July 12, 2020

The BEST LUSH products for Fitness Enthusiasts!

what are the best lush products for anyfitness enthusiast find out now hi friends welcome back to the channel myname's Sophie and this is Just Doing This Now so in this video I am mixing myday job with my passion so I'm gonna show you all my favourite LUSH productsthat I use as a keen fitness enthusiast let me just put it out there this videoisn't sponsored I am employed by LUSH they didn't ask me to make this video Iam very passionate about these products I use them every day and when I am inthe gym environment lots of my friends comment on how great I smell and noshe's always a point of conversation with my friends so I just wanted to showeveryone kind of what I use and in case you guys want to go and smell like metoo you can go along to your local LUSH or click on the link to the website andbuy your favourite products I love to use this one because it's full ofseaweed and sea salt it really softens the skin and you feel so fresh after ahot and sweaty workout it's fantastic that's my favorite go-to after a workoutwhat I love about these two products is that there are two and one and they areScrubee and Buffy and they can be used in the bath or shower but I tend to usemine in the shower both are very moisturizing scrubs and scrubby you justapply straight to wet skin and then wash off but the ground coconut shell willexfoliate the skin really well and the cocoa butters will moisturize as well soit's a two in one so you don't need to moisturize after so this is Buffyoriginally known as Buffy The Backside Slayer Buffy is great because again itwill exfoliate your skin with ground almonds and hydrate and moisturize theskin with bloody body butters but the great thing for that and the reason Isuggest this is for anyone who's wearing shorts it really brighten the skinI'll give your bottom on your thighs and also let's not forget the arms butparticularly when you are showing more skin in the summer months while you'reworking out your skin's going to feel bright and moisturized the great thingabout these products is that they're naked and you're less likely to getspillages in your gym bag however you like to wash your hair the next productI want to share with you is a shampoo bar now these are wonderful things thisone is Jason and the Argan Oil if you've never tried a LUSH shampoo bar I suggest you go out and get one now they last for ages they have to be treated right treatit like so don't let it stay in water let it drip dry but this will last youmonths and months even with long hair like mine and Jason is my go-to itsmells of signature rose argan which is beautiful rose and it's just super supernourishing with argan oil in as the name suggests and it's just beautiful and thebonus with these not only will it not leak in your gym bag and cause all sortsof mess in your bag and you ruin your stuff and it will smell nice but butless agro so if you forget your shower gel or if you want to go light you cantake a shampoo bar and you can wash your body with that as well so it's a two inone we also do conditioner bars as well and the tip gotta have a tear during mybath or shower whatever one I'm having I will use Cup o' Coffee face and bodymask as the name suggests it's got fresh ground coffee beans in there and it'slovely I tend to use this more in the mornings and I would admit I tend to usemy more as a general facial scrubs the idea is you leave on your face for10 to 15 minutes and not only will you feel more invigorated like you've had ashot of caffeine and but it will exfoliate the skin and make it nice andbright so this like any key in CrossFitteror functional fitness we all love thatcaffeine right and this is this is no exception this is caffeine for your faceladies or gents if you are getting your your skin out for your beauty shorts Ihear this is very good at helping circulation in certain areas that someof us want covered up I'm out the bath or shower but I haven't used to grabyour buffing so instead I decide to use Dream Cream Dream Cream again is awesomeparticularly if you've been working out outside and you've got a bit of sunburnthis is just super hydrating it was made with people who suffer from eczema andpsoriasis in mind it contains lots of beautiful nourishing ingredients such asoat milk olive oil rosewater you've got glycerin in there chamomileblue it's just magnificent if you haven't heard of dream cream where haveyou been it really is wonderful I don't suffer from eczema or psoriasisor dry skin for that matter but I use drink cream and my skin is very thankfulfor it I like to use dusting powders and silky underwear is no exception it'sit's great just absorbing I guess particularly in the summer months ifyou're still quite warm you may be sweating more but this kind of kind ofdries everything up without drying your skin it still feels extremely hydratedbecause it's got cocoa butter in there but this is great just to keepeverything literally silky smooth laundry clothes these are best enjoyedwith someone giving you the massage but we do solid massage bars and again theseare made with cocoa butters so they mount with the heat of the skin and thisis wiki magic muscles and it does what it says on the tin it has Aduki beansin there which are great at creating that resistance when you're beingmassaged when you're applying it directly onto the skin so you can usethe bar and it will mount with the heat of the skin so you can use it directlyon there or you can get the girls off into your hands and then apply it thatway so as I said it's better when someone elsehas given you the massage but if you've got maybe achey legs you can saw yousort them out yourself if you just finish off with the Silky Underwear ifyou are putting clothes on that will be helpful otherwise you will have quiteoily skin but I tend to use my massage bars after a bath at night and then Iwake up with beautiful soft skin in the morning and it smells amazingoh it's also got cinnamon in there which is really nice at warming up the musclesit really is magic some of you may have tattoos we also have elbow grease whichis a moisturizing bar for tattoos and basically it brightens tattoos up soagain if you've got your skin out you do in functional fitness and you want toshow off your tats but you want them to look super smart Elbow Grease is you oneagain it's solid and it's just in paper packaging but we'll mount down with theheat of the skin and even looking awesome and I'm not telling you where mytattoo is so it might be one of those days where you don't have time to washyour hair but know she's got you covered and we have no drought dry shampoo it'sgreat because it's not in an aerosol it's in the plastic that can be recycledand you literally just apply it straight to your hands and straight in the hairand that's just great when you don't have the time or the inclination to washyour hair but you still want to be fresh also contains grapefruit throat so itreally is great it kind of absorbing those oils and leaves your hair feelinglovely fresh and ready to go so the one comment I get regularly is and usuallyourselves I've just been at work but some days I haven't and it's usuallybecause I've been wearing either Rose Jam body spray or Dirty body spray nowwe do quite a lot of body sprays in store now at the moment but these are mystaples dirty is a nice spearmint one it's super fresh and I quite likewearing this before I go to the gym then Rose Jam is the scent I mentionedbefore the same scent as Jason and the argan oil it's Turkish rose withSicilian lemon so it's a nice citrus rose it's it's not the rosy granny usedto wear put it that way and it's delightful so one thing aboutthese is perhaps you don't have time to have a bath or a shower and you've justin a while and you want to be really super fresh get your hands on one ofthese bad boys it hides a million sins I promise and it lasts ages and thebottles recyclable too so like most people who do CrossFit or functionalfitness or whatever we're calling it these days if you're handling a heavybar or if you're hanging off a bar you're gonna get calluses I'm sure thereare better products that are aimed for softening calluses all that kind ofstuff but the point of this video is to share with you which products are usedthat help benefit me as a everyday crossfitterand the other products I like to use is Lemony Flutterit's a cuticle butter which means it's more for the hard skin around the nailbut I find this really really helpful for my calluses the shea butter reallygets in there and just really kind of softens down my calluses becausesometimes I kind of still want a bit of hearts in there just to just to stop thepain really kind of virgin skin so yeah Lemony Flutter is you one so with thispart and any of the larger pots that I've mentioned so far let's do a reallygood scheme where if you say five black parts and bring the back nice and cleanto your local lush store you get a free fresh fresh face maskdon't throw your black pops away they will not be recycled in your localcouncil recycling they do they they will just go into landfill please save themand take them back to you local lush will be very happy to receive them yousuper fresh you smell amazing you can also look amazing these are the finaltwo products that I love to you every day from lush it's Feeling Youngerthe secret's out now this is a gorgeous illuminating cream beautiful containsjojoba it's not only gonna create a beautiful kind of iridescent kind ofsheen to anywhere you put it but it's also gonna benefit your skin and alsocontains cocoa butter so it's extra hydrating and Charisma is the same kindof concept it's more of a highlighter gives gives you a little bit of a glowand it's just kind of great for the cheekbones so if I'm getting up nice andearly for a 7:00 a.


what not that that ever happens frequently I would probablywhack some of this on just to make me look more alive that my eyebrows prettyimportant so those are my favorite products that I use a part of my activelifestyle if there's anything in there that you think I've missed pop it in thecomments below I'd love to hear it and until then stay safe thanks for watchingand I'll see you in the next video what get your mitts on this yeah you'rewelcome.

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