July 12, 2020

This Is How Much Money Chelsea Clinton Really Makes

Chelsea Clinton has been hustling since wayback, going from presidential first daughter to mother, wife, and philanthropist.

No matter what path she chose, she would havebeen famous, but she's also established a successful career for herself, amassing ahefty fortune.

Here's how much she really makes.

While her famous last name no doubt openeddoors for her, Clinton hasn't relied on her parents to carry her through life.

The former first daughter began studying balletat the age of four, learned how to invest in the stock market when she was 11, and evenskipped the third grade.

Her stellar high school record gained heradmission to the elite Stanford University, where she initially planned to become a doctor.

“We were really proud of her, really excitedfor her, but, you know, we were gonna miss her, she was all the way across the country, and we were heading back to the White House alone.

” She eventually changed her major from pre-medto history, earning her master's degree in international relations from Oxford University.

After a few years in the workforce, Clintonwent back to school to get yet another Oxford degree.

And in 2014, she graduated with a Ph.


ininternational relations, at the age of 34.

Famous parents aside, such an impressive resumeunder her belt makes Clinton legitimately qualified for any number of high-paying jobs.

“Were you asked to fix Middle East peace atany point?” “No, that never came up.

” Rumors persist that Clinton's parents areresponsible for her fortune, including one alleging that after graduating, she was hiredby her parents, who then paid her a cushy salary of $900, 000 a year.

So how much truth was there to the allegation? According to Snopes, absolutely none.

While it's true that Clinton was making apretty big chunk of change at the time that the rumor was going around, her real salarywas nowhere near the almost million dollar salary that the gossip claimed.

Her money also didn't come from her parents;she earned that from other sources.

Clinton entered the workforce straight outof grad school, landing a gig with consulting firm McKinsey after completing her master'sat Oxford, according to The Telegraph.

Clinton's starting salary for the job shouldhave been roughly just over $50, 000, but the Observer claimed that Clinton was actuallyraking in a solid $120, 000 in her first year with the company.

Clinton reportedly stayed at McKinsey forthree years.

But the job took its toll, and she eventuallyparted ways with the firm, telling The Telegraph, “Was I going to continue to work 100 hoursa week and invest time there and energy? Or was I going to go do something else?” Clinton went on to enter the hedge fund world, joining Avenue Capital Group, in 2006.

Founders, Marc Lasry and Sonia Gardener, weremajor contributors to Hillary's Senate re-election campaign.

While Clinton's exact salary at Avenue Capitalisn't publicly known, the Intelligencer estimated that as a newcomer with limited experience, Clinton would have been expected to make a starting annual salary of $100, 000.

Hedge funds are also known for paying outsubstantial bonuses.

Chelsea's first-year bonus could have beenas much as $150, 000, more than doubling her salary.

In 2011, Clinton joined NBC News and was paidquite handsomely for her contributions.

“We're so glad to have you.

” “I'm so glad to be here.

” As a special correspondent, she was reportedto be making a jaw-dropping $600, 000 per year, more than many full-time correspondents wereearning at the time, according to Vanity Fair.

Official sources were reluctant to commenton the details of Clinton's employment, with a network spokesperson telling Politico atthe time, “We don't comment on details of existing contracts.

NBC News continues to enjoy a wonderful workingrelationship with Chelsea, and we are proud of her work.

” The job, along with the hefty salary, wascriticized by many who thought that Clinton didn't have the journalistic skills to justifyher position.

The Los Angeles Times speculated that NBCwas trying to, quote, “curry favor” with the Clintons, while the Intelligencer criticizedNBC for paying Clinton more than half a million per year to, quote, “do nothing, basically.

” While working for NBC wasn't a full-time gig, Clinton did work on assignments for Rock Center with Brian Williams, and also contributedto NBC's Nightly News.

She left the position in 2014.

Since 2011, Clinton has also served as thevice chair of her family's organization, the Clinton Foundation.

While she presumably doesn't draw a salaryfor her work with the philanthropic organization, its mission is very important to her.

Clinton told The Telegraph that she wantsto focus on issues that have… “Existed too long in the shadows, that historicallyhave made people uncomfortable.

” The foundation works globally, focusing oninitiatives that address global warming, providing food and healthcare for people living in poverty, and children's health.

“87 percent of our funds go directly to supportour work, whether that's our school work here in the United States or our work on HIV/AIDSaround the world.

” Plenty of people claim she's profiting offher parents' success, and it's a reputation that she wants to prove wrong.

She said in an interview with The Telegraph, “I will just always work harder [than anybodyelse] and hopefully perform better.

And hopefully, over time, I pre-empt and erasewhatever expectations people have of me not having a good work ethic, or not being smart, or not being motivated.

” In 2019, Clinton announced that she and herfather plan to launch a podcast in connection with the organization, called Why Am I TellingYou This.

But while it's dear to her heart, the familyFoundation is also a source of internal conflict.

She told The Telegraph, “It is frustrating, because who wants to growup and follow their parents? I've tried really hard to care about thingsthat were very different from my parents.



[But] I feel called to this work both as a daughterand also as someone who believes I have contributions to make.

” One of Clinton's most lucrative positionsto date pays her hundreds of thousands of dollars for attending just a handful of meetings.

She sits on the boards of two companies, IACand Expedia, both of which are run by family friend Barry Diller, a billionaire who donatedover $400, 000 to Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, according to the Daily Mail.

Chelsea has reportedly been on the board ofIAC since 2011 and, in 2018, made nearly $300, 000 in combined stock and cash for attending justsix meetings.

According to SEC filings, Clinton owns morethan $6 million in stock in the company.

Clinton also made over $300, 000 for attendinga couple of Expedia board meetings.

While she owns less stock in that company, her total Expedia stocks are worth over $400, 000, considerably bolstering her net worth.

Like both her parents, Clinton has also publishedseveral books, including children's books, and she's also co-authored a book on globalhealth.

“So, I'm so excited to share with you my nextpicture book, and outside of my children, you're the first people to hear this book.

” Her She Persisted series features a strongfeminist message, and is centered on the lives of famous women.

She explained to The Guardian that she wantsto highlight the achievements of women, especially as most popular children's books feature boys, explaining, “It's so often the case that our stories arecentered around men, told by men, the heroes are men, and so I think it's hugely importantthat we make women more visible.



[and] also to imagine and create more female-centredstories moving forward.

” With an estimated net worth of $15 million, Clinton is rich in her own right, but she also married someone with a fortune of hisown.

Her husband, Marc Mezvinsky.

grew up in a well-to-do family and, like hiswife, also attended Stanford.

The Mezvinsky and Clinton families have beenfriends since the '90s, which is how the two originally met.

Mezvinsky is an investment banker who hasworked for Goldman Sachs as well as hedge fund, 3G Capita, reportedly earning an estimated$2 million a year.

The couple also has some substantial assets, including a $10.

5 million apartment in New York City, according to Vanity Fair.

Their home boasts 5, 000 square feet and isan upgrade from their previous place, which they bought for the comparatively cheap sumof $4 million.

What do you give the person who has everything? How about a really, really expensive wedding? The lavish affair, which took place in 2010, caused a media frenzy.

Clinton's custom-made Vera Wang gown alonecost more than many normal weddings in their entirety at an estimated cost of $25, 000, according to The Knot.

Throw in a 500-pound wedding cake with 9 tiersstanding at a total of 4 feet, estimated to cost a minimum of $10, 000, as well as an 18-piecebig band orchestra, and you're looking at quite a hefty overall price tag.

The wedding took place at Astor Courts estatein Rhinebeck, New York, where receptions can cost up to $200, 000, according to ABC News.

The total cost of the event was estimatedto clock in at a whopping $2 million.

“For Hillary and me, it was a very specialday and one I suppose I'll remember 'til the day I die.

” That's a lot of money, even for those as wealthyas the Clintons, but the family reportedly didn't exactly foot the entire bill themselves.

In 2016, emails released by WikiLeaks indicatedthat the Clinton Foundation paid for at least part of the lavish wedding, according to theIndependent, but that claim has yet to be confirmed.

As the only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Chelsea stands to add to her already massive personal net worth when she one day inheritsher parents' wealth.

The Clintons famously claimed to have leftthe White House with hardly any money, and Hillary has also claimed that they didn'tgo in with much, either.

She told ABC, “We had no money when we got there, and westruggled to piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, for Chelsea's education.

It was not easy.

” In the years that followed, though, the Clintonsmanaged to amass a large personal fortune through speaking events and book sales.

According to a 2016 Forbes analysis of theirtax returns, the Clintons had raked in over $240 million since leaving the White House.

While most of the money was made by the formerpresident through book sales, they no doubt added to their sizable nest egg the followingyear when Hillary's post-election loss book, What Happened, broke sales records.

While she may be busy with her career, Clinton'smost important job is being a mother.

“My most important identity now though isas a mother to my two children.

” The former first daughter has her hands fullwith her growing family.

After the birth of her first child, she toldElle, “Marc and I are like, 'What did we do beforewe were parents?' My whole life is reoriented around my daughterin the most blessed sense.

I now understand…all of the enthusiastic, bombastically spectacular, wonderful things people say about their children.

” Being a mother might keep her busy, but ithas also reinforced Clinton's commitment toward gender equality.

She told Sky News, “I didn't know that I could care anymore aboutgender equality until I became a mom, and until I became the mother of a daughter.

What had been such an imperative to me…becameall that more visceral, because now it's not just all girls that I'm fighting for, it'salso [my daughter] Charlotte.

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