July 4, 2020

The Return of Shelby the Swamp Man: Full Episode – Back in Business (S1, E1) | History

[country music] ♪ ♪ male narrator:Down in Louisiana, the bayous are loadedwith critters.

– [yells] narrator:Some small, some big.

And then there's the biggestof them all: the Swamp Man.



– Here we go! narrator: Shelby Stanga.

♪ ♪ He's been living off the land since he was knee-highto a warthog's tail.

[gunshot]- Oh, we got– oh, we got him this time, Junior.

Look like we're eating fishtoday.

♪ ♪ narrator: He became a legendwrestling valuable timber from the muddy waters.

– That's a good one, man.

narrator: He's a bona fidebayou superhero.

– [screams] narrator: Swamp Superman.



– Ah, here we go! narrator: And Swamp Batmanall rolled into one.

[gunshot] His style ain't like no other.

[laughter] And that's just the wayhe likes it.

– Everybody that knows medown here thinks I'm a crazy lunatic.

[spits] Here you go.

It won't bite you no more.

And they're right, Paw Paw, I am kind of crazy.

[laughs] narrator:The Swamp Man had it all.

– I'm gonna buythis son of a bitch, man.

I was king of the swampand had a big empire and made plenty of money, Junior.

narrator:But a few years back.



– Hold on! narrator: The biscuit wheels came off Shelby's gravy train.

– Whoa! – Look out, man! Whoa, whoa, whoa! narrator:His orders dried up.

– I don't thinkyou're gonna get it, man.

narrator:His beloved pirate ship sank.

His empire crumbled.

And he retreated deepinto the swamp.

♪ ♪ Now Shelby's backand ready for action.

– I'm back now, Junior.

It could be a seriousmalfunction.

[laughs] narrator: With a new protégéby his side.

– [bleep] damn, you doing good, Junior.

narrator: This is the storyof a swamp king who's looking to reclaimhis crown.



– Hold on.

– [bleep].

– Whoa! narrator:One good deed at a time.

– Oh, yeah, Junior!- Whoo! [glass shatters] ♪ ♪ narrator: The Swamp Man'sreturned to his landing, and life's getting backto normal.

– Here we go, Paw Paw! narrator:Of course, in Shelby's world, “normal” means somethinga little different.

♪ ♪ The first stepto a fresh start is washing off two yearsof swamp stink.

– [groans] narrator: And don't forgetto clean the pea shooter.

– [cheers] ♪ ♪ [gunfire] Oh-ho, here we go! Cleaned my air gun.

Ready to go.

[dog whines]Get it, Bedico.

narrator: Along withhis old puppy dog Bedico.



– There you go.

Oh, boy! narrator: Shelby's got a newpal who followed him home from deep in the swamp.

– Fido, where you at, man? Better get your ass over here, get something to eat.

narrator:Now, living off the grid was suiting the Swamp Manjust fine.

– Come on.

narrator:So what brought Shelby back? – Hello, right there.

Little boy, let me pet him.

♪ ♪ narrator: This summer, the bayou was pummeledby storm.



after massive storm.

♪ ♪ Record flooding destroyedhomes and businesses, turning life upside downin the swamp.

♪ ♪ [thunder cracks] With his neighborsin a pickle.



– Get out the way! narrator: Ain't no waythe Swamp Man's staying on the sidelines.

♪ ♪ – Swamp's a mess, man.

I got to get back out thereand see what I can help my friends.

Here we come, Mr.

Wayne! narrator: And first stop ischecking on his friend Wayne, treasure hunter and guardianof the local swamp museum.

– I heard my old friendtook it real bad on account of these storms.

Museum closed up shop.

I'm gonna go check on himto see what I can do.

♪ ♪ How you doing, Mr.

Wayne?- Shelby Stanga.

I'm so glad you come by.

– Hey, a long time.

– I ain't saw youin a long time.

– Hot dang, it is a long time, huh? – You know, the museum got flooded.

– Right.

– And I had cypress board.

Lost all of that.

– Lord have mercy, man.

narrator: Treasure hunting'sas much a part of life down hereas turtle soup and moonshine.

And Wayne's treasure museumhas always been the pride of the county.

But since the storms, it's been closed for months.

– When the floodhit my museum, I had several feet of waterin there that was in therefor several days, so I had a lotof structural damage.

Lost a lot of old maps, paper, stuff that I had collectedfor years and years, and to come in there and see itfloating around is just– it was heartbreaking.

And there ain't but one personthat could help me get some cypressout of the swamp.

– An idiot, huh?Me, huh? – Shelby Stanga.

narrator:Wayne's done all he can to get the place back upon its feet, but he needs Shelby's help to get enough woodto finish the repairs.

– I want to open the museumback where the school kids and everybody can come inand see us, you know? – Right, damn right, that sounds good.

I see you got some artifactsin here, huh? – Yeah.

– That is the addiction-est thing I've ever did, was look for this stuff.

Oh, my God.

What is that? – That's Indian.

These are bone fishhooks.

About 2, 000 years old.

– Oh, man.

There's so much historyin this museum.

It's important to the peoplearound here.

– I found it at the mouthof a river.

– That's a ball in the tree?- Yep.

All of the pieces there, you see, that's one of the battlesthat they had in the Ponchatoula.

– I'm gonna get that woodfor Mr.

Wayne so he can open it back up.

– I got so much workto do in here yet before we can open up.

– Ain't no problem with that.

I'll help you as much as I can.

– I appreciate that.

♪ ♪ – Here we go! [dog whines] narrator: Shelby'son the case for Mr.


– I'll be so damn gladto get back in the water, man.

narrator: And when it comesto getting the job done, he's got no shortage of wildcontraptions up his sleeve.

♪ ♪ The latest Swamp Mancreation's part barge, part track hoe, with its own customizedpaddle wheel.

– Oh, man, that's a goodmachine, isn't it, Junior? We'll get it, go, gone! narrator:It's the biggest, meanest, loudest beastthe swamp's ever known.

[horn blows] And Shelby calls itthe “Leviathan.

” ♪ ♪ The 20-ton behemoth can hauljust about anything.

And for this mission, Shelby's headed downriver to pick up the crown jewelof his fleet: his prized jet boat.

– The jet boat is the heartof my operation.

[engine revving] Here we go! ♪ ♪ [laughs] It pulls them logsoff the bank.

Here we go!Whoa! And so much spinning around, do all kind of tricks.

♪ ♪ Jump through the woods.

♪ ♪ It's just good all around.

♪ ♪ narrator:The 500-horsepower jet boat's Shelby's pride and joy.

♪ ♪ – There's my baby loveright there.

That's my baby.

My jet boat.

♪ ♪ narrator: His rocket shipin the swamp.

[dog snarls] The Silverto his Lone Ranger.

– Oh, man.

♪ ♪ God, have mercy.

narrator: But right now, Silver looks like he's headedfor the glue factory.

– Man, oh, man, not looking good, Junior.

♪ ♪ Oh, my God.

It's all over but the crying.

Oh, gonna need some help.

Oh, man.

A long time to getthis animal running.

It's all beat up, and it's got cobwebs on it.

I don't know if my baby'sgonna make it.

Don't even knowif it's gonna run.

Look what I see up in here.

I can't believe it.

♪ ♪ Can you believe that [bleep]? ♪ ♪ Push the safety in.

♪ ♪ [gunshot] Oh, here we go! [gunfire, bird squawking] Got my gun back.

♪ ♪ Gun works.

That's a good one, Junior.

Hoping the boat will too.

♪ ♪ Here we go.

We got it now, Junior.

Now we can go home, now.

Oh, my God! narrator: Shelby's babyis headed home.

[dog barking] narrator: Downin the Louisiana bayou.



– We get the jet boat running, and then we go back to logging.

We snatching themout the water.

[country music] narrator: After two yearsout of the game, Shelby the Swamp Man's back on a mission to scoresome high-dollar cypress and to helphis old pal's museum.

– I'm gonna get everythingback up to running, but we got a long way to go.

Museum closed up shop, man.

I just got to getback out there and find the wood for him.

narrator: But if he's gonnaget this job done, his jet boat's in needof a serious tune-up.

– Don't even knowif it's gonna run.

– Now puppy dog Bedicoand pet gator Fido can't help Shelbyturn a wrench.

– Come on, Angie! narrator: But one personwho surely can is his protégé Angela.

– Bring it here.

Bring the hose here.

♪ ♪ – The O-rings are too big.

I've been the only onechecking on Shelby for the last couple years.

– Pick it up on the chain ball.

Pick the chain ball up.

Pick it up.

– Being an assistant for Shelbyis not easy to do.

[screams] – [laughs]Here we go! She got her ass wet now.

– You've got so muchthat you've got to watch for, like, safety precautions.

– Hold on.

Oh-ho! ♪ ♪ – There's a wrong wayto do things, and there's a Shelby wayto do things.

– [shouting] ♪ ♪ – One day I want to belike him.

♪ ♪ – [laughs] ♪ ♪ Wasn't hard, was it? – No, that was actuallypretty easy.

I want to work with Shelbybecause I want to do the things he does and I want to be ableto do them all on my own.

[crashing] – [shouting] – Hopefully, one dayI'll get there.

– Come on, Angie!Untie it.

It's the first timein two years, man, since I've run this thing.

Hopefully runs good.

This has all been sitting upfor a good while, man.

[engine grinding] Nope, wrong here.

[engine grinding] narrator:All the tinkering's done.

Now Shelby'sgot his fingers crossed “Old Faithful”springs back to life.

– Come on, baby girl.

[engine grinding] The hell? [engine grinding] [mutters] [engine grinding] Come on, Junior.

[engine grinding] Piece of [bleep].

Come on, Junior.

[engine grinding] [engine turns over] [laughs] We got it going for now, Junior.

Good Lord! Getting readyto go down that river.

Find us a log! Gonna need to find ussome of this, Lord.

narrator:With the jet boat purring.



– Ready to go? We'll take a ridein the damn boat to get you used to it.

narrator: Shelby will upholdthe time-honored tradition for new assistants.

– I'm gonna give Angiethe stress test.

I'm gonna put her–I'm gonna run through some trees with her.

Hold on.

– No, no, no, no, no, no! narrator: For anyonewho thinks they can handle life in the fast lanewith Shelby.



– Hold on! Hold on.

Watch your head.

– You're crazy.

Slow down.

– [screams] narrator:There's no truer gut check.



– [screams] – [laughs] narrator:Than the stress test.

– Angie, ready to go?- I'm not coming.

– What you mean, you ain't coming? You got to get used to ridingin this boat with me, man.

– Ahh.

– What do you mean, ahh? – You scare the [bleep] out ofme–I'm not getting in there.

– I'm not gonna kill you, baby.

I love–I love me.

– You love you, but what about me? – Yeah, well, I don't have eyes on you.

– I'm not getting in.

– You've got to go if you'regonna work for me, baby.

You can't sit here all yourlife and work on that barge.

♪ ♪ All right, get–get in.

– Hold on.

Okay, but you betterbe careful.

– I'm gonna be careful.

I hope she got a good heart.

You know? Oh, man, you know what I mean? [engine revving] Angie, you better hold on.

Here we go! – [cheering] narrator: Shelby's stresstests are full throttle, pedal to the metal.

And his protégé'sgetting a ride.



– Whoo! narrator:She won't soon forget.

♪ ♪ – [bleep] damn! ♪ ♪ Yeah![laughs] ♪ ♪ [bleep]! ♪ ♪ Whoo! Yeah, that was cool! – [laughs] ♪ ♪ – [laughs] Whoo! You crazyson of a bitch! [laughs] [bleep] damn! [both laughing] – You mother[bleep], you.

That's the fun stuff, man.

Did it get you?- No, thank God.

– That was–I was about to say, you got to watch what the hell is going on.

Yeah, my jet boat'srunning great, man.

My assistant ain't scaredof nothing but me.

Big idiot.

But you got to pay attentionwhere–what I'm looking at.

Just don't go, “Whee-hee, here we go!” 'Cause you're gonna get[bleep] up.

– Yeah.

– You know what I'm saying? – Yeah.

– Hey, Shelby!Hey, Shelby! – What the hell's going on? ♪ ♪ – Hey, Shelby.

– Hello.

Yes, sir? – Probably need a chainor a rope or something.

– Probably.

And a saw, maybe.

– Oh, I'm gonna goback up there, man.

– Okay.

– Not a thing.

– Looks like you gota big one to me! [both laughing] – Thank you, man.

– All right, thank you, man.

[engine revving] ♪ ♪ narrator: Round these parts, a neighbor always helpsa neighbor out.

♪ ♪ And the Swamp Man's happyto oblige.

♪ ♪ – Hey, there it is.

– There it is.

– Wow.

– Blocking it, ain't it? – Yeah, it is.

– Son of a bitch.

Well, it's all the way across, ain't it? ♪ ♪ narrator: Seems a greedylocal fisherman's fenced off his honey hole, trying to keep the best spotto himself.

– That ain't right, man.

People hungryafter these storms.

Can't keep it allto yourself.

– What do you want me to do? – I don't, but we got to get itout of here somehow.

narrator: In the swamp, blocking a fishing hole is about as crookedas a dog's hind legs.

– That's blocking a damnfishing hole, man, where people fish in.

Don't look like there'sanything to tie it to on her, does it?- Don't look like it.

narrator: And Shelby sure ashell ain't gonna stand for it.

– So what's a good way to getthis out of the way? – Hold on a minute.

Let me get it.

♪ ♪ I don't know, I hope we canpull that thing on up, man.

Might be the best thingto do.



is to run through it.

♪ ♪ I'm about to do somecommunity service.

Look out, Junior.

Here we go.

narrator: Deep in the swamp.



♪ ♪ A blocked fishing hole'scausing problems for the locals.

– What do you want me to do? – I don't know.

But we got to get it outof here somehow.

narrator: So Shelby's lookingto serve his fellow man.



– [laughs] narrator:In his own special way.

– Here we go, Paw Paw! Hold on, now.

We gonna go through it.

[engine revving] [country music] ♪ ♪ Get out the way! ♪ ♪ Holy Joseph!- Whoo! – Damn!- Damn, oh, my God.


– Oh, man! narrator: Problem solved.

– Oh, look at this [bleep], man.

narrator:And it's been a memorable first day on the waterfor his new hand.

– Every day with Shelby is likefly by the seat of your pants.

You never knowwhat's gonna happen.

– Well, it would impale– – Yeah, that would havefreaking killed me.

– Mary and Joseph!Well, you're lucky.

– [bleep] damn! Now look up in there.

– Huh?- They can get in there now.

Maybe we should.



– The older I get, the betterI get at wrecking [bleep].

[laughs] Well, at least we got itcleared, anyway.

You ready to go? – Yeah, I'm ready.

– Yeah.

That's some fun [bleep].

We got to go back to work now, Junior.

– Okay.

– Oh, here we go! – Whoo! [engine revving] narrator: With the fishinghole back open and justice served, Shelby can get to the business of hunting cypress for Wayne.

– Back in business now again.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, here we go, Paw Paw.

♪ ♪ – I don't think I've everbeen up this way.

– I ain't been up herein a long time.

narrator: Shelby's after oneof the most valuable woods in the swamp, and it's calledsinker cypress.

– Crooked Bend's got a bunchof cypress in it 'cause it's a few miles downfrom a old mill.

– So what kind of woodare we getting? – Uh, cypress.

– Who's it for? – It's for Mr.


– Oh, at the museum? – Mr.

Wayne, yeah, at the museum.

– Oh, cool.

What makes it so expensive? – Been underneath the waterall them years, man.

It makes–gets all the mineralsand stuff out of the mud and it makes it change colorand it don't rot no more.

– How long is it gonna take meto learn all this? – I'm still learning, and I'm 62.

– Oh, my God.

– Oh, boy, you don't knowwhere you at now.

We got to find one.

[engine revving] narrator: Now, folksin the bayou will tell you, it don't take a genius to spot a goatin a herd of sheep.

But spotting sinker cypressin the swamp? Well, that's a wholeother matter.

– Gonna get you now! narrator: And ain't no onepulled more cypress out of these watersthan Shelby.

– I tell you, that's sinkercypress, ain't it, Belinda? Yeah, Toni Roni.

That's a good one, man.

That's pretty wood, ain't it?- Oh, yeah.

– Huh?- Mm-hmm.

– 75, 80 years to the inch.

Old thing.

– What about down there? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Look at that.

What is that? Yeah, man, looks like a good one.

Yeah, they got some goodcypress down here, man.

It loosened upfrom the storm.

There's a lot of them.

Take a look.

See them right thereon the bank? – Yeah, that's a nice one.

– That's a big log there, man.

narrator: Gators ain'tthe only things in the water in Crooked Bend.

– Oh, man.

That's a big one, huh? That's a cypress log.

What? – And Shelby might havedone hit the jackpot.

– How–how rare is itto see something like that? – I ain't never seenone like that.

– Really?- Never.

– Sweet! – I can't believe it.

That log is down there.

– That's, like, perfectly straight.

♪ ♪ That's crazy.

– I can't believe that.

♪ ♪ That was a good log, that Paw Paw.

– Yeah.

– Man! – Whoo-hoo! narrator: The prized log'sin his sights.

– We got to go, though.

Getting dark on us.

narrator: But with the sungetting low, wrestling it looseand dragging it home will have to waittill morning.

♪ ♪ – Been a long timesince I've been logging.

Tomorrow's gonna bethe first time for Angela.

I got to make surewe're both up for this, 'cause there gonna be a seriousmalfunction if we ain't.

Get out the way! Here we go! – Whoo! Whoo-hoo!- Oh, man! – [laughs] – Go do your homework, young un.

– Okay, I got you.

[country music] narrator: Deep in the heartof the Louisiana bayou.



♪ ♪ [bird squawks] Round these parts, Shelby the Swamp Man's always been known to lenda helping hand.

Gonna go tearsome [bleep] up.

narrator: And today, forthe first time in two years, he's about to hop backon the horse and do what he does best.

– Yeah, I'm gettingeverything ready.

Today's the big day.

We need a chain.

♪ ♪ narrator: After a stormnearly destroyed his friend's museum, Shelby's pulling outall the stops to get the wood to get it fixed back up again.

– I'll help the museumto get back open.

I know I can, man.

It ain't just my gearthat needs to be in shape.

My assistant needs to bein shape too.

♪ ♪ narrator: While Shelbyfine-tunes his gear, he's sending Angela off ona crash course in chainsawing.

[motor starts] ♪ ♪ In the swamp, if you're gonnalearn to use the saw, there's only one personto go to.

♪ ♪ Master carver and Shelby'sgood buddy Tracy Brigalia.

– All right, now, you ready to learn? – Hell yeah.

– All right.

I'm ready to teach you.

– I didn't get these handsby clipping coupons.

♪ ♪ I've been an arboristsince 2010.

So when Shelby said he hadan assistant to teach, I said, “I got this, big daddy.

” ♪ ♪ I just want to show youa couple things.

The pressure points, okay?- Okay.

What's a pressure point? – All right, there's gonna bepressure here, and there's gonna be pressuredown there.

You're gonna be cutting it.

– Okay.

– And it's–this is gonna haveso much pressure like this, it's gonna pinch your saw.

You won't be able to getyour saw out.

– Okay.

– You'll have to get another saw to cut that saw out.

Shelby's gonna bescreaming at you.

So this is how I alwaysremember it.

If it looks like a rainbow, you go under it, because it's gonnago like this.

– Got you.

I think I'm more afraidof disappointing Shelby with not using the chainsawvery well.

So I got to learn, and I got to learn fast.

– Don't be nervous.

You know, this is what yougot to do.

Shelby can't do everythingby himself.

– Okay.

– You got it.

I know you got it.

– [sighs] – Nothing to it, mama.

– [laughs] – Fire her up.

– Okay, exactly right.

[motor revving] Rev it! [motor revving] Rev it! Rev it!Rev it, [bleep]! [motor revving] All right, how does it feel?- Awesome! – Okay, that was step one.

Now step two.

I want to see youcut something.

Fire her up.

[motor revving] Beautiful! ♪ ♪ Whoo! Running the saw with meisn't the same as running the saw with Shelby.

I work around this crazy[bleep].

I know he will push youto the limit.

– Hey! [gunshot] – Holy [bleep]! – You will sweatand you will bleed.

– Knocked the skin hideoff my cousin.

– I don't knowif she's ready yet.

[motor revving] Beautiful, yeah, girl!- Yeah! – Nothing to itbut to do it, baby! – Whoo!- That's awesome.

– Whoo![laughs] I'm a little nervous.

– We'll just seehow she does.

♪ ♪ narrator: School's out, and the gear's prepped.

– Whoo! [laughs] narrator:So for Shelby and Angela, now ain't nothing to itbut to do it.

– Back in the saddle now, man.

Oh, here we go! ♪ ♪ narrator: Yesterday.



– That big log's in there.

That's a big one, huh? That's a cypress log.

narrator: Shelby eyeballedthe perfect piece of timber.

And today it's timeto bring that beast home.

– Boy, there, look at that animal.


That's them nice ones.

That's a good log, but Mr.

Wayne may not want to get that.

Let's start digging.

Whose saw is this?This ain't my [bleep] saw.

– It's my saw.

narrator:After a night of rain, the water level's sky high.

– It ain't gonna be easyto get this one out.

It's way down in the mud.

– Hey! – It's big, stuck in the mud, man.

Here, you go up thereand cut that limb off and stick it up in the air.

narrator:While Shelby sizes up how deep the log's buried, Angela's gonna puther newfound sawing skills to the test.

– Cut that limb offand stick it up in the air.

– How far down? – Right closeto the damn trunk, man.

♪ ♪ – What if I fall in? – You ain't gonna fall in.

You need to take a bath anyway.

♪ ♪ Don't cut it where it's big, just cut it where it's the smallest when it goes to that tree.

– Cut where it's the smallest.


♪ ♪ Okay.

– Watch that saw.

It's gonna kick back on you.

[saw buzzing] Straight down, straight down.

♪ ♪ – Whoo! ♪ ♪ – Yeah, Toni Roni! – [laughs] – She really nailed it, man.

She's like a champ.

Oh, here we go! Look, go up in there and chokethat tree right there.

narrator: The log's burieddeeper in the mud than a pig in a poke.

♪ ♪ – Go to that tree.

We're gonna wash this log out, man.

– Okay.

♪ ♪ – This cypressis stuck deep down, but I got a idea for it.

You got it.

narrator: Shelby's gonna tryan old swamp trick: using the sprayfrom the engine.



– All right.

narrator: To wash awayenough mud to pry it loose.

– Look, stay and tend that logso I know where we at.

narrator: And he intends onusing his protégé Angela as target practice.

[engine revving] – Come on, let's do this! – Stay right there!Oh, boy! – Yeah!Whoo! narrator:In the Louisiana swamp.



narrator: Shelby may be kingof pulling cypress, but his protégé Angela.



– Whoa! narrator: Is still tryingto find her sea legs.

– [shouts]Here we go! – [screams] – Come on, Junior! – Hold on.

♪ ♪ – [shouting] Yeah, you all right?[laughs] Are you all right? [laughs]Your pants come off.

– No, you ain't got–oh, no.

♪ ♪ – You know what?- What? – Payback's a bitch.

– [laughs] Where's the end of the log at?- [laughs] narrator:Now, the moment of truth.

– Did it wash any? narrator: Shelby's grand planto use the spray to wash out the mudpaid off.

♪ ♪ – Yeah, it did.

Washed a lot.

– Tell you what.

– What? Put the choker right here.

I'm gonna cut it off.

[motor revving] narrator: The pig wash wasa bubbling success.

♪ ♪ And after a few final trimsand ties.



♪ ♪ – Gonna get it now! narrator: It's time to bringthe beast home.

– Here we go, Paw Paw! ♪ ♪ Come on, Junior! ♪ ♪ – Whoo! – Toni Roni that, Junior.

narrator: Shelby's first tripback on the water is a slam dunk.

– Man, first login a long time, Junior.

Man, it feels real good.

Got that sucker.

narrator: Like ridinga bicycle for the Swamp Man.

And as for his protégé.



– We got the log!- Yeah! – Yeah! narrator: Well, Angela'scoming along just fine.

– Whoo!- [shouts] – I got the log! Getting that logfelt amazing.

I've actually been loggingwith Shelby Stanga.

– Big-ass log, man.

narrator: The giant cypresswill be more than enough wood to get the job done.

– Got the wood for Mr.

Wayne, finally.

– Whoo-hoo!That's a beauty! ♪ ♪ – Now I need to finda big treasure for reopening the museum.

narrator:Thanks to the Swamp Man, the museum's on its wayback to business.

♪ ♪ [birds squawking] ♪ ♪ – Oh, here we go! narrator: But in the bayou, nothing's worth doing if it ain't done big.

Where you at, Junior? narrator: So if the museum'sgonna have a grand reopening, Shelby wants to make sureit's as grand as can be.

– Going to get 'em now! ♪ ♪ narrator: The bayou's loadedwith treasures.

– Looking for that?- Oh, my God.

See, that's Asian in design.

That's remarkable.

Where on Earth didyou get this? – All my life wasfinding stuff.

narrator: And no one knowsmore about finding 'em.



– Oh, man.


narrator: Than Mr.


– This is a cannonball.

narrator:And for this mission, he's got a sweet spot in mind.

♪ ♪ – What is this?This is a spot right here.

Slow down.

♪ ♪ narrator: Over 100 years agoin this neck of the swamp, trains would carry lumberfrom the saw mills to barges, and the boats would anchordeep in the canals.

What they might have droppedhere is anyone's guess.

– Not only did that stormloosen that cypress up, but it probably knocked someother treasures loose too.

The getting should be good.

– Here, uh, Shelby.

Take that.

Let's probe and seewhat we can find.

♪ ♪ [metal clanking] – Here's something right here.

♪ ♪ – They had the cross tiesgoing across, and this is a spike that theydrove down to hold the railroad on the cross tie.

♪ ♪ narrator:The spike's a sure sign they're on the right track.

– Never know what you're gonnafind in the swamp, Junior.

Plenty of historyto uncover.

– I didn't think this wasthat deep back in here.

– Oh, yeah.

narrator:But Shelby ain't gonna stop till he finds something that'll set the whole bayoua-buzzing.

♪ ♪ So it's time to digeven deeper.

♪ ♪ – Oh, there's something big.

– There's somethingright there.

The hell's going on here? ♪ ♪ [faint thumping] Oh, buddy, some good [bleep] here, boy.

– That don't sound like wood.

– Oh, it's a big sonof a bitch, ain't it? Something's down there, and it's big.

Let's go getwith that track hoe and see what that–see what's here.

Ain't no wayI can pull this out.

The boat ain't gonnapull it out.

I need a damn track hoeto pull this out.

narrator: With something biglurking down below.



– Here we go, man!- All right! narrator: There's only onetool to get for this job.

– I need power for this one, Junior.

Here we go!Oh-ho! narrator:His trusty “Leviathan.

” – Going to get 'em now.

[laughs] ♪ ♪ Man, we on something big.

I hope I can dig it outwith a track hoe.

♪ ♪ Get this for Mr.


Might be something valuableto him.

♪ ♪ – This is very exciting.

I've never seen or beeninvolved with nothing like this before.

This is unreal.

♪ ♪ – I really want to find itfor Mr.

Wayne, man, but I'm having a hard timefinding it.

♪ ♪ Something there, man.

Can't pick it up.

Too big.

Gonna go around it.

[suspenseful music] ♪ ♪ [country music] narrator: Deep in the swamp, Shelby's monster machine'sgone toe-to-toe with something buried.

– Something there, man.

narrator:If the Swamp Man's right, it's the kind of treasurethat'll get chins a-wagging and visitors lining upfor miles at Mr.

Wayne's bayou museum.

♪ ♪ – Oh!Oh, here we go! Here we go! – [laughs]He got it.

– Oh-ho, there he is!- All right! ♪ ♪ – Boy, that's a good one, Paw Paw! – I got to go take a lookat this.

– That's a big one, ain't it?- Man! – Man, them storms really diduncover some big treasures.

– You got it.

– [laughs] That was a–look how big thatshaft is on that thing.

narrator: Shelby went huntingfor treasure.



– All I know is, it come offof a big, big ship.

narrator: And it looks likehis ship just came in.

– There's treasure out there, man.

It's everywhere.

That's a Toni Roni there, Junior.

– This is the besttreasure hunt I've ever done.

– Mm-hmm, let's go put iton high ground.

– All right.

It is gonna be an attraction, I'm telling you.

♪ ♪ narrator: A few weeks ago, the swamp was tore up and spit out by a wicked roundof storms and floods.

– What's going on, man?I see you guys set up.

– You're gonna love this, I'm telling you.

– All right, good.

How you doing? – Oh, man, yeah.

narrator: And with his bayoubrothers and sisters hurting, the swamp superhero swooped into save the day.

– Is that fine?- That is good, man.

narrator:Now, thanks to Shelby, the treasure hunt museumis back bigger than ever.



– I seen the anchor on display.

What a rush.

I'm glad I could help him out.

narrator: Along with a findthat'll keep business humming.

– It's not onlya big deal for me.

It's a big dealfor the community.

It's all about celebratingour heritage and our history.

It looks a lot different fromwhen we dug it up from that– – Yeah, it did–it's a wholelot bigger, ain't it? [laughter] – And look.

Three T.

It weighs three tons.

– I knew it–I know it was big, man.

– 6, 000 pounds.

– Boy, that is good.

– We chained it downso no one would steal it.

– What–yeah.

All right.

Put it in their pocket, huh?- Right.

– After doing some researchon the anchor, I think it is from 1901to 1910.

If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have this here for the general publicto look at.

– Yeah, Mr.

Wayne's museumis back up and running.

That's important to me.

It's importantto everyone that lives down here in the swamp, man.

You get to see that stuff.

♪ ♪ narrator: Down in the bayou, neighbors helping neighbors is just a way of life.

And when times get toughest, ain't no oneyou can count on more than Shelby Stanga.

– Back home now, Junior! narrator:And once word spreads the bayou's giving upher gold.



♪ ♪ The Swamp Man may have set off a treasure hunting frenzyto boot.

– I did some crazy-ass[bleep] out here, man.

Had some damn fun, too.

It looks like the Swamp Manis back.

Here we go! [laughs] ♪ ♪ [gunshot]Oh, we ready now! narrator: Shelby's back.

– Oh, you're so pretty.

Let me brush mine too.

They gonna airlift me.

narrator: And he's doing itthe only way he knows how.

– Here we go! narrator: Full speed ahead.

– Watch it!narrator: Pedal to the metal.

– Oh![rumbling] We might make a bunchof money today.

narrator: But gettingeveryone back on their feet.



– [shouts]- Shelby, oh, my gosh.

narrator: Could be more thanthe Swamp Man bargained for.

– Yeah, oh, here we go! ♪ ♪ – Ah!- Eww! – Is that a worm? ♪ ♪ – Oh, my God!- [bleep], it was, too, man.

Oh, boy! This is betterthan eating rice.


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