeeze those abs and stay

focused guys you've got this we're gonna feel great after [Music] alright now lay flat on the mat with your legs up and we're doing some toe touches towards the opposite sides I know this is a tough one so take a break if you need to is totally okay

it's not meant to be easy and that's why it is a challenge [Music] [Music] now lay flat on a mat and bring yourself upwards and do a chop to the side if you come this far you're doing amazing just keep pushing yourself and improve slowly [Music] now sit

on your butt again and lean back slightly with the feet above the ground and we're doing some boat twist this really works your obliques and core and you might also feel it in your legs but don't be concerned your legs aren't and bulk up or anything just take

a little break even [Music] [Music] alright now flip around into a high plank position and while doing some jacks we're almost halfway through the workout you've done almost 250 reps so well done [Music] all right a little bit of recovery with this next one get into a low

plank position you're pointing about outwards and then back down into a low plank yes you meant to be working and feeling it in your core but just slow and control here guys [Music] [Music] all right flip around and lay flat on a mat and we're gonna crush those

legs upwards make sure you use your core to lift your hips up here just six more exercises to go guys you can do this [Music] now we're gonna reach forward and through your legs you should be using your core to pull yourself up make sure you don't use

the neck muscles here [Music] [Music] all right now loop your legs outwards like so and we're doing five pulses if you're feeling too exhausted you can bend your knees and just do causes just don't give up were so close to finishing this [Music] stay where you are next

we've got bicycle crunches just focus on engaging that core guys work that core come on guys you can do this [Music] alright now get in a side plank position and we'll doing some crunches do it slow and control is strictly fine just focus on engaging report we are

almost done [Music] flip around and while doing the other side just one more exercise after this you can do this [Music] [Applause] [Music] and the last exercises mountain climbers go as hard and as fast as you can while engaging port the finishing line is right there let's wrap

this out [Music] [Music] [Music] and that's the workout guys hope your abs feel completely smashed don't hate me too much because I love you all smash that like button and I'll see you in the next workout bye

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