July 12, 2020

V-Shred's Pre-Workout: WORST On The Market?? ("SculptNation" Review)

Most companies are just looking to make moneyand they increase their profit margins by using minimal dosages and charging top dollarfor their supplements that don't work.

What's up, guys? Sean Nalewanyj, realscienceathletics.


And in this video today, we are doing a supplementreview.

Something that I haven't done in quite a longtime.

And today we are looking at none other thanV Shred.

What's going on, guys? Who now has a supplement line that goes bythe name Sculptnation.

They've got a variety of different products, but someone recently sent me a message over on Instagram saying that I should take a lookat their pre-workout product because it was, in their words, “One of the worst pre-workoutformulas they had ever seen.

” Now, I would personally never say somethinglike that.

This is just something that I heard from someoneelse who isn't me, but I figured I'd take a look anyway and give you guys a step bystep breakdown of the product, since they do have a very large following.

And they also do a ton of paid advertisingas well.

And so, naturally, there are going to be alot of people out there who are purchasing this product.

Now, Vince Sant, who is the face of V Shred, V Shred itself is actually made up of a group of internet marketers, fitness experts.

But Vince has gotten a lot of attention overthe past year for allegedly putting out highly inaccurate information on a consistent basis.

I'm talking about the Romanian deadlift.

That is just when you see people steppingup to the bar, they have their feet about shoulder width apart, feet slightly pointedoutwards, and they grab this bar just outside of their shins.

And they pull this straight up their legs, they drive their hips forward, lock out their glutes .



And for allegedly plagiarizing large amountsof content.

Now, I don't know whether or not any of thatis actually true.

And I really don't know why Vince gets somuch hate because, quite honestly, I think he's extremely knowledgeable, he's articulate, and he gives a very well thought out training advice.

But there's a better way to do it becausewhen you are doing .



and this goes for any cable extension .



any tricep extension onthe cable.

When you're doing a tricep extension on acable, right here, what happens is yes, right here.

And then, first off, when you're doing thisa common issue I see .



And you're going to at the top of the exercise .



Not only that, but his understanding of nutritionalso seems to be really on point.

And I've seen him give some unique insightsthat I've personally never even thought of before.

Making sure that you're getting the lowersugar ones.

This is the 50% less sugar, maple and brownsugar instant oats.

The ones that aren't lower sugar are, obviously, going to have a lot more sugar in them.

And so, that's going to make it a lot more, a lot unhealthier of an option.

In fact, Vince is so advanced and on sucha high level that he has somehow figured out how to, essentially, make his muscles growat will.

For example, Vince is able to build his chestwhile performing movements that don't even activate the pecs or place them under anyresistance whatsoever.



Turn back straight.

Flex, turn, really focusing on squeezing downon your pec, right here, holding that flex, holding that flex, holding that flex.

He has literally transcended the laws of biomechanics.

And I really think that the people criticizinghim are just haters, who are jealous and angry because they can't comprehend just how advancedhe really is.

What's going on guys? So, given how excellent Vince's training andnutrition advice is, I can only assume that his supplement line follows suit.

Today, we're going to take a more detailedlook at his Pre Workout, but he's also got several other really great products as well.

For example, a testosterone booster.

It doesn't matter that not a single naturalcompound has ever been shown in research to increase testosterone levels high enough toactually measurably impact muscle growth, if Vince says that it works in spite of overwhelmingscientific evidence based on hundreds of studies, then I think that Test Boost is well worththe $49.

The ingredients in Test Boost are amazingand nothing extra is required.

You'll burn more fat without more cardio, you'll build more muscle without lifting more.

You'll become a beast in the bedroom withouthaving to play mind tricks on yourself.

They've also got a natural human growth hormonebooster, same concept as the testosterone booster in that, okay so, all the studiesshow that they don't actually work for increasing and sustaining growth hormone levels highenough to actually alter body composition in any significant way.

But the Sculptnation website says that thisproduct is a, “Shortcut to your dream body that will help you rapidly gain muscle andlose fat, ” so how can you say no to that? They also offer a super affordable creatineproduct.

It's only $37 for 198 grams, which is just9 cents per gram.

It's only about six times the cost of mostother creatine monohydrate products, so that's not too bad.

It's not like it's 10 or 15 times the cost, it's only six times the cost.

They've got BCAAs, which is great, if you'relooking for something to flavor your water with.

And even better, they have a nighttime fatburner, which helps you, “Melt fat 24/7, especially while you sleep, and zap the fat once it entersyour bloodstream.

” Fantastic.

What's going on guys? So, let's do a more detailed breakdown oftheir pre-workout, which goes by the name, Pre Workout.

Now, the idea that this is literally the worstpre-workout formula on the market is totally unfair.

I would never say such a thing or even thinksuch a thing, and I'm going to prove it to you by giving a step by step analysis of theingredients and the dosages based on what the research studies say.

And I will link those studies in the descriptionbox below, if you want to verify all of this for yourself.

So let's take a look.

So, first up, we have three grams of branchchain amino acids.

So yes, as long as you're consuming enoughdaily protein, then BCAAs, technically, are completely unnecessary and they won't haveany muscle building or muscle sparing effect whatsoever.

And three grams really isn't that much, either.

Usually, a typical pre-workout dose wouldbe somewhere between about 5 to 10 grams, but BCAAs have been around for such a longtime and they have so much marketing hype behind them that they are quite helpful forproducing an intro workout placebo effect.

And the placebo effect is real, and it cangive you an actual measurable improvement in training performance.

So, I think the use of BCAAs is perfectlyjustified here.

Next up we have beta alanine.

Now, beta alanine can produce a few percentincrease in strength on higher rep sets, lasting 60 seconds or more.

And the V Shred Pre Workout provides 1.

2 gramsper serving, which is a little bit more than one half of the absolute minimum effectiveresearch study dose of 2 grams with the usual beta alanine dose being somewhere between3.

2 to 6.

4 grams.

So, that's something, I mean, they used aresearch backed ingredient and put a tiny bit in.

And beta alanine also produces that tinglyfeeling on your skin when you take it which, again, is great in terms of the placebo effect.

After that, we have L-tyrosine.

Now, this is actually a compound that I reallylike.

It's why I included it in our Real ScienceAthletics pre-workout Pure Form, which was formulated by me using actual evidence-basedingredients in their full clinical dosages.

You can click up here for that, or use thelink in the description box if you want to check that out.

But tyrosine is useful for improving focusand reducing fatigue during intense exercise.

We use 3000 milligrams in pure form becausethat's a safe and effective dose that falls in line with the research study dose of anywherebetween 500 to 7, 000 milligrams.

And the V Shred Pre Workout is also fine becauseit provides 1000 milligrams per serving.

Wait, shit, that's 100 milligrams per serving.

Well, the absolute minimum effective doseis 500 milligrams, so it does give you one fifth of that.

So, for people who are freakishly unbelievablysensitive to pre-workout supplements, you might feel something very minor off of that, probably not, but it's something.

So, moving on.

The next ingredient on the list is betaineanhydrous.

And it's also got [bea-tine 00:07:56], whichhas been researched and shown to increase muscle power.

Okay so, Vince doesn't know how to pronouncethe ingredients in his own product.

That's fine.

Maybe it was written wrong on a teleprompterand Vince got confused for a moment.

It happens.

It seems to happen pretty frequently in hiscase, but I don't think that that means that he doesn't actually know anything about theseingredients or their proper dosages, and is just completely talking out of his ass.

That would be a very unfair accusation thatI would never make.

What's going on guys? Now, there is conflicting research on thiscompound.

It has been shown to be effective in somestudies for modestly increasing strength and power, but the mechanism does overlap withcreatine.

And so, it's possible that if you're alreadytaking creatine, then you're not going to get any extra benefit, but they did chooseto include it here.

I think that that's generally okay.

The usual dose for improving workout performanceis 2 1/2 grams.

The absolute minimum active dose is 500 milligramsand our supplement expert extraordinaire, Vince here, put in 100 milligrams.

Hmm? Yeah, 100 milligrams.

I know, this is fucking ridiculous.

So, again, one fifth of the absolute minimumeffective dose, but what are you going to do? Vince has a decent physique and thick lustroushair, so say what you want science, obviously, it's working regardless and you should juststop being such a hater.

The next ingredient is L-citrulline, a goodresearch backed ingredient for reducing fatigue, improving training performance and reducingmuscle soreness.

We included it in Pure Form as citrullinemalate with six grams total per serving.

And the V Shred workout has one and a halfgrams.

So, again, right .



And then, lastly, there'sa combination of 300 milligrams of caffeine with 50 milligrams of L-theanine.

Okay so, one might say that it's a littlebit odd that in an older, separate YouTube video Vince actually advises against caffeinedoses in the 300 milligram range, because he says that it's too high.

Find one with caffeine in it, maybe not onewith 350 milligrams, like I've seen some pre-workouts.

Maybe down in the 200 milligram range.

But, look, we can argue back and forth aboutthe fact that every single ingredient in the Sculptnation Pre Workout is technically completelyand totally under dosed based on what the research studies say, and that they probablywon't have any measurable effect on your workouts whatsoever, according to the research.

If that's what you're saying, go ahead.

I didn't personally say that, but one mighttheoretically say that.

But it really doesn't matter because the bottomline is that there's a fairly large dose of caffeine included here, which will give youa noticeable boost.

So, even if all the other ingredients aren'tactually doing anything at all, you're still going to think that they are, and the producttechnically will still “work” for giving you more energy during your workout.

Most companies are just looking to make moneyand they increase their profit margins by using minimal dosages and charging top dollarfor their supplements that don't work.

So what's the bottom line here, guys? I think that Vince and the V Shred crew arean honest, respectable, and highly knowledgeable team of internet marketer, fitness experts.

I don't think the fact that Vince seems toalways fumble over his words when he tries to recommend the product in his videos meansthat secretly deep down, he knows that it's bullshit.

And he realizes that he doesn't actually knowwhat he's talking about.

But this actually just helps give me energy.

It's got a little caffeine in it.

It's got a little caffeine in it.

So, this is great to take before every singleone of your workouts, before every single one of your workouts.

Really good, if you're trying to put on muscle.

I don't think he's internally conflicted aboutconsciously choosing monetary gain over honesty and transparency.

Hey, Vince here.

And if you're looking for a way to take yourperformance in the gym, your energy in the gym, your mood and your focus at the gym, and even your results after the gym to the next level, you have to try Pre Workout bySculptnation.

If that's what other people think, then that'stheir opinion.

I don't think that's the case.

I don't think that Vince is only in it forthe money, as I've heard others say in other videos.

I think he's just passionate about helpingpeople and that this powdered caffeine .



Pre Workout supplement, I think it's well worththe $37.

So, thanks for watching guys.

I hope you found this review helpful.

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Thanks again, guys.

And I will see you in the next video.


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