July 12, 2020

Sofia and Chelsea "There's only 2 famous Colombians" (subs)

my next girl is one of the stars of ABC's new hit show Modern Family take a look I called that place in Napa and got us upgraded to a villa with a hot tub so pack whatever you wear in a home you should wear nothing when I'm in

a hot tub Manny's father is taking him for a couple of days to Disneyland so we're gonna go to the wine country drink some wine eat some good food you know we would do something like this a lot more often if it wasn't for you know Manny is

good he keep us ground yeah like fog at an airport please welcome to Sofia Vergara thank you for having me oh thanks for coming back I always love you you're very funny yeah I always love you too I love your books after I came here and I you

know enjoyed your company then I read your books I would have gotten you the Spanish version of the book say I don't need this finished versions don't be so racist [Laughter] [Applause] I'm not I just know that you have a very thick accent and I would I know

you're Colombian so it would be easier for you to read it in Spanish if that's your homeland why does it have to be racist Sophia because people don't really notice the accent so you don't have to just putting the spotlight on me like that because I can't exceed

you not with those boobies and that body and that hair today I have to step it up a notch because you were coming and I knew it hot little piece of Colombia wherever you're from I'm just gonna come in with this dress into little high heels and so

I had to step it up a notch it's okay it's okay you look fantastic thank you thank you I approve now this shot modern family it's very very funny it's really and you play al Bundy's wife imagine I can't believe it because I when I was young in

Colombia I used to see a body in very good children right so I can't believe Nam playing his wife it's like something wrong there but you have to like make out with him or anything no J yeah well good luck with that damn he's a little bit older

and your son though in real life like that your son on the job is Manolo and in real life that's his name yes I think they tried to make it a lot like you know a lot of similarities with my real life like I'm a Latin woman with

an accent from Colombia with a kid and that she's beautiful and funny intelligent yeah there's a lot there's only two really famous Colombians it's basically you and Shakira you know yeah they're well the ones that dealt coke are also famous but this Pablo Escobar is a huge hero

of mine yeah but shakier do you know Shakira of course I know Chakiris is from Barranquilla my hometown okay because she's a werewolf now she can do whatever she wants she had the right to be whatever she want she's I think she calls it what does the song

she-wolf for she will see yeah okay not Lola good do you put this your you now when you do this role are you putting on a thicker accent on purpose because when I ever I talk to you a person you do have a very thick I Janice of

my ox head like you mean the girl that bus works in my series what's her name Julie Ruolin no that's not her name Julie Bowen is her name [Applause] and I work with her 24 hours a day hum I'm not gonna know her name exactly exactly we would

be fools to think that know what's going on with your personal life right now because you're not are you single I know your boy your son is going off to college yeah he's going to college next year this is my last year with him um so like you

know like trying to be with him but he he doesn't you know me a little bit now he doesn't want to be with you what about his friends same thing they don't want to see me anymore like they don't care they're used to me you know that phrase

you show me a hot girl and I'll show you a guy who's sick of her maybe that's your problem because [Laughter] [Applause] it is my problem okay Sophie I'm sorry that our time is over because you are absolutely the most delightful person I thank you so much watch

the show it's on one day when when they I as she was drinking me now [Laughter] he's a wind at 9 o'clock on ABC you

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