July 5, 2020

Small Business Owner On Deciding To Close Permanently: 'It Makes Us Angry’ | NBC News NOW

as of the beginning of 2020 I had three fully functioning restaurants and the Pagan club was annex 15th year and you know we were still operating and no reason to you know to be closing those doors other than what's happened in the past few months small businesses have been clobbered by the corona virus pandemic due to stayed home orders a small online presence or high overhead costs many businesses have had to close their doors for good we just looked at the numbers for that and it became clear very quickly that that was not a business that was going to be able to recover and so we just saved ourselves a lot of time in agony and gave it a very sad and unceremonious you know goodbye and it makes us angry you know for for not just a business that we had to close but for the the interruption of the success that we were experiencing from decades of hard work and we were very good at what we do and it's it's devastating and it's sad and it it makes me angry to lose all of this overnight many others could face the same fate according to a survey by Main Street America 7.

5 million small businesses are a risk of closing in the next five months the for business owners we spoke to employed 30 people now they're out of work seventy-five percent of our revenue people coming in to the tasting room and drinking beer there it was pretty obvious to us get to the challenges that we already faced that there was no way our business was gonna survive this so relatively easy decision for us to make you know even though everyone is either laid off or furloughed at this point and keeping an eye open to see how I can help surviving regardless of whether everyone in the business I want to make sure that everyone's okay so I own an elopement and small wedding company and Savannah Georgia we had a space called the Savannah cozy Chapel where we did very small but he's license signings groups of 20 or less who wanted to celebrate in private in a specific kind of place it wasn't necessarily just a financial decision it was about being able to protect my entire business but the saddest part about what will be lost is the space that we created if you process this emotionally 33 years of business and now your store has disappeared your business is gone in the blink of an eye you know if you ever had gone through you know losing a parents or anybody close to you where you know you have to then go and empty out the apartment that was exactly how I felt small business layoffs are now showing signs of leveling off those layoffs spiked over 1, 000% back in March and furloughs jumped 138 percent from March to April that's according to data from human resource provider gusto but gusto says in the last two weeks of April some small businesses started bringing their workers back here's what some of those business owners are going through in their own words between all three businesses were down almost 90 percent in sales in revenue making it very difficult to proceed we can't close the doors as a family-owned business my brother and my dad my little sister all work here and we're trying to keep it going we've been in the parking lot since 1992 so we've been around for 28 years we don't want to lose it like many of you we had to make the difficult decision to close our doors about two months ago we actually made the decision before the orders were put in place by our governor in the state of Pennsylvania and we made that decision just because there were so many things out of our control and we've tried to hire back as many of our employees as possible some don't want to come back too soon they're safe enough we had contact free pickup to be able to get food to go to try to build our sales even with all these efforts we are still operating at 90% I do have some concerns I mean something is and I don't think this is minor but something as simple as is disinfecting our office the way our office is set up we're going to have to pivot and transition and change the way that we offer services to our clients mental health is a very intimate experience and having a brand clients in and and really provide services with masks on and not be able to see as many people in one day because we have to make sure the offices or sterilize so we're gonna have to change the whole structure of our business Cohen didn't end they didn't go away and people aren't coming back out for us to be back to 100 percent revenue down be 100 percent revenue going for that does not make up for the one hundred eighty-six percent of revenue that we've lost and since March 8 so we need a broader vision a bigger vision how to actually bring this back together and truly save the small business without it the small businesses are going to disappear hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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