July 12, 2020

Workouts for Special Forces Selection – Jocko Willink

in regards to working out right intraining for you know selection and by selection you meanI mean Special Forces or Ranger or SEAL selection yeah that's what they'retalking about here yeah so chuckle what do you think of rucking as fitnessversus just train up so for people that don't know

what rocking is rocking isputting a backpack on a rucksack with a bunch of weight in it and walking longdistances and and to be honest with you you really aren't jogging you knowyou're really going at a pretty good pace when you're doing it and that's itas far as rucking

that's what it is because because in the military mm-hmmthey can bring the pain with rock back marches forced Road marches is whatthey're called yeah you'd be rocking all up in you you'll be rocking so you don'twant to be rocking and and so you know you'll do 20-mile forest

road marchwhich is just you're on the road with a 50 pound pack just marching yeah and sothe thing is like anything else if you want to get good at it you got to do itright so if you want to get good at people ask me like how do

you don't getwe're gonna get it going to pull ups you know how do you get good at pull-ups anddo pull-ups how do you get good at running run how do you get it swimmingso I'm mmm oh you want to know how to get good at jiu-jitsu dude you

Jitsu youknow get on the mat and do jiu-jitsu a bunch you know and if you want to getgood at rockin at a hump in a rock carrying weight over long distances Rockbecause there's all kinds of little things got to get used to your feet gotto get prepared you're

gonna get weird muscles your back's gotta get strongeryou get you know calluses all over your feet it takes a special type of fitnessregimen to get used to and ready for long rock marches and the specialfitness regimen is rocking and lots of it so if you want to eventually

you canaugment that you know you can start doing squats you can start doing sprintsand that'll help you you know that's fine butthe foundation of the preparation for rock humping should be rock humping andthat's what's gonna make you good at it so did you do that I did I

didand rucking for me actually oddly enough is something that I was almost good atno and it's weird because I wasn't the fastest sprinter and I wasn't the bestlong-distance runner which boy does that make makes you a loser right you can'twin a sprint and you can't run a long-distance

run what's wrong with youyeah you're kind of in the middle that I was in the middle and what I realizedwas that was good for carried a rucksack yeah and I got used to it too because Iwas a radio man so you always had always had a carrier frickin

radio you knowthirty pound radio with water and batteries and you're just it's alwaysheavy you're just sucking it up and so I got used to it I suppose it was Mattmore than anything else you're like um you've seen the movie tremors no theygave me Trevor's right well there's a

time at the end they're like man we needto we need to go to those mountains for those you know to avoid the undergroundworms and they were like hey we could take the cat and he's like hey it's it'slow you know the cat is a big you know the

Bobcat I'd actually know what aBobcat is I'm not sure I know what underground world that's somethingcompletely different but their bet so they took the Caddy and the guy the guywas like no we can't take the cat slower than hell and he's like it doesn't meanit can carry a

tunnel you know it was he was like you you're like the cat so theyhooked up this big trailer which is the rock in your chest and you know and theydidn't they drove everybody um you know to the mountain well the day planner doyou walk no they're trapped on

on roofs on a rooftop and they're like we're allgonna starve up here we got to make it to the mountains it's like nine milesokay like how are we gonna get there we can't you know we can't run they'regonna get us we can't you know so we'll get the

cat God they were like oh it'stoo slow but they're Lincoln yeah but it can carry this big trailer yeah you knowand I used to say that in the SEAL Teams and I my opinion was it was better to bebuilt like a four by four then like a Porscheyeah

when it was better to be it just because you got to carry weight arounddurable you know what would you rather have working on a farm ford f350 or aPorsche yeah I mean a Porsche is cool for the track when everything's alllined up and dialed the way it's supposed

to be you get any kind ofterrain going on you want that floor before and he want it bad and so that'swhy you know the seals the seals guys that were kind of more a 4×4 mm than aPorsche yes it would be a better in the field in the

real seal situations yeahyou know the read the actual because the thing about that's that's it's amisconception about the SEAL Teams is you know you see guys running on thebeach and you see you guys swimming in the ocean and they never are carryinganything yeah that's just complete lie because

every time you do anything inthe SEAL Teams you're caring at all the weight with you yeahand so you got to be built like a 4×4 and not like a Porsche yeah yeah makesense so yeah you'd weigh rather someone like you then some sprinter who can runlike a 4

to 40 but then he puts them you know something sprinters actually youknow what you you just want somebody that's durable yeahdurable is the word yeah and if they're great athlete and they can have aawesome 40 time or they can run a marathon but they're just durable it'sawesome yeah

ok I'm not trying to put parameters around the guys sure becausethere's guys there was a guy when I was a team too and he was a guy I actuallywent through buds with and he was he's he's kind of a short guy and he was kindof had a odd

the body shape and so he kind of looked he kind of had almostlike a little pudgy belly and he just was one of those guys and the funnything is he could run faster than me and he could bench more than me he had nokidding it was awesome I

love that yeah he's an awesome guy awesome guy I saidyou know that's cool people say that about him because he'sbut short and a little bit pouty looking I'm like he can he can actually benchmore than me and he can run fast beating all the runs so let's just

be quiet yeah

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