July 4, 2020

[VLOG] A Normal Summer Day of a Teenager (Home Workout, Healthy Morning Habits, Cooking Korean Food)

good morning guys it's me lily and welcome back to my channel and it's another vlog I've been loving vlogging honestly so I've been blogging a lot anyways it's currently 10 19 I worked this morning I yeah I worked this morning and I came back I usually work like

3 to 4 hours every other morning I'd help out with my family's business so you know that's the deal but I came back anyways I I'm nice wanted to start my morning today really productive we I guess because last few days I've been I like I was actually

kind of say like I got into a biking accident actually like I went to like you know I went to the park with my friends and we were biking and we were having so much fun but then I fell down of course I would really like flew out

of the bike and yeah basically my whole body ached for like good three days and so I couldn't like I don't know like function properly and like work out I'm such a mess but today I'm gonna get it together because I'm actually feeling better and you know I

feel like I need to be productive today so and today the weather is so good I'd like told you guys like when it's cloudy out I can't be productive at all but yesterday was so dusty it's kind of bad but today it's like really good and I really

loved it but right now I gonna do a little quiet time honestly love doing buy time in the morning I don't know if you guys are curious but it actually like sets to mood for that day and I can definitely tell the days I don't do it and

the day I do it I can tell the difference and it's kind of cool [Music] [Music] so as I said I'm going to workout today finally but before I do that I have a few things I need to do around my room decided to fold the laundry and

you know just clean my room but before I do anything I like to just write down to do list because for me I like to visualize what I have to do instead of like just thinking about it because that makes me I don't procrastinate a lot and since

I'm not saying it visually like honestly sometimes I do forget so I just got this to-do list like at Target like few years ago and my room is hope right in the morning only but in the afternoon it's super super dark and I don't like that but anyways

I'm gonna do write my to-do list um yeah I don't know today this morning is very peaceful I loved it and I was just like playing this one song whenever I was doing my quiet time and it's just like it was just resonating so much and it was

so great I've been loving just listening to like old music this is Louis Louis and a long dream a little dream of me so good [Music] [Music] okay so I fold all my laundry and I made my bed and I feel so productive alrighty look at my room

anyways but before I change into my workout clothes because I'm gonna go workout at home I just want to quickly show you guys this jacket this jacket I mentioned it like two vlogs ago and I got this jacket in this color and in black and I honestly like

the very better because I feel like it's it looks more like a better quality than the black one but this was like twelve dollars on Amazon and this is large and if you okay you guys see my bruises right yeah these are the bruises that I got from

that bike accident but I don't know I'll link it down below if you guys are curious you can just click on it and buy it they're out of white and I want to buy it for a long time but I don't know when they'll be back in stock

but yeah I just want to show you guys I've been loving recently is doing hot Pilates like crosses on their Instagram they would do like live classes and it's honestly it burns and I sweat so much I'm telling you like it's the best thing I've tried a lot

of like classes and I like them all but this girl her name is her username is lex fish on instagram she kills like she will burn you out anyways I've been doing this and I like I was like running around a few minutes and that is basically my

workout when taking her classes it's amazing and hot Pilates over here and it's free I like her so much at burns like she won't burn you out oh my goodness I just uploaded a video which is a day my life you guys can go check it out but

I you know worked out and cleaned my room and that's why I was just working on for a couple of hours but I told you guys like I'm going on a picnic with my youth group boy with three girls and you know picnic we need food because I'm

gonna go cook some food and plus I put some makeup on and since I don't wear makeup everyday anymore I'm just kind of like when I do put makeup I'm just like who are you but I did like a little simple thing you know what I'm saying yeah

but I want to do a little everyday makeup routine Suze I'll get that up if you guys are interested so for food for picnic I am making kimchi fried rice to buff up which is like I would you know make kimchi fried rice like normal and I'm going

to pushing it off in a small size so it's like one bite so I'm plus I'm gonna cover that in keene which is seaweed seaweed wrap I think so that's what I'm going to do i we have 40 minutes to do so so I'm gonna get it going

[Music] [Music] [Music]

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